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Primary Investment Opportunity in the Age of Smart Cars

April 16, 2018 13:25
Author: Ran Maman
source: Securities Market Red Weekly
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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I have been talking about investment opportunities for pharmaceutical stocks for the past few weeks. One of the key points I have repeatedly emphasized is that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the important investment opportunities for the next three to five years. However, there are many categories in the pharmaceutical industry, and the technical threshold for investment is relatively high. This requires systemic learning. I would like to talk about this issue in the next few years, I think it is very hopeful to get out of the lithium battery industry, similar to previous years, or many years agoappleThe important area of ​​the industrial chain Dainiu shares - smart car industry chain.

  The smart car industry is about to rise

The so-called concept of smart cars actually covers new energy vehicles, but it is more extensive than the definition of new energy vehicles, and it is more suitable for future development. New energy vehicles have changed the energy structure that drives cars, from past oil to electricity. This battery, motor and electronic control are all new industry opportunities, so we can seeTian Qi LithiumThree decades, several decades of large cattle stocks. Although the Ningde era has just been listed, if you invest in the company's equity five years ago, it is now worth hundreds of times. This is the wealth blowout effect of batteries, motors, and electronic control.

Lithium battery industry chain has had dozens of times of return, I think this time continue to invest in lithium battery plate, it is difficult to have the kind of rich returns in the past, and even because the stock price increase is too large, there will be no small risk. However, the explosion of battery shares does not mean that the end of the trend of new energy vehicles or smart cars, on the contrary, the era of new energy or smart cars has just begun.

Nowadays, whether it is an electric vehicle or a fuel vehicle, smart driving has begun to be fully applied. This is similar to the trend of smartphones replacing keypad phones ten years ago. Once this trend is established, there will be a large number of stocks that have risen tremendously. For example, Apple's share price has risen more than 300 times since 2003. Therefore, referring only to the changes in mobile phones, we can imagine that when the era of smart cars arrives, countless new bull stocks will surely take turns, and lithium batteries in the past few years are just a preview.

  The three core technologies of the smart car industry

Electric vehicles are the precondition for the arrival of the smart car era, because the electronic control response is more timely and accurate than the mechanical control response. Electronic brakes, environmental testing, road warning, automatic parking, remote control driving and even unmanned driving are all in full application. On the car, the automotive Internet platform is also a new concept.

Capital's understanding of new things is very profound, and it will certainly be a prophetic and accelerate the emergence of new things. I have noticed that the new energy automobile industry chain involves ten major sub-divisions. The current funding speculation only focuses on batteries and charging, and the other eight areas have not yet entered. On the one hand, this is because the battery is the upstream industry that the funds first think of. On the other hand, the battery is the core of the electric vehicle. The core of the smart car era is not only batteries, but also includes three core products: forward intelligent driving system, automatic parking system and blind spot monitoring system.

Among them, the forward intelligent driving system is mainly composed of a millimeter wave radar and a front vision system. The front vision system mainly relies on computer vision to detect relevant objects, including pedestrians, vehicles, lane lines, speed limit signs, etc.; millimeter-wave radar can detect target objects within a range of meters ahead, including the distance, speed, and angle of the target object, etc. Its accuracy is high. The automatic parking system is mainly accomplished through the panoramic image of the ultrasonic radar. The blind spot monitoring is mainly completed by millimeter wave radar. The millimeter wave radar can also detect the object behind the side and can be applied to blind spot detection.

In general, low-carbon and smart have become the requirements and trends for the development of the entire industry. The roadmap for innovative development strategies for new energy and smart cars is expected to focus on the three directions of power, materials and systems. It includes six major technologies, namely engine and drive motor technology, power battery and fuel cell technology, lightweight technology, automotive manufacturing technology, battery management and intelligent interaction technology, environmental awareness, and automated driving technology.

From the data it can be seen that IGuoxin EnergyThe rapid development of automobiles and smart cars is becoming a futureAutomobile industryThe main direction of development. The latest data released by China Automobile Association shows that in January 2018, the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles were 40,569 and 38,470, respectively, which increased 4.6 times and 4.3 times year-on-year respectively.

According to reports, the relevant departments are currently organizing the drafting of an innovative development strategy for new energy and intelligent vehicles, as well as developing a roadmap and timetable. Judging from the national policy, whether it is the financial subsidy plan for new energy vehicles, or the “double-integration policy”, or the number of new energy minivans, the number of indicators will show that new energy vehicles will maintain a high level of growth. According to the standard that new energy vehicles account for more than 20% of automobile production and sales volume in 2025, it is estimated that the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles will reach 7 million by that time.

As the core player in this field, car manufacturers and technology giants have seen this very early, so in the past two years they have been doing their best to compete for smart car production opportunities. Even some car companies have made sweeping changes to their current business structure to prepare for a new era of mobile travel. For investors in the capital market, it is also possible to grasp the trend and seize the opportunities.

                (Original title: Preliminary Investment Opportunities in the Age of Smart Cars)

                (Editor: DF064)

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