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Under $5 low-priced stocks increased by 47 in 10 days Agencies paid 3 low-valued stocks

April 18, 2018 01:43
Author: Wu Shan
source: Securities Daily
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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[5 yuan below the low price of stocks increased by 10 days and 47 institutions heavy warehouse 3 low valuation of blue chip stocks] the number of low-priced stocks and the overall status of the market and the time there is inextricably linked. Since April, there have been significant differences in funding, risk appetite has declined, the stock index has maintained a weak adjustment trend, and the number of low-priced stocks has also been rising. (Securities Daily)

The number of low-priced stocks is inextricably linked with the overall state of the market and the period in which it is located. Since April, there have been significant differences in funding, risk appetite has declined, the stock index has maintained a weak adjustment trend, and the number of low-priced stocks has also been rising.

"Securities Daily" Market Research Center found that according to statistics, in early April, the number of A-shares in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks below 5 yuan reached 316. After 10 trading days adjustment, as of April 17th, the latest closing price of 363 stocks was insufficient. 5 yuan, the number of lower than 5 yuan stocks increased by 47.

In this regard, the industry sources said that these stocks are absolute low stock prices, have a certain margin of safety, valuation recovery space is more expected.

Through performance,Cash flowThree indicators, such as the stock and valuation, further combed 363 stocks whose stock price was under 5 yuan.Xugong Machinery,Guang'an Love Public,Nangang Steel,Shougang Group,Yuanxing Energy,Zijiang Enterprise,Shinno Textile,Hong Kong HoldingsThe advantages of 8 low-priced stocks are highlighted.

Statistics show that the above-mentioned 8 low-priced stocks have achieved or are expected to achieve year-on-year growth in net profit in 2017. Among them, 6 companies such as Nanjing Iron & Steel, Shougang Group, Yuanxing Energy, Zijiang Enterprise, Xinye Textile and Xiangjiang Holdings have disclosed 2017. In the annual report, the year-on-year growth of net profit in 2017 was: 804.73%, 451.33%, 238.76%, 147.81%, 40.84%, 18.30%; XCMG and Guangan Aizhong expect the net profit growth in 2017 to be 403.40%, respectively. 45.2%.

At the time of the large-scale disclosure of the current annual report and quarterly report, the above 8 stocks were favored by large single funds during the month due to performance improvement. Among them, Xugong Machinery accumulated a large amount of funds during the month.Net inflowIn the first place, it reached 108.4222 million yuan. Yuanxing Energy followed closely. During the period, the net inflow of large single funds was 39.5783 million yuan. During the period of Nanjing Steel, the accumulated net inflow of large single funds was also more than 10 million yuan, reaching 16.9888 million yuan. The other 5 low-cost stocks that achieved net inflow of large single funds during the periodCash flowThe scale of the scale of entry was: Guang'an Aizhong (5.5433 million yuan), Shougang Group (549.80 million yuan), Xiangjiang Holdings (2.6151 million yuan), Zijiang Enterprise (2.3788 million yuan), and Xinye Textile (63.16 million yuan).

In addition, the latest price-earnings ratios of the above eight low-priced stocks are all lower than the average level of the industry, and the latest price-to-earnings ratios of Nangang, Shougang, and Zijiang companies are relatively low: 5.99, 10.7, and 12.11 times respectively.

It is worth mentioning that according to the disclosure in the 2017 annual report, among the 8 companies whose share price is less than 5 yuan, the top three shareholders of Shougang Corporation, Nanjing Iron and Steel, Xinye Textile, etc., will be among the top ten shareholders of tradable shares at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017. There are institutional shadows. Among them, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the brokers newly held 151.519 million shares of Xinye Textile; the social security fund held 176.7967 million shares of Nanjing Iron and Steel; the insurance capital held a holding operation of Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., holding 62.544 million shares after the increase in holdings. Stocks, holding 50,229,900 shares of Shougang. Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. obtained cross-held holdings of insurance funds and social security funds.

                (Editor: DF309)

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