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  •                     Tianfeng Securities: Buy Buy

                        Events: On June 20, the company announced that: In the first 12 months, the largest shareholder did not reduce the company shares; within 2,12 months, the directors, supervisors, and seniors did not sell the company shares; 3, 6 months Within the company, some of the directors, supervisors, and high-growth holders of the company's shares will increase their holdings by no less than RMB 50 million, which is no higher than...

                    June 21 15:55

  •                     Southwest Securities: Hokuriku Pharmaceutical Buy rating

                        Incident: The company plans to use its own funds of 137 million yuan to subscribe for 11.195 million shares of Haichang Pharmaceutical to be issued. After the subscription is completed, the company will hold 33.5% of its shares and become the second largest shareholder. Integrate iodine contrast agent APIs to strengthen cost and gross margin management. Haichang Pharmaceutical is a new 3rd board listed company...

                    June 21st 15:54

  •                     CITIC Construction Investment: Changbai Mountain Maintains Buy Rating

                        The number of people entering the scenic spot at the Dragon Boat Festival this year increased by 40.5% year-on-year, and the number of people entering the area increased by 17.5% during the year. The company issued an announcement on June 19th. Changbai Mountain Scenic Area entered the district with 43,000 people on the Dragon Boat Festival this year, an increase of 40.5% year-on-year. The number of residents entering the district since 2018 is 45. Million, an increase of 17.5% year-on-year; Crown...

                    June 21 15:51

  •                     CITIC Construction Investment: Lanxiao Technology Maintains Overweight Rating

                        The event company issued an announcement in the evening of June 18, 2018, announcing the signing of a 3,000-ton/year lithium carbonate production line construction, operation and technical service contract with Qinghai Jintai Lithium Industry with a contractual amount of 470 million yuan, which is expected to be before the end of March 2019 Complete production line production.

                    June 21st 15:50

  •                     Guojin Securities: Huafu Fashion Buy Rating

                        Investment Advice Domestic textile companies have strong global competitiveness. As the leader of the monopoly market for colored spinning yarns (market share of 40%+), the company benefits from the increase in the penetration rate of colored spinning yarns in the downstream spin-drying sector. In addition, the company forward-looking layout of the upstream cotton industry chain resources, fully involved in the acquisition of cotton, storage ...

                    June 21 14:27

  •                     Sichuan Finance Securities: Shanghai Port Group Holdings

                        Imports and exports are picking up, and the company's port industry has grown steadily. Since 2017, the world economy has recovered moderately, and foreign trade imports and exports have continued to grow, driving steady growth in container throughput.

                    June 21st 08:44

  •                     Northeast Securities: Chuanhua Zhilian Buy rating

                        The continuous laying of the offline logistics network has begun to take shape. As of the end of 2017, according to the offline logistics network, there are 65 road port city logistics centers that have started operations, 51 distribution centers, 231 ports and ports, and 1,124 road and port terminals. At present, relying on various lines has been...

                    June 21st 08:42

  •                     Guosheng Securities: Perfect World Buy rating

                        Financial analysis: Steady growth in income, well-controlled expense rates, and high level of revenue. The company’s shadow tour business has maintained stable growth in the past five years, and its high deferred revenue ratio of more than 20% has provided impetus for the growth after the game business. The stock of film and television business has increased significantly since 2017, and its future performance is highly supportive. Company gross profit...

                    June 20 15:24

  •                     Cinda Securities: Guangzhou Restaurant Maintains Buy Rating

                        1. The company continues to develop its food manufacturing sector, and its production capacity is expected to double in five years. According to our estimation, the company's current food manufacturing capacity is approximately 30,000 tons, and by 2023, its production capacity will reach at least 89,000 tons in the next five years, with an average compound growth rate of 20.0% - of which, the listing and financing projects will be...

                    June 20 15:23

  •                     State Gold Securities: Huayou Cobalt Buy rating

                        Investment advice We not only are optimistic about the resources and cost advantages brought by the company's layout in Congo, but also are optimistic about the company's determination and strategy to build a new energy industry chain leader in lithium power. It is expected that the company will realize EPS of 5.93/7.70/8.00 in 2018-2020, respectively, with a year-on-year growth rate of 85.3...

