Do you know where to buy a fund to buy? Where can I go to buy a fund? Teach where you should go to buy (subscribe) an open-end fund.

At present, there are three main channels for fund sales, namely, fund company direct sales centers, bank sales outlets, and securities company sales outlets.

Channels for open-end fund application (recognition) purchase and redemption

1. Bank. Most of the bank's business outlets have special sales staff responsible for this business. Investors can apply for (recognition) purchases and redemptions at these outlets, and can also open online banking applications (recognition) purchases and redemptions.

2. Brokers with qualifications for agency sales. Most large brokerages have opened purchase channels. Investors can apply for purchase and redemption at the business departments of these brokers, or they can apply for purchase and redemption directly through the broker's trading software.

3. Go directly to the fund company (direct sales). Investors can also apply for purchase and redemption through the Internet without leaving their homes. Under normal circumstances, the fund company's direct sales rate is more favorable, but the corresponding sales starting point (recognition) purchase amount is also higher than the agency sales, the specific data refer to the fund contract.

Advantages and disadvantages of each channel subscription fund:

1. Fund company direct sales center: The advantage is that it can realize the account opening, recognition (application) purchase, redemption and other procedures through online transactions, enjoy the transaction fee discount, not subject to time and place restrictions; the disadvantage is that customers need to buy multiple fund companies When the product is needed, it is necessary to go through the relevant procedures in a number of fund companies, and the investment management is complicated. In addition, investors need to have the appropriate equipment and Internet access conditions, with strong network knowledge and operational capabilities.

2. Bank outlets: The advantage is that there are many bank outlets, and the deposit and withdrawal is convenient; the disadvantage is that the fund companies sold by each bank outlet are limited, generally based on new funds; investors need to go to and from the outlets.

3, securities company consignment: the advantage is that securities companies generally sell most of the fund company's products, the choice is more extensive, the securities company account manager has professional investment ability, can provide good analytical advice, through the securities company online transactions, telephone entrustment can be achieved Various transaction procedures of the fund; the funds access is transferred through the bank certificate, and the securities, funds and other products can be combined in one account management; the disadvantage is that the securities company outlets are less than the bank outlets, and the first time to handle the business needs to go to the securities company outlets.

What is subscription, subscription and redemption?

Subscription refers to the act of investors purchasing fund units during the establishment of the fundraising period.

The purchase refers to the act of purchasing the fund unit from the fund manager after the fund is established.

Redemption refers to the act of a fund investor selling a fund unit to a fund manager.

How to choose the channel that suits you to buy the fund?

For investors who have strong professional ability (can analyze the fund products and can conduct business online), it is a good choice to choose fund company direct sales.

For older middle-aged fund investors, it is more suitable for bank outlets and the securities companies around them, using the convenience of bank outlets to complete fund investment, or relying on the advice of securities company account managers to select the right one through the counter. Fund purchase.

For working-class people or young white-collar workers, it is more suitable for one-stop management through securities company outlets.

The process of opening a fund or purchasing a fund to a fund company and a bank outlet and a securities company outlet is basically the same:

1. Fill in the “Open Fund Account Application Form” at the counter of the outlet → submit the completed form and valid documents to the counter business personnel → set the transaction password and inquiry password by the customer → the counter staff reply “opening the receipt of the account” → customer at T+2 You can check the application confirmation result by telephone, online, or at a sales outlet.

2. Information required to open an account at the counter: 1 Original valid ID card (including resident ID card, police officer's card, military officer's card, soldier's card, passport, etc.); 2 My current bank card or passbook for bank transfer.

3, through the telephone entrustment, online transactions or visit the counter to carry out fund recognition (application) purchase, redemption procedures.