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Replay: Computer Industry Leads Two Cities to Attack 43 Limiting Shares (list)

April 18, 2018 18:51
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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April 18 was stimulated by positive news. Shanghai and Shenzhen opened higher and then weakened.GEMIn early morning, the short-term gap was filled up. In the afternoon, under the lead of stocks, the heavy volume unilaterally rose by more than 2%. The semiconductors, chips and other sectors staged an uptrend, and the stocks showed an overall upward trend. Still underperforming.

At the close,Shanghai indexIt rose 0.80% to close at 3091 points; Shencheng Index rose 0.92% to close at 10491 points; ChiNext rose 2.16% to close at 1822 points. From the plate point of view, ICs, chips, semiconductors, network security, artificial intelligence, domestic software and other sectors topped the list. Hainan, eco-agriculture, pork, gold, shipping, free trade ports, land transfer and other sectors were the top losers.

A total of 43 stocks rose in Shanghai and Shenzhen on Wednesday, with computers and military leading the two cities. Individual stocks, deep science and technology, creative information and other stocks daily limit, Venus, Navitas and other stocks rose over 7%.

April 18 new stock limit statistics

Securities codeSecurities NameIndustryDaily limit days
300634Multimedia Newssoftware service17
603897Great Wall Technologymade from metal7
603301Zhende MedicalMedical industry5
603773Vogel OptoelectronicsElectronic component2
603876N DingshengNon-ferrous metals1

Stocks Daily Stocks Statistics

Securities codeSecurities NameIndustryDaily limit daysMessage surface
002181Guangdong MediaCulture Media3
002806Huafeng sharesElectronic component2
300570Tai ChenguangElectronic component2Domestic chips
002490Shandong MolongMachinery Industry2
603005Crystal TechnologyElectronic component1Domestic chips
300576Large capacityChemical Industry1
603936Bomin ElectronicsElectronic component1Domestic chips
300667Bound TechnologyInstrumentation1
300353Dongtu TechnologyCommunications industry1
002049Ziguang GuoxinElectronic component1
603019Chinese Academy of Sciencesdigital information1cloud computing
300046Taiwan-based sharesElectronic component1
300333Zhaori Technologydigital information1
600198Datang TelecomCommunications industry1
600360China MicroelectronicsElectronic component1Domestic chips
300543Netac Intelligencedigital information1
600986Kodak sharesCulture Media1
002371North China CreationElectronic component1Domestic chips
002514Baoxin Technologymade from metal1
000021Deep Technologydigital information1
000670Infront Microdigital information1
300077National TechnologyElectronic component1
300504Tianhe sharesCommunications industry1
002747EstonMachinery Industry1
603986Mega Innovationsoftware service1Domestic chips
300493Runxin Technologydigital information1
300502New YishengCommunications industry1
300613Fu WeiElectronic component1cyber security
300352Beixinyuansoftware service1
300458Quanzhi TechnologyElectronic component1
300739Ming Yang CircuitElectronic component1
600536China Softwaresoftware service1
002368Tai Chi sharessoftware service1cloud computing
600556ST Huijureal estate1
300366Creative informationdigital information1
600520Wenyi TechnologyMachinery Industry1
002436Xingsen TechnologyElectronic component1
600416Xiangdian SharesMachinery Industry1

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