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Shenzhen City listed company announcement (November 9)

November 09, 2018 01:06
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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  Hengkang Medical: termination of planning for major asset restructuring

Hengkang Medical (002219) announced that the company originally planned to use cash to purchase 93.52% of the shares of Maanshan Central Hospital Co., Ltd. In order to ensure the stable operation and long-term healthy development of the company, the board of directors of the company decided to terminate the acquisition of Maanshan Hospital. The company will terminate the acquisition due to the company's own reasons, and the shareholders of Maanshan Hospital will not refund the company's 20 million yuan of earnest money.

  Jicheng Electronics: The two shareholders' shareholdings are reduced by no more than 1.74%

Jicheng Electronics (002339) announced that Wang Hao, a shareholder holding 2.93%, and Sun Heyou, a 1.46% shareholder, plan to reduce the total holdings by no more than 6.85 million shares in the next six months, that is, not exceeding 1.74% of the company's total share capital.

  Aoma Electric: Shareholders intend to reduce their holdings by no more than 1%

Omar Electric (002668) announced that the company's 7.63% shareholder Cai Zheyi plans to reduce the company's shares by no more than 1%, ie, no more than 10.84 million shares, within three months after 15 trading days.

  Zhuhai Zhongfu: won the first line of the new Silk Road

Zhuhai Zhongfu (000659) announced that Shaanxi Xinsi Road Advance No. 1 Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) increased its shareholding in Zhuhai Zhongfu by 64,285,151 shares through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's centralized bidding trading system from October 17 to November 7, 2018. It accounts for 5.00% of the company's total shares.

  CICC Environment: The controlling shareholder intends to transfer the shares of Wuxi Municipal Government or the company's actual controller

CICC Environment (300145) announced that Shen Jinhao, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company, and Shen Jieyong, the shareholder, signed an agreement on the transfer of equity with Wuxi Municipal Public Utilities Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Wuxi Municipal”), intending to separate the company 6.65. %, 2.13% of the shares were transferred to Wuxi Municipal. If the equity transfer plan is approved by the state-owned assets supervision department, Shen Jinhao intends to permanently entrust the Wuxi municipal government with the voting rights of another 192 million shares. If the formal agreement is finally signed, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company will be changed to Wuxi Municipal. The company's stock will be suspended from November 9.

  Financial Street: Some Dong Jiangao 7 Sunrise Handheld

Financial Street Announcement, in order to convey the confidence of the company's directors and supervisors and senior management on the company's business development, on November 7, some of the company's directors and supervisors increased their shareholdings through centralized bidding transactions, adding a total of 270,000 shares. In addition, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary recently won the use of state-owned land in Wentou Ridge, Huidong District, Huizhou City for a total area of ​​91,000 square meters with 1.709 billion yuan.

  Fuxiang shares: The director proposed that the company repurchase shares from 100 million to 200 million yuan

Fuxiang Shares (300497) announced that Xu Chunxia, ​​director and financial controller of the company, proposed that the company repurchase some social public shares through centralized trading. The repurchase amount is 100 million yuan to 200 million yuan, and the repurchase price does not exceed 20 yuan/share.

  Huasi Shares: Proposed to buy back shares of 50 million to 100 million yuan

Huasi Shares (002494) disclosed the repurchase plan. The company plans to repurchase shares of not less than 50 million yuan and no more than 100 million yuan. The repurchase price does not exceed 10 yuan/share.

  Kaier New Materials: Proposed to buy back shares of 50 million to 100 million yuan

Kaier New Materials (300234) disclosed the repurchase plan. The company plans to not less than 50 million yuan, and no more than 100 million yuan to buy back shares, the repurchase price does not exceed 8.5 yuan / share.

  Sanquan Food: The maximum amount of shares repurchased is adjusted to 100 million yuan

Sanquan Food (002216) announced that the company intends to modify the repurchase share plan, the original planned repurchase amount is 50 million yuan to 200 million yuan; after the revision, it is planned to buy back 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan. The repurchase price limit is still 8 yuan / share.

  LeTV: Jia Yueting's shareholdings reduced another 39.97 million shares for judicial disposition for debt service

LeTV (300104) announced that as of November 7, Jia Yueting’s shares had decreased by 37.79 million shares compared with June 30. According to Jia Yueting’s previous reply, it was judicially disposed of to repay debts. According to company statistics, as of the end of November, the company’s outstanding financial institutions’ borrowing debts amounted to approximately 1.923 billion yuan, and there was a risk that they could not be redeemed.

  Zhengye Technology: The controlling shareholder and the actual controller are rescued by the Dongguan bailout fund

Zhengye Technology (300410) announced that Xu Dihua, one of the controlling shareholders of the company, and one of the actual controllers, signed an Investment and Financing Cooperation Agreement with the listed investment enterprise of Dongguan, and the investment in the development of the listed enterprises was proposed to Zhengye Industrial and Xu. Dihua provides investment and financing support, and agreed to provide the first batch of support funds of not less than 400 million yuan before November 12. It is reported that the development of listed enterprises in Dongguan is a fund mainly set up by the government for Dongguan listed companies, aiming at alleviating the liquidity of listed companies. Among the five partners of the fund, Dongguan Financial Holdings and Songshan Lake Holdings are two state-owned enterprises.

