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35 billion! North China funds "bargain-hunting" A shares, such stocks have been greatly increased

November 08, 2018 07:35
source: Data treasure
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[35 billion! North China funds "bargain-hunting" A shares These stocks have been greatly increased] Huaye Capital, Fangda Special Steel and other 12 shares have been increased by a large proportion of North Bank funds since October 19. The recent shocks in the two cities have intensified, and the enthusiasm for admission to the north has not diminished. On Wednesday, the net purchase of funds in the north was 2.029 billion yuan. So far, the net purchase of the capital since the history of the North has reached 605.7 billion yuan, a record high.

  35.2 billion yuan of funds on the north

12 shares of Huaye Capital and Fangda Special Steel have been increased by a large proportion of North China funds since October 19.

The recent shocks in the two cities have intensified, and the enthusiasm for admission to the north has not diminished. On Wednesday, the net capital of the north was 2.029 billion yuan. So far,Since the history of the capital, the net purchase has accumulated 605.7 billion yuan, a record high..

Affected by positive factors such as the policy boost, A-shares have gradually stabilized and rebounded since the intraday low of 2449.2 on October 19. The market funds have rebounded.Shanghai indexSince October 19, it has rebounded 6.23%. During this period, the total net purchase of funds in the north was 35.217 billion yuan.

Specifically, 1062 mainland stocks have received over-the-counter capital increase since October 19, of which 12 stocks have been increased by more than 1%, including Huaye Capital, Fangda Special Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Agriculture, Vantage shares, etc.

  Huaye Capital has the highest proportion of increaseAt the close of trading on October 18, Beishang Capital held the share of the total share capital at 0.38%. As of Tuesday's close, the shareholding of the North Capital held up to 4.21% of the total share capital, and the stock market value reached 202 million yuan.

  Fangda Special Steel won an increase of 2.05% after Huaying CapitalAt the close of October 18, the proportion of shares held by Beishang Capital in the total share capital was 1.37%. At the close of trading on Tuesday, the ratio had risen to 3.42%, and the stock market value was 582 million yuan.

In terms of market performance, the stocks that have been increased by the funds in the north have increased by 11.2% since October 19, outperforming the same period. The data shows that 130 shares have accumulated more than 20% during this period.

  The highest cumulative increase was Guohai Securities, which increased by 72.95% during this period.. In the intraday trading on October 16, Guohai Securities hit a new low in six years. Since October 19, Guohai Securities has rebounded sharply and has become the leading player in the brokerage sector.

More than Guohai Securities,CITIC Construction Investment, China Investment, Pacific and other brokerage stocks also performed well.. According to industry analysts, there are three main reasons for the recent collective increase in the brokerage sector: the senior executives of financial supervision have successively voiced their voices, stating the bottom line of the regulatory layer from three dimensions: stabilizing market expectations, advancing market reforms and resolving market risks; multiple funds are ready to enter the market, It is conducive to the marginal improvement of brokerage brokerage, equity self-employment and the two-inclusive business; the impairment pressure of stock pledge business has also been alleviated in the short term.

In addition to brokerage stocks, other stocks also performed well.Zhangjiang Hi-Tech has increased by 63.45% since October 19, second only to Guohai Securities.. The stock rebounded this week and continued to harvest the daily limit in the past three days. The reason is that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone superposition of venture capital concept has a great impact on Zhangjiang Hi-Tech's share price.During the period, the cumulative increase was also in Jiakai City, Tongwei Shares, Xusheng Shares, Gangtai Holdings, Rongjie Shares, etc..

  Dragon and TigerFunds to raise such stocks

On November 7th, the company’s institutional and sales office seats sold 187 million yuan, of which 15 were net purchases; 17 were net sales.The top three net stocks are Hanrui Cobalt, Huiwei Technology, Hengli IndustryThe net purchase amount accounted for 4.95%, 12.58%, and 11.12% of the turnover on the day.

From the marketCash flowLooking to see the main fundsNet inflowOver 10 million and a total of 10 net stocks, includingHanrui Cobalt, Tuowei Information, Xinpeng Shares and other stocks have the largest net inflow of funds. The stocks with the strongest net inflows were Shibei Gaoxin, Golden Eagle and Huajin Capital, with net inflows of 66.48%, 40.53% and 38.92% respectively.

  Continuously rising and the main capital has flowed into the stock

The latest data shows that a total of 192 stocks in the two cities have risen for more than three trading days, and 102 stocks have risen continuously for more than five trading days. The top three companies with the highest number of rising days are Sansheng Education (13 days) and Hengli Industry. (11 days), Zhejiang Jiaoke (10 days).The top three cumulative gains during the consecutive rise in stocks were Hengli Industry (167.6%), Qunxing Toys (59.17%), and Hongye (53.8%)..

It is worth noting that among the 192 consecutive stocks, the cumulative net inflow of the main funds during the four stocks exceeded 100 million yuan. among them,The most accumulated capital inflow is Fenghuo CommunicationThe main capital has accumulated a total of 305 million yuan.

  Campfire communication short-term moving average cash fork

As of the close of November 7, the 5-day moving average of 16 A-shares took the initiative to wear the 10-day moving average.The 5-day moving average of the shares of Fiberhome Communications, Sanlian Hongpu and Moen Electric is the largest from the 10-day moving average., up to 1.52%, 1.16%, 0.97%.

It is worth noting thatFenghuo Communication, Xinyangfeng, Wenshi and other stocks have the main net inflow of funds, respectively, reached 103 million yuan, 22 million yuan, and 0.2 billion yuan.

  30 stocks appear in the form of yang swallowing

As of the close of November 7, the two cities had a total of 30 stocks on the K-line.The new coordinates, Haili Bio, and Xinhongtai all received daily limit.It is worth noting thatLuxiao Technology, Haili Bio, Xinhongtai and other stocks have the largest net inflow of funds, respectively reached 40.751 million yuan, 37.023 million yuan, 32.926 million yuan.

Note: The last four forms of this information have excluded the listing of new shares in the past year.

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(Article source: Data treasure)

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