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New shares help explain

October 21, 2014 at 11:23
source: Oriental wealth network

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  onOriental wealthnetwork"New shares subscription"And" buy purchase page "function description

Orient Fortune Online IPO subscription and purchase of new shares relevant page real-time collection of relevant announcements, timely provision of IPO, purchase, signing, listing and other important information. Objectively provide the basic information of listed companies.

  Main page

1, purchase of new shares:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/data/xg/xg/default.html

2, new shares purchase details:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/data/xg/xg/detail/300059.html

3, IPO data analysis:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/data/xg/xg/chart/fxsyl.html

4, hit new earnings list:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/data/xg/xg/dxsyl.html

5,IPO calendar:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/data/xg/xg/calendar.html

  Related fields and the use of interpretation

Oriental Fortune net objective to provide the listingCompany AnnouncementIn the information.

Each of them signed a contract XX million scientific calculation method to calculate how many dollars each sign a few dollars theoretical value.

In order to facilitate investors to carry out preparatory work to fight new pre-order, "purchase limit", "purchase capital ceiling", "issue price" three fields in the official data come out, the East Wealth Network will provide estimates, estimates do not Involved in the company's fundamentals analysis, investors are cautious, the actual data come out, the East Fortune Network will be the first time update.

The calculation of new revenue taking into account the success rate, the issue price, the first day of listing opened or objective fields such as gains, calculate the single play a new theory of income. Ignore the commission generated by the transaction and stamp duty.

Calculation formula:

  Hit a new rate of return= The number of shares in the lottery * (listed on the first non-word board (not listed on the first day of the transaction average price - the issue price) / each signed a required capital

Fight New Year's rate of return is based on the new profit rate, taking into account the actual time from the purchase of funds to thaw, and then do a simple annualized to calculate the theoretical value of annualized rate of return. Ignore the commission generated by the transaction and stamp duty.

The annualized yield of new shares = new rate of return * 360 / subscription of new shares to freeze the number of days.

Break the judge there are three criteria: First, the first day of the opening price as the standard, if the opening price is lower than the issue price on the first day, then broken; Second, the first day closing price as the standard, if the first day closing price below The issue price is broken; third, the latest price as the standard, if the latest price is lower than the issue price, then broken. Oriental Fortune break the concept of network, has been reflected in the corresponding position to determine the standard.

First, the purchase process of new shares:

Investors need to focus on T-2 days (ie online purchase two days ago) the market value of the position, and then determine the amount of new shares can be purchased on the T (online purchase date, the same below) to purchase, T +3 query check result.

Figure 1: IPO online purchase date process

Figure two: new shares purchase amount inquiry

Second, the purchase of new shares conditions:

1, investors must hold non-restricted A shares of more than 10,000 yuan market capitalization and sufficient funds to participate in new shares online purchase, and Shanghai and Shenzhen market capitalization can not be combined, Shanghai and ShenzhenSecurities accountOnly the subscription of new shares in the market, and the need to deposit before the purchase full purchase funds. The number of online investor subscriptions must not exceed the average daily market cap of 20 trading days (including T-2 days) prior to T-2, nor exceed the purchase limit set by the lead underwriter, and must be paid in full.

Table 1: IPO subscription rules

2, calculate the market value of securities refers to the T - 2 day-end investors hold (including the board,Small boardwithgem) Market Capitalization of Non-Restricted A Shares, IncludingMargin tradingThe market value of the client's credit securities account and the market value of the detailed account of the securities company's refinancing guarantee securities, excluding the B shares,ETF, Fund, bond or other market value of restricted A shares. Investors holding multiple securities accounts, will be combined to calculate the market value of accounts.

3, investors participate in the online public offering of stock purchase, to the investor's first purchase for the effective purchase, an investor can only use a securities account for a purchase, the remaining purchase will be automatically revoked. Once the new shares are declared, they can not be withdrawn. On the same day, there are more than one stock issue, and the market capitalization can apply to every stock purchase by investors. For each IPO, an investor with multiple securities accounts can only purchase once using a marketable account, such as multiple subscriptions, and only the first subscription is valid.

4, the holding of the T-2 stock market after the confirmation of the stock, you can T-1 or T T-2 day to sell the market value of funds held, the funds can be used to purchase new shares on the T day.

