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Boss's electric appliances are alarming for blue-chip speculation

April 17th, 2018 09:09
Author: Leatherback sea Chau
source: Financial Investment Report
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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   Boss ElectricIt is a white horse blue chip stock in the A-share market, but since February 27 this year, the stock has suddenly changed dramatically. This is undoubtedly a wake-up call to the market's hype over the Hakuba Blue Chip. Since the fourth quarter of 2016, in the name of value investing, the market has made waves of speculation on blue chip stocks. Although the overall increase of the index is generally limited, and a large number of small and medium-sized creative stocks have hit new lows, but many blue-chip stock prices have been fired to historical highs, and even repeatedly hit a record high. If it is called a blue chip direction targetGuizhou MaotaiThe stock price rose from around 200 yuan in early 2016 to 799.06 yuan on January 15, 2018. And after entering 2018, some pseudo-value investors will have the intention of propagating blue-chip stocks.

As a result, the drop in the share price of the boss electronics is obviously too timely. It not only knocked the market an alarm, but also poured cold water for investors, allowing investors to wake up in a timely manner, not in the pseudo value. Investor's poison. Although blue-chip stocks are high-quality stocks, value investment is also a beautiful thing. However, as gold has a price, the investment value of any blue-chip stock is actually limited, not infinite. Above this limit, value investing is also a form of speculation. From the point of view of speculation, the value of any stock's investment will be overstated because the growth of the performance of listed companies can hardly keep up with the pace of market speculation. Once the performance of the boss’s electrical appliances has slowed down, it will give The stock price hit a great deal.

In fairness, boss electronics have maintained a high growth rate since they were listed in 2010. This is indeed an easy task. It is also normal for performance growth to slow down in 2017. This is something that may happen during the development of any company. But this is a fatal blow to the market speculation.

Not only that, the boss's hype also shows that with the market's speculation on the Baima blue-chip stocks, the cashing of important shareholders, the profitability of institutions, this is inevitable. With the rise in the price of the previous boss’s electronics, the company’s executives and senior management’s relatives’ reductions have also come one after another. For example, in February 2017, the company’s senior executive Ren Jianyong reduced his 125,000 shares and his average share price was 42.8 yuan. In mid-May 2017, the boss’s electrical management team reduced his holdings, and he reduced the holdings by 2,844,400 shares. The stock market value of these shares is approximately 188 million yuan. In the fourth quarter of 2017, a large share of executives and executives’ relatives reduced their shares. Ren Jianhua, chairman of the owner of the electrical appliances, Shen Guoying, spouse through the auction transaction, reducing shares of 1.8 million shares, according to the reduction of the average price of 49.2 yuan, cash amount of 88.56 million yuan.

With the reduction of the company's executives and senior management's family members, the fund has also started to make heavy reductions to the owner's appliances since the third quarter of last year. According to statistics, after the large-scale Masukura in the second quarter of 2017, the owner of electrical appliances was held by the fund's heavy warehouse for 74.554 million shares, accounting for 8.01% of the outstanding shares. However, at the end of the third quarter, the fund held 65.814 million shares of the boss's electrical appliances, which accounted for 6.59% of the outstanding shares. As of the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of shares held by the fund's heavy positions continued to fall to 47.1177 million shares, which also accounted for the proportion of outstanding shares. 5.06%.

It can be said that the cashing out of important shareholders such as executives and their family members, as well as the profit taking of institutional investors such as funds, is the inevitable result of the market's hype over the boss's electrical appliances. In the case of institutional profit-taking, even if there is no impact of the slowdown in performance growth, the decline in its share price is also inevitable. This issue is also an issue that must be addressed squarely in the hype of blue chip stocks. On this issue, the owner’s appliance also knocked on the alarm for the hype of the Baima blue chip.

                (Original title: Boss electrical alarm bell for blue-chip speculation)

                (Editor: DF064)

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