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Xiangcai Securities: The difficulty of the market's upward breakthrough has begun to increase

November 08, 2018 15:00
Author: Fan wave
source: Xiangcai Securities
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Xiangcai Securities: The difficulty of the market's upward breakthrough has begun to increase] From a technical point of view, the Shanghai Composite Index has been in this position for four days, and many upward impacts have been fruitless. The highest range of fluctuations is at 2676 points, most of the hotspots. It is a small-scale, non-influenced marginalized sector, especially the large-scale daily limit of the ST sector today, which further illustrates the nature of the market's weakness, and of course the operation is mainly based on defense.

K map 000001_1

K map 399006_2

Today, the two stock indexes opened higher and then fell back. After seeing the early lows at 10:05, the shocks rebounded to the noon closing; the stock indexes continued to fall and turn green in the afternoon; hot spots: ST plate, water reform, venture capital concept, pork, biology The vaccine, superconducting concept, renting and purchasing rights, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, cultural and educational leisure and other sectors performed well; overall: today the market once again showed shock consolidation.

Why was the weakening of the upside momentum yesterday? In the blog post, Xiang Bo Securities Fan Bo clearly expressed an important point: "Shanghai indexThe pressure on the upper gear can not be underestimated. The rise of the demon stocks and the non-mainstream sectors is unfavorable for the upward development of the market. When the downside is cautious, it is correct. "Investors who believe in long-term reading of our blog posts should understand our attitude very well."

Then, from today's disk, the stock index is higher by the impact of the external upswing, but because the A shares are not strong core reasons, today's market did not follow the US stocks, this again shows A shares and US stocks It is not a positive correlation, so investors who compare US stocks and A-shares need to continue to follow suit. The basic logic of any matter analysis is of course the first cause and the second.

From a technical point of view, the Shanghai index has been in this position for four days, and the upward impact has been fruitless for many times. The highest range of fluctuations is at 2676 points. Most of the hotspots are small-scale, non-influenced marginalized sectors, especially It is the large-scale daily limit of the ST sector today, which also explains the nature of the market's weakness. Of course, the operation must be based on defense.

To sum up one sentence: horizontal consolidation will not last long. After all the hotspots are finished, when the upward momentum of the market is exhausted, the strength of the shorts will come back. The short-term tactics are mainly strategic.

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(Article source: Xiangcai Securities)

                (Editor: DF064)

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