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Hainan’s open stocks suddenly active brokers busy recommend shares 27 days report

April 18, 2018 01:34
Author: Lvjiang Tao
source: Securities Daily
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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According to the statistics of the reporters, Hainan will build heavyweights in free trade experimental zones and free trade ports, and let listed companies involved in infrastructure construction such as ports, highways, and aviation become the highlights recommended by brokerage firms. Of the 25 research reports issued by the above 16 securities firms, all of the infrastructure-related stocks were recommended. Hainan Expressway, Straits Co., Ltd., and Hainan Ruize Co., Ltd. were the most mentioned by brokerages.

Collectively favored by brokerage companies is mainly to have listed companies involved in tourism, logistics, infrastructure and environmental protection businesses in Hainan.

In the first two trading days of the week, the largest hot spot in the A-share market was none other than the Hainan plate. The ups and downs have tested investors' ability to select stocks. The brokerage researchers have not been idle yet, and they are still working overtime. According to "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, only in the first two days of this week, there are 16 brokers issued 27 reports on the Hainan plate.

Hainan Free Trade Experimental Zone and the concept of free trade port “sweeping the screen”, which plates and which listed companies are recommended by the securities companies, becoming the focus of market attention? According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, infrastructure, tourism, lottery, horse racing, shipping, environmental protection and other major sectors are also optimistic about a number of brokerages, of which the most favored infrastructure.

Brokers recommend "infrastructure priority"

According to the statistics of the reporter, Hainan will build heavy free trade experimentation zones and free trade ports for the benefit of the port andhighwayListed companies involved in the construction of infrastructure such as airlines and aviation have become the highlights of brokerage recommendations. Of the 25 research reports released by the above 16 securities companies, all of the infrastructure-related stocks were recommended.Hainan High Speed,Straits shares,Hainan RuizeCompanies are most mentioned by brokers.

among them,GF SecuritiesIt is believed that with the advancement of Hainan Free Trade Zone and the establishment of a free trade port, combined with Hainan's key industry planning and the development orientation of the free trade port, the key benefit industrial chain of “infrastructure priority, ‘tourism+’, and protection and navigation” will be proposed. In the priority areas of infrastructure construction, attention should be paid to the areas of “sea, land and air” (ports, expressways, and aviation) transportation.

  Shen WanhongyuanIt is also believed that infrastructure construction such as highways, ports, and aviation is “most important” and that Hainan’s infrastructure construction is relatively weak. Air transport is the main form of tourists visiting Hainan. However, the routes of the two airports currently operating are obviously inadequate. , can not meet the demand. To achieve the improvement of tourism quality, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of supporting facilities and related industries such as infrastructure will be well developed.

  Huatai SecuritiesSaid that the theme of Hainan is expected to continue to heat up, infrastructure and tourism industry related listed companies are expected to take the lead. The stocks jointly recommended by the above three securities companies include Straits Shares and Hainan Expressway. Among them, Hainan High-speed is currently undergoing active transformation and has the concept of “real estate + great health + big tourism”. The Straits Shares is a leading company for passenger transport in Hainan and has been actively expanding Xisha routes in recent years.

Another listed company that was highly recommended by brokers is Ruizhai, Hainan.Oriental Securities,Industrial Securities, Huachuang Securities, Huatai Securities,Guotai JunanAnd many other brokers have made key recommendations in their research reports. In addition, Hainan’s establishment of a free trade experimental zone and free trade port, which may benefit from infrastructure construction, also includesSAIC Group,Haihang Foundation,Hainan Airlines,Dadonghai AOther companies,Oriental Securities, Securities, Huatai Securities and many other securities companies also made key recommendations.

Focus on special tourism

According to "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, in the last two days, 16 brokerage firms issued 27 research reports on the Hainan section, in addition to the infrastructure construction-related stocks, special tourism and "tourism +" derived industrial chain (including horse racing, In the cultural and sports industries such as gaming and games, the relevant companies have been recommended the most and are generally favored by brokers.

among them,China National Travel ServiceBeCICCCollectively recommended by 9 brokers, as a tax-exempt leader, China National Travel Service has an absolute monopolistic advantage. After the date of acquisition, the national market share of the country is 80%, ranking seventh in the world. Sanya’s tax exemption is the main contributor to the company’s tax-free income (40% of tax exempt income and 21% of total revenue). Several brokerages have reported that breakthroughs in the island's tax exemption policy are expected to benefit the company.

Followed by the higher proportion of revenue from operating tourism business in HainanSante cablewaywithSong City Performing Arts, were respectivelyShen WanhongyuanAnd other six brokers and Industrial Securities and other five brokers recommended research reports. Among them, the annual business income of the Hainan Monkey Island scenic spot business on Sands Cable Road accounted for 16% of its total operating income, and the annual income of Sanya's eternal love in Songcheng's performing arts accounted for 11% of its total operating revenue.

In addition, integration with home, introductionCtripAt the same time, it has the right to operate Sanya Nanshan Scenic AreaFirst HotelIt is also the focus of brokerage recommendations, and is favored by four brokerages including Orient Securities. Its Sanya Nanshan Scenic Area's annual income accounts for 5% of its total operating income.

In addition to traditional tourism projects, the industry chain derived from the “tourism+” of lotteries and horse racing is most favored by brokers.Guotai JunanThe research team of the Securities Internet Media believes that Hainan is expected to become the frontline for the development of horse racing and competitive lotteries in China, and to promote the overall icebreaking of the industry chain. It is recommended that attention be paid to the relevant standards for horse racing and lottery tickets.

Similar to Guotai Junan, there are also Securities, Ping An Securities, andState SecuritiesAnd other brokerages.Pingtan Development(Land racecourse, development of non-gaming horse racing activities),Hongbo Shares(lottery layout of the entire industry chain, with Ma Cai game development capabilities),Long Yun shares(The Global Village 100 “Netherlands Village” Sit-Games project is the first batch of contests for sports guessing sports lotteries and instant lotteries for major international events),Pearl River Industrial(In cooperation with the Hong Kong Jockey Club) and other stocks have been recommended by the brokers.

In addition, listed companies in Hainan that have businesses involving logistics, agriculture, and environmental protection are also the targets that brokers recommend. Zhonghai Haisheng,Hainan RubberAnd many listed companies in the upstream and downstream of the new energy auto industrial chain have also been recommended by several brokers.

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