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The surge in Hainan’s sector has been watched by regulators. If securities are illegal or will be investigated

April 17th, 2018 06:27
source: 21st Century Business Herald
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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[The surge in Hainan's plate has been watched by regulators if the securities are illegal or will be strictly investigated] The hype surrounding the possible surge in the Hainan plate has been noticed by the regulatory authorities. During this period, if securities violations are found, they will be investigated strictly. . (21st Century Business Herald)

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The realization of the policy dividend for the construction of the Hainan Island Free Trade Port will inject new intensities into the capital market.

On April 16, many Hainan stocks such as Stratos (002320.SZ), Luo Niushan (000735.SZ) and Hainan High-speed (002320.SZ) reached daily limit, and the Hainan index rose by 4.67% on that day.

Similar to last year’s Xi’an market, 21st Century Business Herald reporters found that a number of institutions have also invested heavily in Hainan-related company stocks. The difference is that the industry’s new policy on Hainan’s Free Trade has been expected. Can these crouching institutions be able to In this round of rising, the whole body is still waiting to be seen.

Analysts believe that since the valuation of some Hainanese concept stocks has risen before the release of this round of news, its follow-up upside is limited, and it may also be the exit period for the treacherous people.

  Preemptive trematode

On April 16 when the Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 1.5%, the Hainan Plate, under the stimulation of the 30th anniversary of the New Deal of Free Trade, rose in a collective converse.

21st Century Business Herald reporter found that according to statistical data, among the stocks of the 20 Hainan International Tourism Concepts on the day, as many as 13 stocks hit the daily limit and the overall international tourism island index rose by 7.06%.

On the eve of the release of the Hainan Island Free Trade New Deal, many agencies have already bet on the Hainan plate company.

The most typical institution is Cheng Quan’s bet on this Stratos. Straits shares disclosed in the third quarterly report in 2017 that Chengquan Capital's "CITIC Trust Co., Ltd. - CITIC Trust Co., Ltd. Chung-Hsing Eight-stage Financial Investment Settlement Fund Trust Plan (hereinafter referred to as "Convergence") became the fourth largest newcomer. Shareholders held 474.60 million shares.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Surgeon increased its holdings of 4.843 million shares again in the eighth period, that is, as of the end of last year, it held a total of 9.13 million shares in the Straits, accounting for 1.8% of the total share capital.

Chengquan Capital is not alone. In the meantime, CITIC Securities (600030.SH), CICC, and two sunny private equity “Jinbo Securities Investment Settlement Trust Plan” and Zhuojun Securities Investment have entered the top ten shareholders of the Straits Shares. Collective capital trust plan; four new shareholders bought 282.70 million Straits shares, 204.41 million shares, 4.18 million shares and 1.9523 million shares respectively.

Another stock that has been watched by Spring Capital is Hainan Expressway. In the third quarter of last year, Chengquan Capital bought 24.1384 million shares of Hainan High Speed, holding a ratio of 2.45%.

Hainan’s policy dividend has now also filled the institutions.

Taking Hainan high speed as an example, assuming that the average price in the third quarter is 17.16 yuan/share as the capital cost of Chengquan, without considering the follow-up rise of Hainan Expressway, the liquidation of Chengquan Capital from April 1 to April 16 will be realized. The income reached 96.27%.

Faced with the collective limit of the Hainan plate, some analysts believe that the good news has long spread widely, and some companies have already reached a high share price, so follow-up risks are worthy of attention.

“Before Hainan’s related policies were announced, many people had anticipation of this favorable policy,” said a person in charge of a small and medium-sized private equity agency in Shanghai. “So whether the strength of Hainan Island can be repeated before Xiong'an’s efforts is to draw a question mark.”

"Hainan Island's overall policy market has already formed strong expectations, so it is uncomfortable to compare the contract with Xiong'an's rise, and after the speculations of the Free Trade Zone and Xiong'an New District, the market has become more mature." A large securities company in Beijing StrategiesAnalystIndicated.


In the eyes of people in the industry, the benefits of different types of stocks for the Hainan section of the Free Trade Zone are not the same.

“The first good thing should be infrastructure. Hainan’s traffic and traffic jams are widely concerned around the Spring Festival. This shows that to build a free trade port, infrastructure construction is the first step.” The aforementioned strategy analyst believes that “after the infrastructure work is in place The corresponding industries such as culture and tourism will benefit accordingly, but at present all stocks are rising in a row, so there is a strong speculative component in it."

  At the same time, the reporter learned that the speculation that may exist behind the soaring surge in the Hainan plate has been noticed by the regulatory authorities. During this period, if securities violations are found, they will be investigated.

“Analysis of the Hainan plate before the Spring Festival has taken place, and the regulatory authorities have already paid attention,” said a brokerage close to the regulator. “With regard to transaction and concept issues, we haven't ruled out subsequent exchanges to send inquiries, and if we find out there is an inside story. The issues of trading and market manipulation will also be investigated."

Some investors believe that there are indeed indications that the news spread of the Hainan Free Trade New Deal has affected the pricing of plate stocks.

"The most obvious is April 10, because in the high-level speech did not explicitly mention the details of the New Deal of the Free Trade, so many Hainan stocks dived, then there was a lot of money because the rumor was not fulfilled and run." The above private equity agency head Said, "This also shows that there are many people who rely on the rumors of holding positions in the free trade port."

However, it said that buying before the policy announcement does not necessarily mean insider trading.

"Not necessarily buying in advance is going to be inside information, because a lot of information can be inferred from the details of the last minute," said a person in charge of a private equity agency in Shanghai. "For example, previous measures such as coastline protection, real estate purchase, and environmental governance, all have It may be for the preparation of a free trade port."

“It is not easy to define the trading behavior under a similar big policy, because some people hear the rumors will also do research, and some people may have more certainty.” The brokerage figures also frankly said.

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Data Sources:Oriental Wealth ChoiceData, Galaxy Securities, Deadline: 2018-04-16

                (Original title: Multi-institutional dominance Hainan Dividends collective limit supervision stalking in transit)

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