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Replay: Computer Communications Leads to Boost 49 Limit Shares (list)

April 16, 2018, 18:05
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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【Recommended: Computer Communications Leading the Gain Attack on 49 Limiting Shares (List)] There were a total of 49 stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges on Monday. Computers and communications led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Inspur Information, Dresdner Technology and other stocks daily limit; North Xinyuan, Tianzhu shares rose 7%.

On April 16, the Hainan plate was stimulated by news. The sector rose by more than 9%, and the stocks staged an uptrend. And white horses, cycles and other blue-chip stocks are unilaterally adjusted again.Shanghai indexOnce fell below 3100 points. Digital China's performance was eye-catching, once ledGEMSharply higher, in the afternoon there are also more than the impact of individual stocks limit.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.53% to close at 3110 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.61% to close at 10621 points; the GEM rose 0.77% to close at 1838 points. From the plate point of view, Hainan, Internet lottery, domestic software, network security and other sectors topped the rise, coal mining, steel, banking, insurance and other sectors fell.

On Monday, there were a total of 49 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Computers and communications led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Inspur Information, Dresdner Technology and other stocks daily limit; North Xinyuan, Tianzhu shares rose 7%.

April 16 new stock limit statistics

Securities codeSecurities NameIndustryDaily limit days
300634Multimedia Newssoftware service15
600929Hunan Salt Industryfood and drink14
002930Hongchuan wisdomDelivery logistics10
002931Fenglong sharesProfessional setting8
603897Great Wall Technologymade from metal5
603301Zhende MedicalMedical industry3

Stocks Daily Stocks Statistics

Securities codeSecurities NameIndustryDaily limit daysMessage surface
002908Desheng Technologydigital information2artificial intelligence
000505Beijing Grain HoldingsAgriculture, animal husbandry and feeding1Hainan plate
603729Long Yun sharesCulture Media1
600896Browse the investmentMedical industry1Hainan plate
300560Zhong Fu TongCommunications industry1
603069SAIC GroupDelivery logistics1
000582North Bay HarborPort water transport1
300663Kelan Softwaresoftware service1
000829Tianyin HoldingsCommunications industry1
000571New continent ACoal mining1Hainan plate
000572Seahorse MotorsAutomobile industry1
300684Zhongshi TechnologyMaterial industry1
300085Silver Jiejiesoftware service1
000657China Tungsten High-techNon-ferrous metals1
600555HNA InnovationTourist Hotel1Hainan plate
000676Intellectual Propertydigital information1
002865Tanda sharesAutomobile industry1
300579Digital authenticationsoftware service1
600209Lawton DevelopmentDecoration decoration1Hainan plate
603636Nanwei Softwaresoftware service1
300638GuanghetongCommunications industry1
000567Hyde sharesMulti-Finance1Hainan plate
601969Hainan Miningsteel industry1
300462Huaming SmartDelivery equipment1
600361Hualian Comprehensive SuperCommercial Department Store1
000955Xinlong HoldingsChemical fiber industry1
300189Shennong GeneAgriculture, animal husbandry and feeding1Hainan plate
002320Straits sharesPort water transport1
000886Hainan High Speedhighway1Hainan plate
601118Hainan RubberPlastic Products1Hainan plate
002596Hainan RuizeCement building materials1Hainan plate
002229Hongbo SharesPaper printing1
600684Pearl River Industrialreal estate1
002181Guangdong MediaCulture Media1
600588UF networksoftware service1cloud computing
300599Male Plastic TechnologyPlastic Products1
600238Hainan Coconut IslandWine industry1Hainan plate
000613Dadonghai ATourist Hotel1
002693Double-blown medicinePharmaceutical manufacturing1Hainan plate
002368Tai Chi sharessoftware service1cloud computing
000735Luo NiushanAgriculture, animal husbandry and feeding1Hainan plate

(Data Sources:Oriental Wealth Choicedata)

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