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  •                     Zhongtai Securities: Shiji Information Buy Rating

                        Cloud POS products received a Hyatt order. According to the company's official information, on February 11, 2019, the company announced that Hyatt Hotels Group officially selected InfrasysCloud, a division of Shiji, to manage its many hotel restaurants and food and beverage outlets. We believe that this means Shiji's cloud PO...

                    February 12th 09:03

  •                     Soochow Securities: NSFOCUS Buy Rating

                        Event: Investor AB Limited (hereinafter referred to as "IAB") and Lenovo Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lenovo Investment"), which are holding more than 5% of the shares, intend to transfer the shares to CLP Electronic Information Industry Investment Fund (Tianjin) Partnership (hereinafter referred to as China Power Fund) and China Power Branch...

                    February 12th 09:01

  •                     Lianxun Securities: US Health Buy rating

                        Health check-up track, the health of the United States has been riding a dust-free health check as an independent business in China, flourishing, forming a public competition as the main body, private chain professional medical examination center to lead the industry development industry competition pattern.

                    February 11th 14:47

  •                     Cinda Securities: Shandong Gold Buy Rating

                        This week's industry view: precious metal prices have fallen slightly, and the Fed's dovish statement is expected to support the price of gold. 1. The price of precious metals fell slightly. As of February 8, LME copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, nickel prices were 6,207 US dollars / ton, 1,865 US dollars / ton, 2688.5 US dollars / ton, 20...

                    February 11th 14:44

  •                     Cinda Securities: Nangang's Buy rating

                        This week's industry view: steel prices continue to fluctuate within range, steel stocks have rebounded. 1. Steel prices continue to fluctuate within the range. As of February 3, the prices of high-line, rebar, round steel, galvanized coil, coating, hot-rolled coil and medium plate were 4,102 yuan / ton, 3,952 yuan / ton, 3,899 yuan / ton, 470. ..

                    February 11th 14:44

  •                     Soochow Securities: Hainengda Buy Rating

                        Investment Highlights: On January 31, 2019, China Mobile Purchasing and Bidding Network announced the “Research and Development of Massive Terminal Series R&D and Mass Production Projects-H Series-Winning Standards for Candidates”, Hainengda as “Purchasing Package II” : The first successful bidder for the intercom H12 terminal and accessories, is expected to be the project...

                    February 11th 14:39

  •                     China Chuang Securities: Zhou Dasheng buy rating

                        On the eve of the Spring Festival, we surveyed all the stores in Zhoudasheng's three counties in Changzhi City and its subordinate counties. There are 15 Zhoudashengmen stores in Changzhi City, including 6 stores in the urban area and 11 counties in Changzhi City (excluding urban areas). The top 8 counties in GDP have Zhoudashengmen Store (except for Changzi County, each county has one.. .

                    February 11th 14:39

  •                     Huachuang Securities: New City Holdings Buy Rating

                        Event: On February 2, Xincheng Holdings announced the company's January sales data. In January, the company achieved a contracted amount of 10.96 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.6%; the contracted area reached 969,000 square meters, down 1.4% year-on-year. In January, the company added 4.66 million square meters of new construction, an increase of 227.4 year-on-year...

                    February 11th 14:39

  •                     Shen Wan Hongyuan: Shanghai Steel Union Buy Rating

                        Freshwater Valley itself has strong self-regulation ability, and the Vale mine disaster has limited impact on the overall output of iron ore. In the short term, the Feijao mine in the Vale of this accident has an output of about 7.8 million tons of iron ore in 2017, accounting for 2.13% of the total output of iron ore in the Vale.

                    February 11th 11:07

  •                     Guangzheng Hang Seng: Inspur Information Buy Rating

                        Q4 quarterly forecast growth rate is higher than Q3. In 19 years, the company's gross profit margin is expected to improve. The company's performance growth is mainly due to the rapid growth of demand in China and the global server market in 18 years. We expect the company to belong to the shareholders of listed companies in 2018. Net profit was 649 million yuan, lower than this performance...

