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The rise of low-priced stocks! 1 yuan stock counterattack for the king Jiucheng 5 yuan below the stock market outperformed the broader market

November 09, 2018 07:41
source: Data treasure
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[The rise of low-priced stocks! 1 yuan stock counterattack for the king Jiucheng 5 yuan below the stock market outperformed the market] In the context of policy shift, a recent low-cost shell concept stocks fire. The concept of the shell concept Hengli Industry is out of the 11-panel amazing trend, becoming the most dazzling star in the two cities. Driven by Hengli Industry, low-priced stocks have strengthened.

  Low-priced stocks in the rise list

Since October 19, 898 low-priced stocks have risen an average of 13.16%, of which 772 outperformed.Shanghai index, accounting for nearly 90%.

In the context of policy shifts, a number of low-cost shell stocks have recently caught fire. The concept of the shell concept Hengli Industry is out of the 11-panel amazing trend, becoming the most dazzling star in the two cities. Driven by Hengli Industry, low-priced stocks have strengthened.

Based on the latest closing price, there are 898 stocks in the two cities with stock prices below 5 yuan (excluding suspended stocks), accounting for 25.25% of the total number of A shares.

According to statistics from the statistics, the two cities are mainly in the low-priced stocks. Since October 19, 898 low-priced stocks have risen an average of 13.16%, and the number of stocks outperforming the Shanghai stock index has reached 772, accounting for nearly 90% of the total. The top gainers have nine shares (74.36%) and Guohai Securities. (65.12%) and so on.

  1 yuan stock counterattack is king

According to statistics, since October 19, 32 stocks with stock prices between 1 and 2 yuan have risen an average of 15.65%, with the largest increase. The second is stocks with stocks ranging from 2 yuan to 3 yuan, an average increase of 13.77%.

From the point of view of the number of daily limit, except for the stocks that have not been updated, the stocks with stock prices below 5 yuan will receive an average of 2 daily limit; the stocks with stocks between 1 yuan and 2 yuan and 4 yuan to 5 yuan will have an average daily limit of more than two.

  From the beginning of the year to October 18, 892 stocks of the above 898 stocks fell, including 166 stocks.. The biggest decline was the 32 shares with a stock price ranging from 1 yuan to 2 yuan, with an average decline of 46.78%; followed by 170 shares of 2 yuan to 3 yuan, with an average drop of 38.21%. It can be seen that the oversold low-priced stocks opened a retaliatory rebound after the stock index stabilized.

  10 institutional fundsNet inflowOver 50 million yuan

According to statistics from the data, since October 19, 898 stocks with a stock price of less than 5 yuan have a total net outflow of 3.247 billion yuan, of which 443 have net inflows of institutional funds, and the total net inflow amount is 46.14 yuan.

Looking further,10 institutions with a price below 5 yuan have a net inflow of more than 50 million yuanThe net inflow of 3 shares exceeded 100 million yuan, namely, Midea Energy, Huaneng Hydropower and Zhongyuan Securities. Among them, Mido Energy's net purchase amount is as high as 241 million yuan, which is calculated according to the average transaction price of 2.26 yuan in the interval, and the net purchase number is as much as 107 million shares.

  20 low-priced stocks will turn losses into profits

According to statistics, 311 of the above 898 shares have disclosed annual performance forecasts, among which20 annual net profits are expected to turn into a profit, including 4 ST shares.

Such as*ST new energyLast year, the net profit loss was 549 million yuan, and this year is expected to earn 1.075 billion yuan. During the reporting period, the company implemented major asset sales and realized transfer income of 570 million yuan; the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Nanjing Ninghua Century Real Estate Jiangshanhui C block residential project, is expected to achieve a net profit of about 450 million to 700 million yuan. In addition,Haixin Food, Zhangzidao, Meibang Clothing, Maijie TechnologyThe stocks will also turn a profit.

  Dragon and TigerTracking funds favor these stocks

On November 8th, the company’s institutional and sales office seats sold 157 million yuan, of which 16 were net purchases; 16 were net sales.The top three net stocks are Kairuide, Meige Intelligent, Gangtai HoldingsThe net purchase amount accounted for 12.53%, 10.2%, and 3.52% of the turnover on the day.

From the marketCash flowIn terms of the trend, the net inflow of the main capital is over 10 million, and there are 14 net stocks in the Dragon and Tiger List, of which 14The net inflow of funds of Gangtai Holdings, Kairuide, Meige Intelligent and other stocks is the largest. The stocks with the strongest net inflows were Star Emblem, Huasu Holdings and Founder Technology, with net inflows of 76.13%, 48.46% and 46.44% respectively.

  Continuously rising and the main capital has flowed into the stock

The latest data shows that a total of 99 stocks in the two cities have risen for more than three trading days, and 70 stocks have risen continuously for more than five trading days. The top three companies with the highest number of rising days are Hengli Industry (12 days) and Zhejiang Jiaoke (11 days), ST biochemistry (10 days).The top three cumulative gains during the consecutive rise in stocks were Hengli Industrial (194.4%), Qunxing Toys (75%), and Hongye (69.2%)..

It is worth noting that among the 99 consecutive stocks, the cumulative net inflow of the main funds during the six stocks exceeded 100 million yuan. among them,The most accumulated capital inflow is Zhangjiang Hi-TechThe main capital has accumulated a total of 211 million yuan.

  Tongzhou Electronics daily limit short-term moving average cash fork

As of the close of November 8, the 5-day moving average of 18 A-shares took the initiative to wear the 10-day moving average.The 5-day moving average of Qianjiang Biochemical, Tongzhou Electronics, Seymour Electric and other stocks is the largest from the 10-day moving average., respectively, reached 3.19%, 1.22%, and 0.81%.

It is worth noting thatTongzhou Electronics, Feilida, Seymour Electric and other stocks have the main net inflow of funds, respectively reached 0.35 billion yuan, 34 million yuan, 8.13 million yuan.

  44-share moving averages are ranked long

In general, the long-term moving averages represent a strong buyer, and the market is more likely to be dominated by multiple parties. According to statistics from statistics, as of November 8, the four averages of 44 stocks on the 5th, 10th, 20th, and 60th were recently long. among themTenglong, Hailian Jinhui, Dalian Shengya share price and 60-day moving average have the lowest deviation rate, 2.06%, 3.58%, and 3.96%, respectively.

Among the four listed stocks on the 5th, 10th, 20th, and 60th, the annual net profit of the 518 annual results increased by more than 50%.Youngor, Baoxin Technology, *ST Fangu and other stocks increased the most, respectively, 1000%, 205%, 120.11%.

Note: The last four forms of this information have excluded the listing of new shares in the past year.

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(Article source: Data treasure)

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