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Jufeng Investment: The brokerages have a lot of hidden signals in the market.

November 08, 2018 15:07
Author: Guo Yiming
source: Jufeng Investment
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Jufeng investment: the brokerages in the market to conceal a large number of hidden signals to guard against the index once again fell] The recent emphasis on the cautiousness of the initial emergence today, the brokerages in the intraday lure and the decline of many sectors, are predicting short-term The exhaustion of the action and the demand for the profit of the profit.

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  Today's summary

Today, the two cities opened higher and opened lower after the opening. The Shenzhen Composite Index took the lead in turning green. Since then, the brokerage sector has been pulled up linearly, driving other sectors to follow, and the index has bottomed out and continued to rise after all. Opening in the afternoon, the index continued to dive, and the Shenzhen Component Index once again fell below yesterday's closing price.Shanghai indexImmediately after the diving, the green is lower.

  Tomorrow strategy

All day, the index rushed to high diving and ushered in adjustment after continuous shocks. On the disk, the index opened higher and lower, and many sectors fell. However, although the stocks were active and differentiated, they began to increase. In the news, the Shenzhen Stock ExchangeHengli IndustryA letter of concern was issued, asking the company to explain the situation regarding the stock price change. As the "demonstration" of the market, this signal has a certain impact on the speculation of the theme stocks; technically, the short-term moving averages are long, but the volume of trading has begun to shrink, the gap position is suppressed and the upper moving average pressure, there may be a risk of callback in the short term.

Overall, the cautiousness that has been continuously emphasized in the near future has emerged in the first place. The decline in the brokerage market and the decline in the multi-plate sector indicate the short-term depletion of action and the demand for profit-taking. In fact, in the near term, it seems that the sideways turbulence between the communities is actually undercurrent. The multiple rebounds in the intraday market have not been able to break through, which has laid the foundation for the index's callback. At the moment, the intensive policy stimulus has come to an end, and the rise of securities-led heavyweights has also stagnated. However, the subject stocks have not been strong after the round of speculation, and at the same time face gaps and pressures on the top, and the demand for short-term market corrections has escalated.

  Operational attention

In operation, the center line continues to select high-quality targets for layout, while the short-term can continue to play the stock game, while preparing for the bargain-hunting and opening positions. On the specific target, low-value blue chip stocks and well-performing growth leaders can give priority attention.

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(Article source: Jufeng Investment Gu)

                (Editor: DF064)

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