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Xiangcai Securities: Who will be the main force of the blowout market?

June 29, 2018 15:00
Author: Fan wave
source: Xiangcai Securities
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Xiangcai Securities: Who will be the main force of the blowout market? 】 Today, the market is showing a general trend, but in the latter period, the continuous increase of the main board is not sustainable. Investors still have to focus on the small-cap stocks led by sub-new stocks. The radical investors especially need to be in the near-end new stocks. The quality of the variety is of particular concern.

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Today, the two stock indexes opened slightly lower and then fell back first. After 10:00, the major indices rose rapidly to noon. The stock index continued to climb in the afternoon and went out of the unilateral rise throughout the day. Hotspots: domestic software, information security, intellectual property rights, Industrial interconnects, chips, cloud computing, smart wear, big data, holographic concepts, demographic intelligence, genetic concepts and other sectors have performed strongly; in general: today's market is showing a general trend.

For the cognition of the bottom of the new shares, Xiang Bo, the gold finger 365 advisory group of Xiangcai Securities, has issued a clear view on the market's first bottom signal on Friday (June 22). In the article, we clearly intend to start in the future. The main force of the market has focused on the new stocks: "The band opportunity comes from the big drop, this is the basic logic of bear market trading, and the short-term decline of the sub-new stock index has reached 25%. It is expected that the probability of continuous rapid decline in the later period will decrease. We will wait and see if we can open a new wave market after the shock."

And although there are some differences in the market this week,Shanghai indexContinue to bottom down, but still did not shake our firm bullish attitude towards the new stocks (investors can look through our daily opinion review logic), the second new stocks did not live up to everyone, this week showed a trend of upward trend, today In the process of a comprehensive rebound in the market, it has once again surged to hit a recent rebound.

Judging from today's disk, the Shanghai Composite Index finally ushered in a big upswing after continuous decline, but this does not mean that the main board is the main long-term direction. We are still optimistic about the small-cap stock group headed by new shares. The main board is responsible for stabilizing the market, and the active main force is handed over to the small-cap stocks, which will be the mainstream mode for a long period of time in the future.

To sum up one sentence: Today's market is showing a general trend, but in the late stage, the continuous rise of the main board is not sustainable. Investors still have to focus on the small-cap stocks led by sub-new stocks. The radical investors especially need to be near-end. The quality of the new stocks is of particular concern.

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