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Shenzhen City Block Trade Information (11/8)

November 08, 2018 18:12
source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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transaction dateSecurities codeSecurities short nameTransaction price (yuan)Volume (10,000 shares / 10,000 copies / 10,000 sheets)Transaction amount (ten thousand yuan)Buyer's sales departmentSeller sales department
2018-11-08000046Oceanwide Holdings5.132,520.0012,927.60Lianxun Securities Co., Ltd. Huizhou Yanda Avenue Securities Sales DepartmentZheshang SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Yongjia Shuangta Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08000150Yihua Health12.4931.90398.43Everbright SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Beijing Guanghua Road Securities Sales DepartmentGF SecuritiesShenzhen Co., Ltd. Shenzhen High-tech South Securities Business Department
2018-11-08000333Midea Group40.63113.534,612.59Beijing Gaohua Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Financial Street Securities Sales DepartmentInstitution-specific
2018-11-08000829Tianyin Holdings5.14500.002,570.00Guosen SecuritiesShenzhen Fuzhong Branch Co., Ltd.Institution-specific
2018-11-08000929Lanzhou Yellow River6.8685.97589.74Shen WanhongyuanWestern SecuritiesLtd. Yantai South Street Securities Sales DepartmentCITIC JiantouSecurities Co., Ltd. Beijing Wangjing Central South Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002199Dongjing Electronics7.92243.401,927.74Huaxi SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Shanghai Zhenning Road Securities Sales DepartmentInstitution-specific
2018-11-08002199Dongjing Electronics7.92243.401,927.74Huaxi Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhenning Road Securities Sales DepartmentInstitution-specific
2018-11-08002302Western construction11.1123.84264.86Zhongshan Securities Co., Ltd. Guangzhou BranchZhongshan Securities Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
2018-11-08002483Runbang shares3.371,344.904,532.30Haitong SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Nanjing Changfu Street Securities Sales DepartmentHuatai SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Nanjing Central Road Third Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002493Rongsheng Petrochemical10.24200.002,048.00Oriental SecuritiesHangzhou Stadium Road Securities Co., Ltd.Oriental SecuritiesHangzhou Stadium Road Securities Co., Ltd.
2018-11-08002506GCL integration5.10309.001,575.90Haitong SecuritiesTrading unit (016606)CITIC Jiantou SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Shanghai Wulian Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002506GCL integration5.10196.00999.60Shen WanhongyuanSecurities Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Station Avenue Securities Sales DepartmentCITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Wulian Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002507Fuling mustard20.5033.00676.50Open Source Securities Co., Ltd. Xi'an Jinye Road Securities Sales DepartmentMinsheng Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Changhong Bridge Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002537Hailian Jinhui9.82430.004,222.60CITIC SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Hangzhou Qingchun Road Securities Sales DepartmentHualong Securities Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yugu Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002555Sanqi mutual entertainment11.0860.00664.80Guoyuan SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Shanghai Xietu Road Securities Trading Business DepartmentGuoyuan Securities Co., Ltd. Nanling Qingtong Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002642Rongzhilian6.91169.621,172.11Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. Shaoxing Fushan Securities Sales DepartmentInstitution-specific
2018-11-08002781Qixin shares14.00127.961,791.47Soochow SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Shenzhen Guishan Road Securities Sales DepartmentHuatai Securities Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Qiaoxiang Road Smart Plaza Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08002886Water shares16.1042.75688.22Soochow Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pudong New Area Yanggao South Road Securities Sales DepartmentCITIC SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Xiamen Hubin Lianyue Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08300050Century Dingli4.18300.001,254.00Ping An Securities Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Garden Road Securities Sales DepartmentShenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch
2018-11-08300064Yu Diamond4.60109.45503.46Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Jingqi Road Securities Sales DepartmentHaitong Securities Trading Unit (016606)
2018-11-08300133Huace Film10.33100.001,033.00Institution-specificInstitution-specific
2018-11-08300153Ketai Power6.27300.001,881.00Anxin Securities Co., Ltd. Shantou Red Collar Road Securities Sales DepartmentHaitong Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tianping Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08300343Lianchuang Internet7.08150.001,062.00Nanjing SecuritiesYinchuan Zhengyuan South Street Securities Sales DepartmentHongta Securities Co., Ltd. Chongqing Daping Zhengjie Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08300478Hangzhou Gaoxin18.0080.331,445.95Ping An Securities Co., Ltd. Xiamen International Financial Center Securities Sales DepartmentZhongtai Securities Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Qiushi Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08300498Wen's shares22.4725.00561.75China Merchants SecuritiesCo., Ltd. Yunfu emerging Xinzhou Avenue Securities Sales DepartmentChina International Capital Corporation Yunfu Xindong North Road Securities Business Department
2018-11-08300501Haishun new material15.3735.50545.64Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Longgang Longcheng Avenue Sales DepartmentChina GalaxySecurities Co., Ltd. Xiamen Minzu Road Securities Sales Department
2018-11-08300671Rich electronic17.9556.001,005.20Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Tairan Jiu Road Securities Sales DepartmentHuatai Securities Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Shennan Avenue Securities Sales Department

Note: 1. Transaction price: A shares, funds, bonds - Yuan (RMB), B shares - Yuan (HKD) 2. Transaction amount: A shares, funds, bonds - 10,000 yuan (RMB), B shares - - 10,000 yuan (HK$) 3, trading volume: stocks - 10,000 shares, funds - 10,000 shares, bonds - 10,000 sheets

(Article source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

                (Editor: DF062)

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