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Replay: No rise in the two cities Sniping 19 stock limit (list)

April 17, 2018 2018
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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On April 17th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets showed unilateral downtrend all day.Shanghai indexDaily 4 Lianyin, stocks all sell down, red stocks less than 500, the overall plateau of Hainan plate, the Straits shares sealed down, the amplitude of up to 20% throughout the day,GEMIt fell by nearly 3%, led by China-made software, Digital China, and Industrial Internet.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.41% to close at 3,067 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.13% to close at 10,395 points; the GEM fell 2.99% to 1,793 points. Looking at the sector, the minority sectors such as seed industry and securities rose by the top spot. Digital China, unretailed retail, intellectual property, domestic software, industrial internet, face recognition, blockchain and other sectors topped the list.

On Tuesday, there were a total of 19 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. There was no rise in the two cities and the hot spots were scattered. In terms of individual stocks, the daily limit of the daily limit in the Hainan stock market was higher, and new stocks such as Xindazhou and Hainan Airlines reached their daily limit.

April 17 new stock limit statistics

Securities codeSecurities NameIndustryDaily limit days
300634Multimedia Newssoftware service16
002930Hongchuan wisdomDelivery logistics11
603897Great Wall Technologymade from metal6
603301Zhende MedicalMedical industry4
603773N.WagElectronic component1

Stocks Daily Stocks Statistics

Securities codeSecurities NameIndustryDaily limit daysMessage surface
002908Desheng Technologydigital information3artificial intelligence
002181Guangdong MediaCulture Media2
603729Long Yun sharesCulture Media2
002865Tanda sharesAutomobile industry2
000571New continent ACoal mining2Hainan plate
600555HNA InnovationTourist Hotel2Hainan plate
002490Shandong MolongMachinery Industry1
603336Honghui Fruits and VegetablesAgriculture, animal husbandry and feeding1New + farming and animal husbandry
300570Tai ChenguangElectronic component1
000516International MedicineCommercial Department Store1
002806Huafeng sharesElectronic component1
603363Proud agriculturalAgriculture, animal husbandry and feeding1New + farming and animal husbandry
300104LetvCulture Media1

(Data Sources:Oriental Wealth Choicedata)

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