                    February 11 09:59

  •                     Everbright Securities: Yaxia Automobile Buy Rating

                        Zhonggong Education 2018 Performance Announcement Amendment Announcement: Net profit of returning home is 11.0~1.16 billion, exceeding market expectations. On January 29, 2019, Zhonggong Education disclosed the 2018 performance forecast amendment announcement. It is estimated that the net profit of the returning mother will be about 11.0~1.16 billion yuan, and the net profit will be deducted from the mother...

                    February 11 09:56

  •                     Everbright Securities: Anche Testing Buy Rating

                        The leader of the motor vehicle inspection system fully benefited from the golden track. Ang detection is a provider of overall solutions for the domestic motor vehicle inspection industry. It fully benefits from the steady growth of vehicle ownership and testing demand. The CAGR of revenue and return to home in 2015-2017 is 19.6% and 29.4%, respectively. ...

                    February 11 09:56

  •                     Zhongtai Securities: Guanghua Technology Buy Rating

                        Investment logic: The company's main business PCB chemical business is benefiting from import substitution and capacity expansion to continuously seize market share, and business grows rapidly; while in the field of lithium materials, the company gives full play to the synergy of the industry to create "nickel salt and cobalt salt - ternary precursor Body-ternary material" positive electrode material industry chain, industrial chain cloth...

                    February 11 09:53

  •                     Huatai Securities: Guiyang Bank maintains an overweight rating

                        The asset quality improved substantially. The company maintained the “overweight” rating company on February 1st and released the 2018 performance report. The net profit and operating income of the returning mother were +13.42% and +1.38%, respectively, compared with January-September-3.72pct. 0.28pct, the performance was slightly lower than we expected. the company...

                    February 11th 09:50

  •                     Everbright Securities: Hainengda Buy Rating

                        Winning the mobile terminal project, the first time to achieve the operator market size application China Mobile mobile phone intercom PoC (PushtoTalkoverCellular) based on mobile cellular network packet domain bearer, the use of VoIP technology to achieve half-duplex voice services, can support one-to-one session,...

                    February 11th 08:42

  •                     Everbright Securities: Hengwei Technology Buy Rating

                        Event: The company released the 2018 annual performance report. It is expected to achieve an operating income of 430 million yuan in 2018, an increase of 38% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 105 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40%; the results are in line with expectations. Complete the first year performance assessment target, deduct the equity incentive fee...

                    February 11th 08:40

  •                     Essence Securities: CNC buy rating

                        The leading domestic manufacturer of high-hard and brittle materials special processing equipment, covering a complete set of equipment for wafer processing. The company is mainly engaged in the precision machine tool business. The products are divided into two categories: high-hard brittle material special processing equipment and general grinder equipment. Among them, the special processing equipment for high-hard and brittle materials covers the opening, cutting and grinding of high-hard and brittle materials...

                    February 11th 08:37

  •                     Essence Securities: Industrial Fulian Buy Rating

                        Event: The company issued an announcement to propose a total of 225 million shares of stock options and restricted stock to a total of 4,700 directors, management and core employees of the company (including subsidiaries). Among them, 33.75 million shares were granted, accounting for 0.17% of the total share capital, including the first grant of 27 million shares, and pre...

                    February 11th 08:35

  •                     Huatai Securities: Light Media maintains Buy rating

                        In 2018, it is expected to achieve a net profit of 126-150 million yuan, which is lower than market expectations. The company maintains a 2018 annual performance forecast on January 31, and expects to achieve a net profit of 2.6-1.5 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 54.57. %~84.01%, lower than...

                    February 10 09:51

  •                     Guohai Securities: Nengke shares buy rating

                        The industrial software market has a broad space and drives the company to grow rapidly. The company's traditional business is intelligent electrical, including industrial transmission business, electrical engineering business and intelligent power business three business units. In 2017, the company's strategic transformation, the focus of business shifted to industrial software solutions in intelligent manufacturing, providing products...

                    February 10 09:49

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