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Trader must read: November 9th stock market news

November 09, 2018 06:28
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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  First, [Immediately Express]

  1. Liu Shiyu: The chief must increase the political position to contribute positively to the market expectations.Recently, China Securities Industry Association held the symposium of chief economist. Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, pointed out that the chief economist of the securities fund industry should shoulder the mission of the times and improve the political position. It should cherish the reputation of the industry and continuously improve the research capability. Continue to play its own influence and credibility, and contribute positively to guiding market expectations. The chief economists of the participating brokerages included more than 30 chief economists such as Gao Shanwen, chief economist of Essence Securities.

  2. The CSRC: At present, there is a period of less suspension.The person in charge of the relevant departments of the China Securities Regulatory Commission said that as of November 5, the number of suspensions in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 61, and the suspension rate was 1.7%. At present, there is a period of suspension of trading. In the next step, the CSRC will conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of the capital market, and guide the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges to do a good job in stock suspension and trading in accordance with the "Guiding Opinions on Improving the Stock Trading System of Listed Companies". Self-discipline management and services, further optimize transaction supervision, maintain market transaction order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, and promote the long-term healthy development of the capital market.

  3. Fang Xinghai: Continue to maintain the normal issuance of new shares.Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that deepening reforms and promoting the function of the capital market will be better played. We will continue to maintain the normal issuance of new shares, reform and improve the stock issuance system with information disclosure as the core, and further improve the predictability of the company's issuance and listing. Deepen the market-oriented reform of mergers and acquisitions, encourage and support listed companies to rely on mergers and acquisitions to refine and strengthen.

  4, Fang Xinghai: Science and technology board and registration system must be completed.Recently, the news that the Shanghai Stock Exchange set up a science and technology board and piloted the registration system has caused widespread public debate. At the 5th World Internet Conference “Financial Capital and Internet Technology Innovation” sub-forum, Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said: The board and registration system must be made! It attracted a round of applause from the scene. Whether it is a science and technology board or a registration system, it will definitely bring about tremendous changes in China's stock market ecology, and more technology innovation companies will be able to successfully go public.

  5. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange decided to terminate the listing of Zhonghong shares and entered the delisting period on the 16th.On the evening of the 8th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange made the decision to terminate the listing of Zhonghong shares. Zhonghong Co., Ltd. became the first company to be forced to terminate its listing because its share price was continuously below par. The company's stock will enter the delisting period from November 16, 2018. The trading period will be 30 trading days. The short name of the stock will be changed to “Zhonghong Retreat”, and the daily price of the stock price will be limited to 10%. On the next trading day after the delisting period expires, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will delist the company's stock.

  6. Eleven-plate Hengli Industry: There has been no major change in the internal and external business environment.Eleven Lianban Hengli Industrial announced the stock price change announcement. According to the requirements of relevant regulations, the company conducted a self-examination: the information disclosed in the company's previous period does not need to be corrected or supplemented. Recently, the public media did not report undisclosed material information that may or may have had a significant impact on the trading price of the company's stock. Recently, the company's operating conditions are normal, and there has been no major change in the internal and external operating environment. Shareholders holding more than 5% of our company's shares during the period of abnormal stock fluctuations and the actual controller of the company did not buy or sell the company's stock.

  7, the outer disk:The Fed’s monetary policy remains unchanged and implies that the policy of continuing interest rate hikes has caused market worries andTechnology stocks and energy stocks led the decline, US stocks closed up and downChina's stocks generally fell, Ctrip's profit margin fell and the next quarter's guidance fell less than expected by nearly 20%; New York gold fell 0.3% to close at $1,255.10, continued to fluctuate after the Fed policy announcement; crude oil futures due to production growth caused by excess Worried sentiment continued to pressure, New York crude oil fell 1.7% to close at 60.67 US dollars, has fallen for nine consecutive trading days and hit a new eight-month low, into the bear market area; Pan-European Stoke 600 rose 0.19% to close at 367.08 points.

  Second, [market temperature]

On Thursday, affected by the external surge, the two cities opened higher and then oscillated. Industry: International trade, brewing, diversified finance, shipping, brokerage, food and beverage, etc. are among the top gainers; in terms of concept stocks, ST concept, shell resources, equity transfer, pork concept, online travel, S-shares, venture capital, etc. . At present, the market is in the cycle of oversold rebound, and the shock box has been constructed.

The cautiousness that has been continuously emphasized in the near future has emerged. The collapse of the brokerages in the intraday market and the decline in the multiple sectors have all indicated the short-term depletion of action and the demand for profit-taking. In fact, in the near term, it seems that the sideways turbulence between the communities is actually undercurrent. The multiple rebounds in the intraday market have not been able to break through, which paves the way for the index's callback. At the moment, the intensive policy stimulus has come to an end, and the stock-based stocks have also stagnate, while the theme stocks have not been strong after the round of speculation. At the same time, they face gaps and pressures on the top, and the demand for short-term market corrections has escalated.

  Third, [the theme of the Nuggets]

  Carbon black:According to media reports, Japanese carbon black manufacturer Tokai Carbon recently announced the price increase news, pointing out that due to high environmental costs, this month, the price of its carbon black products will increase by 10.5 yen / kg.

  Target: Black Cat Share, Jinneng Technology

  New retail:According to media reports, this year's double 11 volume in Taiwan is unprecedented and lively. Alibaba's Tmall and Taobao big moves returned to the Taiwan market, reviving the dual 11 dominance.

  Target: Xinhuadu, Sanjiang Shopping

  Beijing Sub-center Construction:According to media reports on November 8, a person close to the policy level revealed that the Central Political Bureau Standing Committee meeting last week had reviewed and approved the "Controlled Detailed Planning of the Beijing City Sub-center." It is now being revised in accordance with the requirements of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee to report the documents and will be released soon.

  Target: Beijing Investment Development, the first shares

  Industrial Internet:On the 8th, at the 5th World Internet Conference, Hu Xiaoming, a partner of Alibaba Group and president of Alibaba Cloud, introduced the supET industrial Internet platform in detail. As the only industrial Internet platform, supET was selected as the world's leading Internet technology.

  Target: Huazhong CNC, Zhongheng Electric


                (Editor: DF380)

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