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Bargaining layout high dividends blue excellent blue chips

April 16, 2018 13:19
Author: Zhang Changhua
source: Securities Market Red Weekly
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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Recently, the A-share market has emerged some new features. The Shanghai Composite Index points upwards and downwards every three to five times. The stock index has repeatedly oscillated between 3100 and 3200 points; the blue-chip Baima shares have fallen.GEMThe number has risen sharply for a number of stocks and daily limit, the market style seems to have signs of shifting to small and medium-sized innovation. We must carefully observe and think about the current issues that affect market sentiment and trends.

First, from the perspective of Sino-US trade frictions. We should soberly realize that: First, there are no winners in the results of any form of trade war, and the largest trade in the world and the world’s largest developing country have large-scale trade wars that are inconsistent with the fundamental interests of the Chinese and U.S. peoples. It is also detrimental to the recovery and development of the world economy. Second, if the United States engages in trade protection and violates free and fair trade rules, it is bound to be “lost and helpless”. Third, China is the largest developing country and China has 1.37 billion. Population is the largest market in the world. China implements the “One Belt and One Road” strategy and advocates building a community of human destiny. It is recognized and supported by the vast majority of countries and regions in the world and “gets more help”. Fourth, the two countries finally negotiated solutions. The possibility of trade disputes is very high. Even if the trade war really happens, China is not the same as before. Trump’s further repression will not change the trend of steady economic growth in China.

Second, look at the transition from the stage of China's economic development. The report of the Nineteenth Congress clearly stated: "China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage." Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, software and integrated circuits, aerospace, marine engineering, high-end equipment, and biomedicine are important areas for high-quality development. The Chinese economy has shifted from simply relying on exports to relying on domestic demand to increase consumption, upgrade, and investment growth.import and exportWith the new multi-wheel drive structure, China's economy will inevitably achieve high-quality development through its innovation and achieve high-speed growth. We must have full confidence in this.

Third, look at the actual operation of the current market. Due to many complicated factors and the role and influence of financial deleveraging, incremental funds are not evident in the market, and they still show the characteristics of the stock fund game. The market has also witnessed obvious blue-chip and small and medium-sized “sawboard” trends. The liquor, chemical, financial, andInsuranceSuch blue-chip white horse stocks have seen a trend of broken positions, some have fallen by as much as 25%, and some of the small and medium-sized creative stocks that have been wrongly slaughtered in the past two years have gradually gone out of the rally. In the complex trend of the current stock market turbulence, adjustment, and differentiation, similar to the stocks of some small and medium-sized companies that were mistakenly killed last year, some of the current blue-chip white-horse stocks that have undergone major adjustments have obviously been mistakenly killed. Not afraid of the fire to refining, the value-added blue-chip after a deep adjustment, the author believes that it is time to pay attention, gradually buy in batches.

Given that there are still many uncertainties affecting the market, we need to further observe the progress of trade frictions between China and the United States, support the development of innovative enterprises, and promote the implementation of high-quality economic growth. The regulatory authorities support innovative enterprises, especially The implementation of the policy of the company's listing of companies (if the "Unicorn" company's issuing price is too high, the scale of the financing is too large will cause a greater negative impact on the market) and its impact on the market. Focusing on high-quality growth and focusing on high-growth industry stocks, put the safety factor of investment first, paying due attention to the mistakenly-killed blue-chip white horse stocks that currently have large adjustments and little risk of safety added value. There are four conditions: First, the industry is in line with industrial policy (excluding industries with serious overcapacity); Second, the performance is relatively stable and continues to grow; Third, the stock price is preferably lower than the net asset value in the vicinity of the net assets; Fourth, the cash dividend is higher than one. annualbankBlue-chip white horse stocks with interest on time deposits, such asBank of Communications(net assets of 8.23 ​​yuan per share, the annual distribution plan includes tax 10 schools of 2.856 yuan),Everbright Bank(Net assets per share is 5.14 yuan, annual distribution plan includes tax 10 schools of 1.81 yuan),Sinopec(Net assets per share of 6.01 yuan, the annual distribution plan includes tax 10 school 4 yuan), etc., can focus on such stocks. At the same time, the combination of wave-based operations and mid- and long-term holdings will secure better investment returns on the premise of ensuring safety.

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