 IPO subscription operation recommendations:

(1) short positions purchase of new shares (cash + stock market value):

We recommend that you allocate the appropriate number of A shares in order to meet the market value of the requisition. For example, according to the subscription period and the average issue price of new shares, it is estimated that there will be a purchase of 100,000-yuan-worth of shares and the remaining 900,000 yuan will be used as purchase money.

(2) Full stock subscription strategy (with stock market capitalization + cashless): You can make full use of the functions of margin trading account to withdraw funds, there are two specific modes of operation:

1) is to sell the underlying securities securities, financing buy the same securities, the direct payment of coupons can be transferred to the account after the general account for new shares subscription;

2) It is to transfer some of the shares to the credit account, finance to buy the required stocks, and then sell the stocks in the ordinary account to reserve funds to subscribe for new shares. If you have not yet opened a margin trading account, we recommend that you open as soon as possible to the sales department to meet the needs of new shares subscription.

5. An example of a process of purchasing by market capitalization is as follows:

Company A and Company B are also scheduled to be online for subscription on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the T day. The online circulation volume is 50 million shares and 20 million shares respectively. The lead underwriters' subscription limit is 50,000 and 20,000 respectively. The issuance price For 10 yuan.

T-2, according to the new approach, only investors have at least 10,000 yuan market capitalization of shares, to be able to obtain the corresponding amount of new shares purchase rights.

For example, after the close of trading on the two trading days prior to the subscription date, the average daily market capitalization of the non-restricted A shares in Shenzhen held by the investor Zhangmian for the first 20 trading days (including the day) is RMB209,000. With 41 purchase units, may purchase new shares 41 × 500 = 20500 shares. This purchase amount is less than a company's 50,000 shares purchase limit, more than the company B's 20,000 shares subscription limit. Therefore, Zhang can only apply for up to a company 20500 shares, company B 20000 shares, more than part of the invalid subscription. T day, online purchase. Zhang funds account fully deposited 405,000 yuan, and then during the trading hours to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange subscribed 20,500 shares A company and B shares 20000 new shares. T + 1, China's clearing company to freeze the application for funds and capital verification, according to the actual subscription funds to confirm the effective purchase amount, according to each purchase unit with a number, all the effective purchase order by time chronologically. Zhang's purchase of Company A and Company B is valid, including 41 units and 40 units of purchase, respectively, and all of them obtained the allocation numbers of 41 Company A and 40 Company B's. After the lead underwriter based on the total purchase decision whether or not lottery draw.

T +2, announced the success rate, the organization lottery draw

T +3 days, announced the results of winning, not all the funds in the thaw

Note: The above T + N days for the trading day, case of Saturday, Sunday postponed

  Third, the first day trading rules:

IPO tips on the first day of trading rules
Related MattersShanghai Stock ExchangeShenzhen Exchange
Open collection auction phaseThe effective declared price shall not be higher than 120% of the issue price and shall not be lower than 80% of the issue price.Effectively declare the price of 20% up and down the issue price.
Continuous auction phaseThe effective filing price shall not be higher than 144% of the issue price and not less than 64% of the issue price.The effective bidding range is up and down 10% of the recent transaction price, but it can not exceed the full-day effective declared price range. The effective declaration price of all day investors shall not be higher than 144% of the issue price and not less than 64% of the issue price.
Special quote rulesDeclarations declared as valid for the price range are invalid.Declarations that exceed the effective bidding range but do not exceed the effective bidding range can not participate in the opening collective bidding auction and are temporarily stored in the trading host. When the continuous bidding price fluctuates into the effective bidding range, the trading host automatically takes out the declaration and participates in the continuous bidding .
Temporarily closedDuring the continuous bidding session, the closing price of the first trading day of the trading day rose more than 10% of the opening price of the same day for the first time and the suspension was suspended for a period of 30 minutes. Such as suspension duration reached or exceeded 14:55, the day 14:55 resume trading.In the continuous bidding session, the closing price of the traded plate was suspended for a period of 30 minutes compared with the first opening or falling of the opening price on the same day reaching or exceeding 10%. Interim suspension 14:57 time, resumed at 14:57, and the accepted declaration of the resumption of trading bid.
Is it possible to declare during the temporary suspension?Can not.During the temporary suspension, investors can declare, you can also withdraw the declaration. Resumption of trading, the accepted declaration of the resumption of trading bid.

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