  BOE A: I plan to build a life science and technology industrial base in Beijing with a total investment of 13.6 billion yuan

BOE A announced that the company signed a project cooperation agreement with the Beijing Fangshan District Government. The two parties intend to jointly build the Beijing BOE Life Technology Industrial Base project in Beijing's high-end manufacturing base. The project will be implemented in two phases: the first phase of the layout includes the R&D and operation center of the Health Business Headquarters, the Life Science and Technology Innovation Center/International Medicine (000516) Conversion Center and the Center for Excellence in Medicine, and the Digital Hospital (Phase I) with a total investment of approximately RMB13.6 billion. The overall plan is expected to be put into operation in 2022; the second phase of the plan includes Digital Hospital (Phase II), Global Partner Industrial Park and other projects.

  Siyuan Electric: won the bid of 491 million yuan National Grid Project

Siyuan Electric (002028) announced that the company and its subsidiaries won the bid for the national grid related projects. According to the bidding announcement, the company and its subsidiaries won the bid in 24 provinces (regions) such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong. The winning products include combined electrical appliances, reactors, transformers, capacitors, etc., with a total bid of about 491 million yuan.

  Zhongdi Investment: plans to sell a property in Chaoyang District, Beijing for 13.5 million yuan

Zhongdi Investment (000609) announced that in order to revitalize the idle assets, the company will sell the property (the construction area of ​​193.93 square meters) of Unit 2, 25, 25th Floor, No. 1 Dongfang East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, to Tianlitian at a price of 13.5 million yuan. Company. The transaction is expected to generate a pre-tax income of approximately $7.43 million.

  Hengtai Epp: Zhongguancun M&A mother fund 420 million shares in the new Jinhua machine

Hengtai Aipu (300157) announced that the Zhongguancun M&A Fund intends to invest 420 million yuan to purchase a 35% stake in the company's subsidiary Xinjinhua. After the transaction, the company holds 62.89% of the shares of Xinjinhua, and remains the largest shareholder and actual controller of Xinjinhua. The equity transfer of Xinjinhua Machine is to introduce strategic investors, enhance financial strength, accelerate the development of high-end industrial steam turbines and centrifugal compressors, and the development of core technology products for gas turbines.

  Huiyuan Communication: Shareholder Shanghai Leyi and concerted action person Anhui Hongxu were ordered to correct

Huiyuan Communication (000586) announced that the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a notice and decided to take corrective measures against the company's shareholder Shanghai Leyi and its concerted action person Anhui Hongxu, because the two companies have not purchased the shares of Huiyuan Communications. Non-compliance issues such as fair treatment of all shareholders and failure to disclose progress announcements as required. At the same time, the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a warning letter to Shanghai Leyi because of its existence in the absence of timely disclosure of the pledge of the shares.

  Jincheng Medicine: Subsidiary obtains GMP certificate for drugs

Jincheng Pharmaceutical (300233) announced that Shandong Jincheng Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, received the “Drug GMP Certificate” issued by Shandong Food and Drug Administration on November 7, 2018. The scope of certification: API Glycopeptide, second workshop A-05-01 production line), valid until October 24, 2023.

  Dabei Nong: Incentive Financing Service of Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch

Dabei Nong (002385) announced that the company signed a bank-enterprise cooperation agreement with Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch. Huaxia Bank Beijing Branch Behavioral Co., Ltd. provides intentional financing services with a cooperation amount of not more than 2 billion yuan. The two sides will strengthen cooperation in the field of investment and financing, support the company's development and prevent and resolve financial risks, and jointly explore diversified investment and financing methods, and improve the investment and financing system.

  Luxi Chemical: Trial operation of the second phase of the polycarbonate project

Luxi Chemical (000830) announced that the production process of the second phase of the company's polycarbonate project has been opened in the near future. The trial operation is progressing smoothly, the operation load reaches the design capability, and the product quality is excellent. At present, we are formulating a plan to eliminate bottlenecks and re-optimize, and strive to break through in terms of output and quality.

  Jiaying Pharmaceutical: Received a warning letter from Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau

Jiaying Pharmaceutical (002198) announced that there was a significant difference between the company's 2017 annual performance forecast announcement announcement and the net profit disclosed in the performance report and the 2017 audited net profit, which violated the letter of the letter. The Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau decided to issue a warning letter to Chen Yonghong, the then chairman of the company, and Huang Libing, the general manager of the company, and Chen Xiaoyan, the chief financial officer.

  Beibu Gulf Port: cargo throughput increased by 25.41% year-on-year in October

Beibu Gulf Port (000582) announced that in October, the company's cargo throughput was 1,753.11 million tons, an increase of 25.41%; the cumulative cargo throughput in January-October was 152,384,500 tons, an increase of 14.92%.

  Deep Chiwan A: cargo throughput in the first 10 months decreased by 4.8% year-on-year

Deep Chiwan A announced that as of the end of October 2018, the company had completed a total cargo throughput of 55.837 million tons, a decrease of 4.8% over the same period last year. Among them, the container throughput totaled 4.442 million TEU (standard box), an increase of 1.7% over the same period of last year; the bulk cargo throughput totaled 17.247 million tons, a decrease of 4.5% over the same period last year.

  Oriental Garden: “17 Oriental Garden CP001” has been paid on schedule.

Oriental Garden (002310) announced that the company's first short-term financing bill in 2017 (17 Oriental Garden CP001) has been paid on time, with a total principal and interest of 1,054.5 million yuan. The company's current capital position is good and its operating conditions are normal.

  Renren: The controlling shareholder intends to issue exchangeable bonds

Renrenle (002336) announced that Haoming Investment, the controlling shareholder of the company, intends to issue non-public issuance of exchangeable bonds based on part of the shares held by the company. The proposed issuance period is not more than three years, and the proposed fundraising scale does not exceed 330 million yuan. Haoming Investment currently holds 193 million shares of the company, accounting for 48.22% of the total share capital.


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