Before investing in the fund, the investor needs to carefully read the fund's prospectus, fund contract, account opening procedures, trading rules and other documents. The fund sales outlets should have the above documents for investors to check at any time.

Individual investors should carry a debit card with a debit card, a valid ID card (ID card, military card or military police card), and an institutional investor needs to bring a business license, an organization code certificate or an original registration certificate, and the above documents with official seals. Copy, power of attorney, ID card and photocopy of the handler.

Carrying the preparation information, the customer fills in the fund business application form at the bank's counter outlet, and receives the business receipt after completing the application. The individual investor also needs to receive the fund transaction card, and can receive the business confirmation letter at the counter two days after the fund business. After receiving the business confirmation, the unit or individual can engage in the fund's application (recognition) purchase and redemption.

How to apply for (recognition) purchase

After completing the account opening preparation, the public can choose the opportunity to apply for (accept) purchase funds. Individual investors can bring the debit card and fund transaction card of the agent bank, and fill in the fund transaction application form at the outlet counter of the agency (institutional investors must stamp the reservation seal), which must be 15 on the day of the application. Submit the application before :00, accept it by the counter, and receive the fund business receipt. Two days after the fund business, investors can go to the counter to print a business confirmation.

How to redeem

When the investor intends to redeem the fund in the opponent, he can carry the debit card and the fund transaction card of the bank, and also fill in and submit the transaction application form before 3 pm. After the counter is accepted, the investor can be at 5 After the day of enquiry, redeem the funds to the account.

How to withdraw

If the trading investor needs to cancel the transaction, he/she can carry the fund trading card and bank debit card before 15 o'clock on the trading day, and fill in the transaction application form at the counter to indicate the cancellation of the transaction. If after 15 o'clock, some banks can make an appointment transaction according to the price of the day, and trade on the second business day.