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Shanghai stocks interpretation: Institution sells 13 shares Zhengtai electrical 12.74% discount transaction

April 18, 2018 18:53
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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On April 18, a total of 24 stocks occurred in ShanghaiLarge transactionsAmong them, the discount rate of Zhengtai Electric Appliances is -12.74%, which is the highest stock price in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Among the stocks traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, there was one premium trade, four traded at a low price, and 19 traded at a discount.

Discount trades:

On the same day, the top three stocks in the Shanghai stock exchange were Chint Electric, Aerospace Electronics and Huayou Cobalt.

The discount rate of Zhengtai Electric was -12.74%, and the company sold 1.843 million shares, totaling RMB 44.7699 million yuan, to the headquarters of Orient Securities; and the First Venture Customer Asset Management Department sold 779,000 shares, totaling 19.7544 million yuan, to the organization.

The discount rate of aerospace electrons was -12.68%, and 4.252 million shares were sold by institutions, totaling 30,133,600 yuan, to the headquarters of Orient Securities.

Huayou Cobalt's discount rate is -11.29%, and the agency sold 2.5762 million shares, totaling 229.949 million yuan, to Huatai Securities Xiamen Xiahe Road (17.17 million shares, 15.29.94 million yuan) and Industrial Securities Xiamen Branch (240.45 million shares , 2141.911 million yuan).

In addition, the average win rate of electronic winnings was -11.11%, and the company sold 124.73 million shares, a total of 350.032 million yuan, to the headquarters of Orient Securities.

Kelai mechanical and electrical discount rate was -10.85%, sold by Huatai Securities Shanghai Raffles City 8 million shares, a total of 2.38 million yuan, to Huatai Securities Shanghai Rushan Road.

Large amount of transactions:

In addition to the Huayou Cobalt Industry, Xiamen Tungsten also had a turnover of over RMB 100 million, which was RMB 364.6 million. The discount rate was -2.01%, and the institution sold 16.25 million shares to the Northeast Securities Headquarters (406.25 million shares, 91.1165 million yuan). , Haitong Securities Shanghai Tongchuan Road (406.25 million shares, 91,116,500 yuan) and Oriental Securities Shanghai Zhoudong Road (812.5 million shares, 183.325 million yuan).

Institutions participate in transactions:

On the same day, institutions involved in the Shanghai stock exchange involved a total of 13 stocks, all of which were sold by the agency net. The most sold was the Xiamen Tungsten Industry with an amount of 364.65 million yuan; the smallest amount sold was the delivered shares with an amount of 420.8. Ten thousand yuan.

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