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Jujing investment: stock index or retreat into the operation

November 08, 2018 15:40
source: Giant view

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[Jiujing Investment: The stock index may be attacked by the retreat.] The market has shown a small volatility for four consecutive trading days. The short-term will soon face the direction. It is expected that the stock index will retreat, and the stable can wait until The index is adjusted to a low suction near the 20-day moving average. Therefore, the operation can be moderately lighten up, so as to defend the attack. After all, securities investment is a marathon. The market value is not to see who grows once or twice, but to maintain and increase value for a long time. In the face of uncertain factors, we must first ensure safety and avoid It is not too late to start after the dangers and adverse circumstances that may occur.

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The market volatility declined slightly. After a short period of four trading days, the short-term stock index will face a direction choice. The market outlook is to retreat or directly upward. Let us first look at the situation.

On the plate,Integrated industry,Decoration decoration, chemical fiber,Culture and education,international trade,Farming and animal husbandry,Paper printing,Craft goodsPaper printing,Delivery equipmentAnd other industries have performed well.Brokerage trust,Aerospace,Precious metal,Jewelry,Civil aviation airport,software service,Non-ferrous metalSuch industries have been slightly adjusted; the concepts of universities, ST concepts, shell resources, sharing economy, venture capital, equity transfer, pork, human brain engineering, virus prevention and so on have risen very well, gold, high transfer, small metals, glyphosate, import Expo The concepts of sub-new shares, domestic chips, and fund heavy positions fell slightly. Overall, the market continued to fluctuate and the industry stocks rose more and more.

Technically,Shanghai indexToday, the small volatility continues, and the K line fluctuates around the 5-day line, closing the small Yinxian. The current K-line is still above the 10-day and 20-day moving averages. In the short-term, the Shanghai stock index will remain unchanged from the range volatility. The pressure is 2700 points and the support is 2500 points. On the GEM side, it fell gradually after opening slightly higher in early trading today, closing the Yinxian line. The K-line has been trading above the gap on November 2 for four consecutive trading days, indicating that the gap support is strong, but the top is facing 1400 platform pressure. Overall, the market has shown a small shock for four consecutive trading days, and will face a direction choice in the short term. It is expected that the stock index will retreat, and the stable can wait until the index is adjusted to the low near the 20-day moving average.

On the plate, today's plate continues to differentiate market, chemical fiber, international trade, culture and education, leisure, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery,Diversified financePaper, printing, universities, ST, pork, venture capital and other sectors led the rise, recalling the previous trading day is precious metals, non-ferrous metals, communications,ShipbuildingThe ST, 5G and other sectors performed well. Through analysis, it can be found that ST and venture capital are the recent market hotspots, and there is a certain continuous performance. However, other good performances have been adjusted yesterday, so the steady should still keep fast forward. Take the wheel-based operation idea. The author Lao Jing mentioned in the article yesterdayreal estateThere is performance today, and the market outlook can continue to pay attention. In the opportunity of the sector, you can also pay attention to the infrastructure,Insurancewithfood and drink.

In terms of capital, today’s industry funds show a net outflow more thanNet inflowState, the industry with a small net inflow of funds isbank,Pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, paper printing, cultural and educational leisure; the net outflow of funds is the brokerage trust,Electronic component, non-ferrous metals, software services, communications. The author Lao Jing has combed nearly three trading days.Cash flowTo find that the funds were mainly out of the market for nearly three days, including brokerage trusts, electronic components, software services,digital informationThe net outflow of funds such as chemical industry has exceeded 1 billion. Overall, the funds were mainly net outflows for three consecutive trading days, indicating that the funds were relatively cautious. It also proved that the current major market is mainly a game of stock funds, and the stables can only participate in low-stakes.

Operation strategy, the market has been shrinking for four consecutive days, and the funds are also mainly net outflows. The industry sector is up and down. The technical display shows that the Shanghai Stock Exchange 2700 points platform pressure is obvious, and the index refers to the gap opening support on November 2 Stronger. Yesterday's article we have already reminded: "In terms of comprehensive aspects, the stock index may take the retreat into the market and seek to break through the 20-day line support." Therefore, the operation can moderately reduce the position to defend the attack. After all, the securities investment is A marathon, the market value is not to see who grows once or twice, but to maintain and increase value for a long time. In the face of uncertain factors, we must first ensure safety, avoiding the dangers and unfavorable environment that may occur, and not starting later. Opportunity, pay attention to infrastructure, insurance and food and beverage. Strategy, 趁 adjust low suction.

On the whole, the Shanghai Composite Index slightly fell slightly, and the index contracted down gradually. The stock index or the downward search for support, the short-term operation continued to be light.

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(Article source: Jujing Investment Gu)

                (Editor: DF078)

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