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Li Dazhao: Import and export data in October far exceeded expectations, which is conducive to the recovery of the stock market

November 08, 2018 13:52
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Li Dazhao: October import and export data far exceed expectations is conducive to the stock market to pick up] Yingda Securities chief Li Dazhao said that the data far exceeded expectations, does not rule out the role of the advance factor, but also reflects a series of support for the impact of import and export policies, The entire economy has an important role to play and has a positive impact on the stock market recovery.

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On November 8, the data released by the General Administration of Customs of China on Thursday showed that China's imports in October were 26.3% year-on-year (in RMB), with an expected 17.7% and a previous value of 17.4%. China's exports in October were 20.1% year-on-year (in RMB), with an expected 14.2% and a previous value of 17%.

The chief executive of Yingda Securities, Li Dazhao, said that the data far exceeded expectations and did not rule out the role of advance factors, but also reflected a series of support.import and exportThe impact of the policy has an important effect on the overall economic stability and has a positive impact on the stock market recovery.

【Expert Reviews】

  Yang Delong: Opportunity will only hold value investment at the bottom of the prepared mind market

On November 6, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Guiding Opinions on Improving the System of Stocks Stopping and Resumption of Listed Companies". The guiding opinions clearly stated that it is necessary to restrict listed companies from arbitrarily applying for suspension of trading and arbitrarily extending the time of suspension of trading, which will increase the liquidity of the market and reduce The panic in the market has a very positive significance. For a long time, the phenomenon of suspension of trading in listed companies in the A-share market is very prominent. When A-shares applied to join the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, Minghao Company repeatedly said that the suspension of the A-share market caused the tracking of the MSCI index to be difficult to fully track. The domestic index, the long-term suspension of some companies has also seriously affected the right of investors to trade normally, and thus become a stubborn disease in the A-share market.

The Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges have repeatedly introduced regulations to control the suspension of trading of listed companies, and have achieved initial results. However, there are still some “nail houses” that have been suspended for a long time, which has made it impossible for investors to manage cash and the liquidity has been greatly affected. This guidance has clarified the latest regulations from four aspects. First, it establishes the basic principles for the suspension of stocks of listed companies, and maximizes the protection of trading opportunities. The guiding opinions clearly indicate that the principle of non-stop is to be suspended, and suspension is an exception; short-term suspension is In principle, long-term suspension is an exception; phased suspension is the principle, and continuous suspension is an exception. A listed company may not suspend trading unless it is a major event, which is conducive to ensuring the consistency of the transaction.

The second point is to compress the maturity of the stock suspension period and enhance market liquidity. The guidance further shortens the longest suspension period for major asset restructuring, and clarifies that stocks in the period of bankruptcy and reorganization of listed companies are not suspended in principle. The third is to strengthen the stock stopResumption of trading informationDisclosure requirements, clear market expectations, require listed companies to disclose information in a timely manner, and fourth, strengthen system construction and clarify the corresponding supporting work arrangements.

Through these four measures to deal with the problem of the suspension of the listing of listed companies, combined with the previous statements issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, to reduce unnecessary interventions in normal market transactions, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued in principle no window guidance on the transaction, etc. Both are conducive to ensuring the consistency of market transactions and increasing the activity of the market, which is conducive to restoring the trading activity of the market and promoting the long-term healthy development of the A-share market.

This week, due to the market's concern that the SSE's addition of the science and technology board and the trial registration system may divert the funds of the secondary market, there will be some decline, especially the fund funds of the GEM. However, we have noticed that although the GEM has fallen sharply since the beginning of this year, it has fallen by more than 400 points, but the institutional funds are constantly sweeping the goods, taking over the selling chips of retail investors.

According to statistics, there are currently seven GEMs on the market.ETFFunds, three of them have seen several times of growth this year. In particular, the Huaneng GEM 50 ETF has surged 70 times in the year, and its scale has surged from 288 million to 20.7 billion, making it the largest ETF fund in the market. The scale of the E Fund’s ETF also surged this year, from 3.073 billion to 16.257 billion, an increase of 5.3 times. Recently, although the GEM has had a certain negative, there has been a callback, but the GEM ETF is still being sought after by funds. This shows that after the GEM has fallen sharply, it has already attracted institutional funds.

On the other hand, the national team's thinking has undergone certain changes. It is a new idea to buy ETFs to boost market confidence and increase trading activity. So many ETFs, including the GEM ETF and the ETF of the main board, have a lot of national team funds this year. This will change the weak market situation and usher in major investment opportunities.

After the National Day, the A-share market fell sharply and once fell below the 2,500-point mark. When the market fell to the lowest level, Mr. Wang Hongyuan, the co-chairman of Qianhai Open Source Fund, made it clear that the game is clear and full-scale, and the A-share market is expected to outperform the global capital market by more than 50% in the next three years. We firmly decisively add positions in the market downturn, that is, we see that the policy bottom and market bottom of the market have actually been proven. From the past experience, the bottom of the market is generally lower than the bottom of the policy, but this time I have repeatedly stressed that the bottom of the policy and the bottom of the market have been superimposed, and the possibility of low market innovation in the market is very small.

When the market is at its lowest, it is often the time when opportunities arise. All the market is produced in despair, rising in hesitation, and dying in madness. Now the stage of the market is at the bottom of the market, and the market has already emerged from despair, and now it is in the stage of rising in hesitation. Many investors still have doubts about the market outlook and do not dare to increase their positions. At this time, when the market is starting to take place, they will seize some of the white horse stocks that have been killed and the real growth stocks for the layout. This is the response to this round. The best strategy to bounce the market.

"Opportunities will only give a prepared mind." Recently, institutional funds and foreign capital have inflowed a lot, and many retail investors are leaving the market. This is a very pity, and it is very sad. It is recommended that ordinary investors should stick to value investing at the bottom of the market, overcome fears, and actively seize some high-quality stocks to seize the opportunity of market recovery.

On Wednesday, the active non-ferrous plates in the two cities were mainly related to Glencore's production line of 10,000 tons of cobalt, which may change the trend of metal cobalt prices to fall sharply and begin to regain its upward trend. The sales of new energy vehicles have been increasing in volume, which is the direction of future economic transformation. The replacement of fuel vehicles by new energy vehicles is the trend of the times. It can be said that there are few industries in China that can grow more than 50%.

The surge in sales of new energy vehicles will inevitably lead to an increase in the sales of upstream lithium battery segments and resource stocks such as cobalt and lithium. This will also provide a relatively large support for metal prices, which will help the cobalt lithium resource stocks to rebound better. Stimulated by the good news, the metal cobalt related companies hit the daily limit, driving the popularity of the entire colored plate.

                (Editor: DF064)

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