                    June 20th 08:42

  •                     Everbright Securities: Shenma shares maintain Buy rating

                        Event: May 31 Insus UK's Seals Sands's 280,000-ton acrylonitrile plant stopped due to a power outage, while the Cologne plant in Germany's 100,000-ton acrylonitrile plant suffered low-load operation due to technical problems. Ineos announced that the supply of acrylonitrile in the European market was encountering force majeure. Located in SealsSands...

                    June 20 08:36

  •                     Shun Securities: Perfect World Buy Rating

                        To build an integrated game R&D structure at multiple levels, it is difficult for other mainstream game companies to pose a real threat to the company in the short term. The company is an industry leader in technology independent research and development, with completely independent game engine development capabilities and strong server program R&D strength, R&D funding and...

                    June 19 15:48

  •                     Guohai Securities: Guoyi Environmental maintains Buy rating

                        Event: The company issued an announcement on the evening of June 15th: The controlling shareholder of the company, Guoyi Group, passed the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system on June 15, 2018 to focus on competitive bidding transactions and block trading to increase the company's holdings of 605,544,000 shares, which accounted for the total The share capital ratio is 1.97%.

                    June 19 15:47

  •                     Huatai Securities: Qiaqia Food Purchase Rating

                        Qiaqia Foods faces the pressure of income growth under the background of the slowdown in the growth of the main sunflower industry and the difficulty in market share. We believe that the launch of new products by Qiaqia is expected to break the bottleneck of company development. New product 1 taste of blue bag sunflower seeds innovation or will enhance the Qiaqia food market in the sunflower sub-division field...

                    June 19 14:01

  •                     Huatai Securities: Shanghai Airport Holding Rating

                        As Shanghai Airport, one of the 21 airport's main coordination airports, was affected by the CAAC's tightening policy at all times, the cumulative number of company movements increased by 2.8% year-on-year, which is in line with the Bureau's requirement that the growth rate is not higher than 3.0%. Fortunately, by increasing the passenger occupancy rate Measures such as the proportion of passengers and aircraft, and the cumulative increase in passenger throughput by a year-on-year increase of 6...

                    June 19 14:00

  •                     Everbright Securities: Guilin Tourism maintains Buy rating

                        It is intended to raise fundamentals and market value of the company's recent market value to below 2.5 billion yuan through capital operation, poor disposal, and “6+1” priority. This has hit a new low in 15 years. The company stated that it will operate from the capital (refinancing), dispose of non-performing assets, and strengthen the management of the existing tourism business (Yinziyan Chuang 5A...

                    June 19 08:50

  •                     Northeast Securities: long-term logistics buy rating

                        The company is a leading third-party auto logistics company and its business is developing steadily. The company's revenue scale ranks fourth in the automotive logistics industry. The first three are the logistics subsidiaries of the OEM (Anji Logistics, FAW Logistics, and Changan Minsheng). The company is the largest of the third-party auto logistics companies, and the company and most of the OEMs The logistics subsidiary...

                    June 19th 08:42

  •                     AVIC Securities: Buying shares in Zhengping

                        Event: Zhengping shares suspended trading on February 7 due to asset restructuring. The company disclosed the assets reorganization plan during the suspension period: the company plans to purchase 100% equity of Kesheng Environmental Protection held by 11 traders including Cao Huizhong and Shen Liyong by issuing shares and paying cash. Kesheng Environmental Protection 100% equity early...

                    15th of June 15:45

  •                     Tianfeng Securities: China Southern maintains BUY rating

                        China Southern Airlines disclosed May operating data, ASK256.98 billion, an increase of 12.7%, RPK 20.763 billion, an increase of 12.7%, passenger volume of 114.24 million passengers, an increase of 11.4%, a passenger rate of 80.8%, basically the same period last year.

                    15th June 15:43

  •                     Huatai Securities: Maike Home Buy Rating

                        The core view: Growth has entered the fast lane, giving the “buy” rating Meike home adheres to the spirit of “master craftsmanship” and adheres to A.R.T while maintaining the artistic tone of the brand. The brand and channel sinking for strategic transformation, 1Q2018 revenue increased 32.7% year-on-year, and the results of strategic transformation show. Equity incentive +...

                    June 15th 08:44

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