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Net profit for the whole year or double! These stock institutions will be able to turn losses by 13 shares in advance.

November 08, 2018 12:38
source: Data treasure
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Full year net profit or double! These stocks will be able to turn losses by 13 shares in advance. The Shanghai Composite Index has gradually stabilized since the intraday low of 2449.2, and the market sentiment has improved. The annual report of listed companies is expected to gradually become the focus of the market.

  The Shanghai Composite IndexSince the intraday intraday low of 2449.2, the market has gradually stabilized and rebounded. The market sentiment has improved. The annual report of listed companies is expected to gradually become the focus of the market.

  80 net profit is expected to double

According to statistics, as of the latest, there are a total of 1,206 companies in the two cities with annual performance announcements, of which 769 are pre-happy, accounting for over 60%.

Among the performance pre-history companies, according to the median growth forecast of net profit, the net profit of 80 individual stocks is expected to double (the annual net profit loss stock has been removed). among them,Zhongke New Material, Sante Cableway, Tianrun EntertainmentThe median annual net profit growth is expected to exceed 1000%.Yan Nai, Chuan Run, Jerry, Guangzheng GroupThe median increase in net profit for the 12 shares is expected to exceed 500%.

Specifically,Zhongke New Materials expects the median annual net profit growth to be 3675%, ranking first.The company expects full-year net profit of 877.344 million yuan to 91.291 million yuan, an increase of 3600% to 3750%. The main reason is that the net profit technology in 2017 is relatively low. Secondly, the household appliance appearance composite materials business and commercial factoring business in 2018 have increased slightly.

  Followed by the three special ropeway, the median annual net profit growth is expected to be 2353.93%. The company expects full-year net profit of about 120 million yuan to 150 million yuan, an increase of 2081.26% to 2626.58%. One of the reasons for the increase in performance was that the company transferred the equity of Xianfengpingbaying Company to obtain investment income of RMB 132 million. According to the third quarterly report, the non-recurring gains and losses in the first three quarters of the three special ropeway were 124 million yuan, accounting for 78% of the company's net profit. Although the company expects full-year net profit growth, this growth is not sustainable.

In addition,Among the above 80 doubled stocks, 15 net profit is expected to increase continuously.

  13 net profit or a large turnaround

According to the data, 65 of the companies that announced the full-year performance forecast are expected to turn around their full-year net profit, and 13 of them expect the net profit ceiling to exceed 100 million yuan this year.

  * ST New Energy temporarily "turns the wrong king" with a maximum net profit of 1.2 billion yuan.The reason for the loss was that the company implemented major asset sales in the first half of the year, realizing the transfer income of 567,314,400 yuan; second, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Nanjing Ninghua Century Real Estate Co., Ltd. Jiangshanhui C block residential project opened in December 2017, it is expected The net profit is about 450 million yuan to 700 million yuan.

  3 shares won the institutional overwriting

Among the above 80 net profit doubled shares, Hudian shares, Baoxin Bird, and Hexing Packaging's three stocks were awarded institutions (here, social security, QFII, insurance funds, public funds, and securities companies) increased by more than 1% in the third quarter. Shares.

From the perspective of institutional shareholding,At the end of the third quarter, the number of shares held by Hudian shares in the total share capital was 7.81%, which was 3.89 percentage points higher than the end of the second quarter.. Hudian shares expect full-year net profit of about 540 million yuan to 620 million yuan, an increase of 165.33% to 204.64%, mainly because the company's operating conditions are good, expected operating income and grossinterest rateIt has increased compared with the same period of last year.

From the performance of the secondary market, Hudian shares, Hexing packaging, and the newsletter 3 shares are relative toShanghai and Shenzhen 300Both obtained excess returns (as of the close of November 7), and the excess returns were 71.47%, 45.16%, and 6.54%, respectively.

  3 shares or suspension of listing

According to the statistics of the data, the ST shares that have disclosed the full-year performance forecast, *ST cloud network, *ST Chengcheng, *ST Hairun 3 shares 2016, 2017 net profit has been losing for two consecutive years, this year's annual performance forecast continued Loss, the risk of suspension of listing.

* ST Cloud Network expects a net profit loss of approximately 18 million yuan to 25 million yuan. The company stated that the company's performance is expected to be based on the company's financial status and current operating conditions at the end of the reporting period, and the company will strive to take effective measures to reduce losses.

(Article source: Data treasure)

                (Editor: DF328)

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