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February 9 New Third Board opening must-read: Enterprise "tide" IPO embarrassed when the policy

February 09, 2017 at 10:56
source: China Network
edit:Oriental wealth network

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  Listed today

Today, a total of 10 companies listed on the new three boards, of which the agreement turned the city three. As of today, there are 10,505 new entrants in the new three-board market, with 8863 enterprises transferring agreements and 1642 enterprises making market transfers. A total of 1185 enterprises have declared and been listed.

  Today's list of listed companies information:

nameHost brokerindustry
Jianrun Electronics870476Wanlian SecuritiesTechnical hardware and equipment
Rui Jiang Yun870612CSC SecuritiesSoftware and Services
State-owned shares870658Essence SecuritiesCapital goods
Can more technology870659Essence SecuritiesSoftware and Services
School treasure online870705Hai Tong SecuritiesSoftware and Services
Depp Electric870725Changjiang SecuritiesTechnical hardware and equipment
Anyang software870,730Southwest SecuritiesSoftware and Services
Accurate detection870761Shanxi SecuritiesBusiness and Professional Services
Zhongshan media870787Finance securitiesmedia
Hui-dimensional technology870815Zhongtai SecuritiesCapital goods

  Innovation layer:

  Suspension of transfer

  Days Mai TechnologySuspension of transfer

  Exit the market

  Sunrise TechnologyA market maker to exit

  Change of transfer method

Ruiyang Science and Technology market transfer agreement

  Basic level:

  Suspension of transfer

  Triangle shares,In the ring,State Star sharesSuspension of transfer

  Resume the transfer

  Top three shares,United Hui Hui NengResume the transfer

  Join the market

  ST Asia Kam,Yu Yang shares,Three thousand homesThere are new market makers to join

  Exit the market

  Blue Star Technology,Huangguo industry, The top three shares have market makers exit

  Change of transfer method

Bluestar Technology, Huangguo Grain, the top three shares do transfer agreement

ST Asia Kam, Yu Yang shares, three thousand hospital agreement to market

  Market news

  New three board companies "rush tide" IPO case embarrassed policy

According toOriental wealthChoice dataStatistics show that from 2015 to February 8, 2017, 347 listed companies have announced the enrollment guidance period, of which 246 were entered into the counseling period from the state of agreement transfer and 101 were entered into the market making way.

However, the reporter learned from a number of broker investment bank was informed that at present some of the new three-board companies from the market state directly into the listing counseling period, is facing the issue of state-owned shares involved in the transfer of policy issues.

It is reported that at present there are relevant intermediary agencies are communicating with the relevant departments in an attempt to make the transfer of obligations 94 of the text in the state-owned market share transfer can be held part of the transfer to a certain degree of exemption.

  The new board rules loopholes do not make up a penny "cut-Hu" will have another

There is a "1 penny" low-cost buy shares of the new three board arbitrage practices, the industry known as the "cut-off." Recently, "Jiang Suhua," the account because of four consecutive "cut-Hu" click on the sale of the low sell orders, the stock transfer system to restrict the trading of securities accounts for 6 months.

The reason will find that investors make full use of the loopholes in the trading system. However, if the regulation of such practices is an abnormally tradable transaction, the punishment can not completely eliminate this phenomenon and must be refined in system details.

  company news

  Shangling animal husbandryIt is proposed that some of the controlling shareholders of dairy cows will be penalized for having borrowed money violated

On February 7, Shangling Animal Husbandry announced that the shareholders' general meeting of the company considered and passed the proposal of providing collateral for the loan of not more than 160 million yuan for the controlling shareholder Ningxia Shangling Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shangling Group"). Prior to this, Shanglingling Animal Husbandry had been supervised and punished for transferring 111 million yuan to Shanglingling Group.

Motion shows Shangling animal husbandry controlling shareholder Shangling Group intends toGuohuaIn order to guarantee the fulfillment of Shangling Group's repayment obligations, Shangling Animal Husbandry and its subsidiaries intend to provide part of the dairy cun for them to provide a mortgage guarantee of 85 million yuan of their debts.

  Nan Fu battery backstab behind the ST Asia Kam agreement to market, target innovation layer

Backed by Nan Fu battery ST Asian (830,806) announced the end of two and a half years of the agreement to transfer the company's shares from February 9 changed to the market transfer. Only three months from the innovation layer, the node has become a market maker. There is a suspicion of spurring the innovation layer to meet the standards of the innovation layer.

  The company will increase

Recently, a number of new three board listed companies issued a notice, the companyAdditionalThe plan is approved by the board of directors and shareholders' meeting. According to statistics from China.com.cn, 29 companies raised a total amount of 1.166 billion yuan.

  The following is the details of the additional programs for each company:

nameAnnouncement dayTo be increased by the scale (million)Additional price
one plus one2-85250.000010.5
Hengyuan new material2-85000.00005.00
Sunshine Seasons2-81000.00004.00
Baoliang shares2-8392.16452.73
Analysys Asia Pacific2-82028.600017.64
Jie O Si2-82000.00002.00
Yun Tian shares2-812000.000016.00
Kay Lu Shi2-826500.00005.00-9.00
AXA Technology2-8175.00002.00
Ocean in the sea2-811500.00008.00
Chia Tai Fortis2-83008.00006.40
Huayi blue sky2-86000.00005.00-6.00
South China Industry2-8865.80811.00
Tim force technology2-8560.00002.80
Jin Hong shares2-84999.50004.50
Wuhan God move2-81001.22004.10
God Yue shares2-82977.79793.00
Siu shares2-82002.000022.00
United Hui Hui Neng2-83248.00004.48
Ming Hui shares2-812000.00003.80-4.00
Youyi purchase2-86000.000017.59
Zhuohang shares2-81089.00009.00
South sail technology2-81760.00004.00
Dickson shares2-87762.80005.00
Blue German environmental protection2-825000.00007.80-8.33
Lon Nico2-81050.00007.50
Good news king2-8967.20003.90
Association for science and technology2-84500.000025.69
A extension of communication2-8800.00007.00-8.00
All-yu pharmaceutical2-87500.00005.00
Yuet Thai logistics2-81004.00004.00
Guangzhou Airlines2-87000.00007.00
Tianhe shares2-82999.99724.33
Joint media2-8149.78403.16
Miura garage2-81600.00002.00
Lingyun Bo2-81200.00001.60
Silver coordinates2-81200.00001.50
De Long magnetic2-8630.00004.50
Rong Yao wisdom2-81000.00005.00
Federal Chemical2-81000.00005.00
British shares2-86240.000024.00
Deep Kodak2-812500.000012.50
Anchorage network2-83302.40008.256
Top Master Pharmaceutical2-83500.00003.83
Xin Road, Czech Republic2-81003.20003.04
A new stop2-81500.00005.00
Fei extension unlimited2-81000.000014.5625

  Market review

Yesterday, the three board market index fell all the way after the shock fell, near the midday amplitude narrowed in the afternoon turmoil up late red near the late red, the end of the daily three Lianyin.

As of the close, the three board market index reported 1100.53 points, up 0.37 points, or 0.03%, turnover of 236 million yuan.

                (Editor: DF120)

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