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November 8th, the transaction stocks comment: group magic dance Tianye Tonglian staged "sky floor" inventory four cattle and four bears

November 08, 2018 20:10
source: Shandong Shenguang
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[November 8th transaction stocks comment: group magic dance Tianye Tonglian staged "sky floor" inventory of four cattle and four bears] Tianye Tonglian (002459) fell 9.99% on Thursday. The company is a major equipment manufacturing backbone enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and sales services. The company's products cover four major sectors: equipment manufacturing, fluorine chemical, engineering services, and mining, covering key national engineering fields such as transportation engineering, energy engineering, mining engineering, and logistics engineering. In July 2018, the company announced that it plans to spend more than 1 billion to purchase 100% equity of JA Solar, which has been delisted from NASDAQ. The latest news, JA Solar back to A has continued to advance.

  Today's four cattle tips:

Sunrise East (603366) rose 10.00% on Thursday. At the beginning of the company's establishment, it focused on solar thermal utilization. In 2013, it entered a diversified development stage and gradually formed solar energy (photothermal + photovoltaic), air energy, water purification, kitchen appliances and other main businesses, which can provide users with "personalization and customization." And integrated "home appliance solutions and services. In addition, the company indirectly holds the fast-moving equity through Huaxing Capital. In terms of news, on November 2, the competent authorities held an industry forum to clarify that photovoltaic power generation subsidies were available before 2022. In the secondary market, the stock launched a blowout market from the bottom, and the short-term three-connected board, the quantity can be continuously released, and the band participates.

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech (600895) rose 9.42% on Thursday. The company's main business includes land transfer, real estate development and sales, real estate leasing, data communication services, and venture capital in the transferred land. As the only listed company in the operation and service of Zhangjiang Park, the company has been the main force in the development, operation and service of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park since its establishment. However, as the main business income continued to decline, in August 2018,Company AnnouncementTransfer of 48% equity of Chengdu subsidiary. The latest news, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will set up a science and technology board and pilot registration system. In the secondary market, venture capital concept stocks continue to absorb gold, and the stock has risen again today, but the seal is not determined.

The young eagle farming and animal husbandry (002477) rose 10.13% on Thursday. The company is “the first stock of pigs in China” and is committed to carrying out the strategic layout led by the whole industry chain of pig breeding. At present, it has established a core strategy including pig breeding, food trade and the Internet, and has developed into a grain trade. Modern large-scale enterprise group of complete industrial chain system such as feed production, improved breeding, pig breeding, slaughtering and processing, cold chain logistics, terminal sales, and online business. In terms of news, pig prices have turned better after entering the peak season of consumption. In the secondary market, the concept of pork broke out today, and the stock took the lead in closing the daily limit, and the hot spot continued to be tested.

Hengli Industrial (000622) rose 10.01% on Thursday. The company is a diversified group of companies that integrate auto parts, real estate management, high technology, investment management and trade. However, after several rounds of actual controller changes, the company's main business has suffered losses for 14 consecutive years, which is a well-known shell company in the A-share market. Up to now, the company's main business has not improved significantly. In the first three quarters of 2018, the non-net profit was -515.36 million yuan. In terms of news, the IPO was reduced from three years to six months by the “backdoor” interval. In the secondary market, the stock continued to hit the daily limit today.Dragon and TigerShow hot money fast forward and out, cautious participation.

                (Editor: DF328)

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