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Compound market: Integrated banks led the two cities to attack 77 daily limit stocks (list)

November 08, 2018 16:39
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Resumption: Integrated Bank led the two cities to slam 77 outages (list)] A total of 77 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges rose on Thursday. In terms of sectors, the comprehensive and bank led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Hang Li Industrial, Hongye and other stocks rose daily; Jiangquan Industrial, Brand New and other stocks rose more than 4%.

On November 8th, the US stock market surged, and the two cities opened higher in the morning, but then all the way down, the brokerage, gold, military and other sectors led the decline, only the venture capital, oversold and shell resources and other topics active, the demon stock Hengli Industry 11 connected the board, and then create a record of the board, the individual stocks are clearly differentiated, the market wait and see atmosphere is obviously warming up.

As of the close,Shanghai indexIt fell 0.22% to close at 2635 points; Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.70% to close at 7698 points; the ChiNext fell 1.20% to close at 1329 points. From the perspective of the disk, universities, shell resources, ST sector, venture capital and other sectors led the gains; securities, gold, integrated circuits, nonferrous metals, military and other sectors led the decline.

A total of 77 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges rose on Thursday. In terms of sectors, the comprehensive and bank led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Hang Li Industrial, Hongye and other stocks rose daily; Jiangquan Industrial, Brand New and other stocks rose more than 4%.

New stock daily limit statistics on November 8

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limit
300674Yuxin Technologysoftware service2

Other stocks

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limitMessage surface
000622Hengli IndustryMachinery Industry11Shell resource
600128Hongye sharesinternational trade5
600689Shanghai SanmaoTextile and Apparel4Science and technology concept
600462Nine sharesElectronic component4
600604Beibei High-techreal estate4
002575Qunxing toyCulture and education4Science and technology concept
600235Minfeng special paperPaper printing4
002054Demei ChemicalChemical Industry4
600783Luxin VenturesIntegrated industry4Science and technology concept
002328New friendsMachinery Industry3
603366Sunrise eastAppliance industry3unicorn
002192Rongjie sharesElectronic component3
600610*ST YidaGarden engineering2ST concept
002260*ST DeaoAppliance industry2
000939*ST KaidiPower Industry2ST concept
002194*ST Van ValleyCommunications industry2
600232Golden EagleTextile and Apparel2
600701*ST GongxinIntegrated industry2
000755*ST 3DChemical Industry2ST concept
002102ST GuanfuPharmaceutical manufacturing2
000638Development of Wanfanginternational trade2
002931Fenglong sharesProfessional setting1
600624Fudan FuhuaIntegrated industry1Science and technology concept
000679Dalian FriendshipCommercial department store1
000509Huasu Holdingsinternational trade1
002676Shun Wei sharesPlastic Products1
002708Guangyang sharesAutomobile industry1
000590Enlighten GuhanPharmaceutical manufacturing1
600530JiaodaPharmaceutical manufacturing1
002037Jiulian DevelopmentChemical Industry1
000518Four-ring creaturePharmaceutical manufacturing1
300501Haishun new materialPackaging material1
000025Tellus AAutomobile industry1Old demon stock
002220Tianbao Foodfood and drink1
600687Gangtai HoldingsPrecious metal1
600846Tongji TechnologyConstruction1
002052Tongzhou ElectronicsCommunications industry1
600896*ST HaitouMedical industry1ST concept
002420Yichang sharesAppliance industry1
002622Rongyi GroupTransmission and distribution1
603879Yongyue TechnologyChemical Industry1
002018*ST HuaxinOil industry1
603499Xianggang TechnologyPaper printing1
000691Asia Pacific Industryreal estate1
600082Haitai Developmentreal estate1
300464Star emblemmetal products1
600730China High Techreal estate1
300505Chuan JinnuoChemical Industry1
000835Great Wall AnimationCulture Media1Culture Media
002112Three changes technologyTransmission and distribution1
600653Shenhua HoldingsIntegrated industry1
002086Eastern oceanFarming and animal husbandry1
002103Guangbo sharesCulture and education1
002219Hengkang MedicalPharmaceutical manufacturing1
300540Chill stockMachinery Industry1
002680*ST longevityPharmaceutical manufacturing1ST concept
603389Yazhen HomeWood furniture1
600870*ST Xocecodigital information1
601558ST RuidianTransmission and distribution1
002477Young eagle farmingFarming and animal husbandry1
603058Yongji sharesPaper printing1
600817ST HongshengDiversified finance1ST concept
000788Peking University MedicinePharmaceutical manufacturing1
002504Honggao CreativeDecoration decoration1
002259ST ShengdaUtilities1
600608ST Shanghai Branchmetal products1
002072Kerrysoftware service1
600601Founder Technologydigital information1
002417Shennan sharesDiversified finance1
000585*ST DongdianTransmission and distribution1ST concept
603269Seagull sharesMachinery Industry1
600186Lotus healthfood and drink1
002122*ST TianmaMachinery Industry1
000982*ST velvetTextile and Apparel1ST concept
002289Yushun ElectronicsElectronic component1
002915Zhongxin FluorineChemical Industry1Super drop

(Data Sources:Oriental Fortune Choicedata)

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