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Foreign investment in A shares? In addition to the Northward funds, they are also working hard.

November 09, 2018 07:36
Author: spicy pen Xiaoqiang
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Foreign hunting A shares? In addition to the Northward funds, they are also making efforts. The Eastern Fortune Choice data shows that the first six trading days of the month, only the net outflow on the 6th, the rest are net inflows, with a total net inflow of 30.9 billion yuan, of which day 2 It is the highest net inflow of 17.4 billion yuan.

A wave of 4 consecutive rises, followed by a wave of 4 consecutive shades, recentShanghai indexJust like Adou, who can't afford it, so many favorable policies are like a sea of ​​stones, not even a decent wave.

The only thing that makes people spurt is the Hengli Industry, which has been deducting non-net profit for 15 consecutive years. Since October 22, it has been trading for 11 consecutive trading days, and the increase rate is as high as 185.27%. The soaring star has made many investors seem to return to the era of the magical dances of a group of demons. The era of "demonstration" is rampant. Under the circumstances of actively promoting value investment, it is really embarrassing...

The sluggish market will not hinder the momentum of foreign investment in A-shares. For example, as an interconnected market for foreign investors to participate in A-shares, it is very active.Oriental Fortune ChoiceThe data shows that the first six trading days of the month, only the net outflow on the 6th, the rest areNet inflowThe total net inflow was 30.9 billion yuan, of which the second day was the highest net inflow of 17.4 billion yuan.

  Net inflow of over 20 billion in the first month after the holiday

At present, it is just one month after the National Day, and since the establishment of Shanghai Stock Connect in 2014, it has experienced 4 National Days. From the annual net inflow of funds to the month after the festival, the net inflow amount this year. It was the second place with 20.37 billion yuan, but only 2.57 billion yuan less than the 22.94 billion yuan in 2017.

(Data Sources:Eastern Fortune Choice Data)

Looking at the net inflow of northbound funds over the past years, the cumulative net inflow amount has reached 609.575 billion yuan since the opening of the company. The net inflow of this year has reached 262.059 billion yuan, which has increased by 31.2% compared with last year. It is a record 50.851 billion yuan.

(Source: Eastern WealthChoice data)

  Lu Shares increased its holdings of 26 shares by more than 1%

During the year, A shares fell sharply. Although there were many favorable policies after the National Day holiday, there were few bright spots, but the overall market remained sluggish. In this context, foreign capital is in the market, and the wealth of the EastChoiceThe data shows that in the first month after the holiday, 26 mainland stocks were overweighted by more than 1%, of which Huaye Capital was the largest holding, reaching 3.98%.

For Huaye Capital, the first month after the holiday can be said to be a long way to go. The last two transactions before the holiday are all down, and on September 28th, it is a word limit. After the National Day, it is basically a five-day limit. After hitting a low of 2.64 on October 19, it only held the decline, but it still fell by 37.36% after the holiday.

Another company that has been overweighted by more than 3% is Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., with an increase of 3.11%. In the past month, the stock price has come a roller coaster, with a cumulative decline of 0.98%.

From the ratio of the latest shareholdings to the total share capital, Op Lighting has exceeded 20%, and its shareholding has increased by 2.86% in the past month. The latest shareholding ratio has reached 20.83%; Tonghua Dongbao’s latest shareholding ratio is close to the total share capital ratio. 10%, 9.7%.

(Source: Eastern Fortune Choice data)

  Lu shares reduced 16 shares by more than 1%

Of course, foreign capital, as a representative of rational investment, can't just buy or sell. The Eastern Fortune Choice data shows that 16 companies have been reduced by more than 1% in the past month, among which Feike Electric has been reduced the most, reaching 3.51. %.

After being substantially reduced, Xin'an shares, Yuetai shares, Jiahua Energy and Qingdao Jinwang's latest shareholding ratio accounted for less than 1% of the total share capital ratio, of which Qingdao Jinwang accounted for the least, only 0.43%.

(Source: Eastern Fortune Choice data)

Of course, in addition to the interconnection market, Hong Kong stocks specializing in the A-share marketETFThe fund is also active. The Eastern Fortune Choice data shows that the net purchase share of the ASUS A50 and the South A50 increased by over 100 million in the past month, with 132 million and 117 million respectively. For Anshuo, the Securities Times has said that its company, which is the exclusive ETF of the world's largest asset management company, is a market-oriented company.

In addition, from the three quarterly reports disclosed previously, 68 of the 276 A-share companies that QFII appeared were new, and another 78 were overweight, accounting for more than half of the total, accounting for 53%. Considering the 67 companies with the same holdings, the total proportion is as high as 77%. In other words, only about 20% of companies are reduced. It seems that the main work of QFII in the third quarter is still to buy the target or increase the target.

Although the market is relatively "depressed", but foreign capital is actively deploying A shares through various channels, the quantitative change may be quietly happening, will the qualitative change be far behind?

  This article is for investors' reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

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                (Editor: DF064)

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