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ZTE Event Fermentation Triggers Funding Change

20 April 2018 15:00
Author: Fan wave
source: Xiangcai Securities
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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[ZTE's Event Triggered a Capital Transformation] ZTE catalyzed the rise of the relevant sector, but this does not mean that the market has fully stabilized. It is expected that there will be repeated shocks in the future.

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Today's stock indexes opened higher in the two markets and continued to fluctuate. After 10:40, they gradually recovered to the midday close. Afternoon, the stock index continued to rise after rising again. It ended slightly lower before the end of the session. Disk hotspots: chips, semiconductors, and domestic The software, satellite navigation, electronic payment, information security, cloud computing, computer equipment, components and other sectors are in a strong trend. In general, today's market presents a small-scale downward trend.

The explosive news of the recent market news continued. The trade war between China and the United States followed, the situation in Syria deteriorated, and the United States began to block ZTE again in the past, and targeted reductions, etc. From the perspective of the strength of this series of news, each one is considered to be Heavy weight. However, after the United States continuously provoked incidents, our A-shares were not vulnerable. Although there were some downturns, the overall situation was relatively strong.

Speaking of yesterday’s RRR cut, turning historically, since the 2014 central bank has carried out eight RRR cuts (three for directional cuts and five for overall cuts), the market has no obvious pattern of rising or falling. In other words, there is no direct relationship between market performance and RRR cuts. The varieties that had previously gained too much were still adjusted for demand and would not be reversed because of the RRR cut.

The performance of the market today is strong in the afternoon and the money making effect is very obvious. The focus is on chips, semiconductors, and components. This is directly related to the news that the United States blocked ZTE. The entire plate has become the biggest highlight of the afternoon market. The situation. And investors can continue to track the dynamic evolution of the ZTE event.

To sum up, the ZTE event catalyzed the rise of the relevant sector in a contrarian direction. However, this does not mean that the market has completely stabilized. In the future, it is expected that there will be repeated shocks.

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