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  •                     Caitong Securities: Kang Hong Pharmaceutical Buy Rating

                        Event: The company completed the second phase of IOPtima's equity delivery on September 25, 2018. After the completion of the second phase of equity delivery, the company held the issued shares of the target company after the completion of the first phase (calculated after full dilution) 60% of the). Previously the company was in March 2, 2018...

                    September 30 09:58

  •                     Guohai Securities: Keda Jieneng Overweight Rating

                        Event: The company announced on September 27th that the company intends to acquire a 60% stake in Welko held by Italy's Witaly for a price of 16.8 million euros. Before the end of 2021, if the agreed terms are met, the company intends to continue to acquire the remaining 40% stake in Welko. We commented as follows: vote...

                    September 30, 09:56

  •                     China Merchants Securities: Lan Xiao Technology strongly recommends rating

                        The company has high technical barriers: resin synthesis technology + application technology + system complete sets of equipment to establish the company moat, the company's long-term high market share in the specialty resin field and high gross margin operation verification company has high technical barriers; the original core business provides Safety mat: three core businesses of the company, biomedicine, ring...

                    September 30, 09:54

  •                     Caitong Securities: Hualu Hengsheng Buy Rating

                        Demand is improving. Recently, domestic and foreign acetic acid plants have been parked more, and the price of acetic acid has continued to rise. According to Baichuan Information, the price of acetic acid in recent days reached 4,633 yuan / ton, up 577 yuan / ton from the beginning of the month, an increase of 14.23%.

                    September 30 09:53

  •                     Orient Securities: Tianma Technology Buy Rating

                        Deeply plowing the special aquatic product compound feed market, the performance continued to grow at a high rate. The company started from the 鳗鲡 feed and focused on the special aquatic feed market. At present, it has formed 5 series of products, such as tanning materials, dip material series, seawater fish series, freshwater variety material series, shrimp material series and seedling material series. It is a special aquatic product forage feed...

                    September 30, 09:51

  •                     Zhongtai Securities: AVIC's overweight rating

                        The only integrated platform for the aviation and electromechanical systems business, its performance has grown steadily, and its main business has been further focused. The company is a specialized integration and industrialization development platform for the aviation electromechanical systems business of the aviation industry. The product spectrum is complete and is in a leading position in the domestic aviation and electromechanical field. The company achieved business receipts in the first half of 2018...

                    September 30, 09:51

  •                     Soochow Securities: Yutong Technology Buy Rating

                        The company announced that it intends to acquire a 70% stake in Jiangsu Dejin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. for RMB 180 million. Jiangsu Dejin is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic plastic packaging. The revenue of 17A/18H1 is 0.71/0.77 billion respectively, and the net profit is -0.26/-202 million. Acquisition of the target Jiangsu De...

                    September 28th 11:23

  •                     Soochow Securities: Wanrun Share Buy Rating

                        The troika escort, the growth of high-quality materials platform can be expected. The company is the leader of domestic LCD monoliths. The layout of the three major industries is clear: the company started with the display materials business. The main products involve high-end TFT liquid crystal monomer materials and intermediate materials. To the world's three major LCD giants - Germany Merck,...

                    September 28th 11:22

  •                     Tianfeng Securities: Monternet Group's overweight rating

                        On September 26, the company announced that the company under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen SASAC”) plans to invest in Dream Net. The previously signed “Strategic Share Letter of Intent” stated that Shenzhen Municipality The company of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission plans to purchase company shares by paying cash...

                    September 28th 11:17

  •                     CITIC Jiantou: Oriental Fashion Buy Rating

                        Leading the industry in Beijing, benefiting industry integration opportunities Oriental Fashion was established in 2005, with motor vehicle driver training as its main business, and is the world's largest driving organization. In 2018, H1 achieved revenue of 523 million yuan and net profit of 104 million yuan (+1.09%). In the consumption upgrade...

                    September 28th 11:11

  •                     Lianxun Securities: Focus Media Buy Rating

                        The company has a prominent position as a leader in building elevators. Currently, there are about 7-8 national advertising companies similar to Focus, and no one has a 5% market size. The gap is still relatively large. Consumer theory shows that when a market share leader surpasses the second place by more than 15 percentage points, he enjoys pricing power,...

                    September 28th 11:02

  •                     Guosen Securities: Xinhua Education Buy Rating

                        Building a Xinhua brand based on quality education services China Xinhua Education (2779.HK) is the largest private higher education group in the Yangtze River Delta, with more than 30,000 full-time and continuing education students. The company has two universities, Xinhua College and Xinhua School, and began to work with Anhui Medical in September 2018...

                    September 28th 10:50

  •                     Shen Wan Hongyuan: Sophia buy rating

                        The company announced that the dealer shareholding plan has been completed and the necessary procedures for the repurchase program have been completed. The company announced that the dealer stock ownership plan purchase was completed. The dealer stock ownership plan held a total of 30.23 million shares of the company, accounting for 3.27% of the company's total share capital, with a total cost of 854 million yuan and a unit cost of 28.24 yuan per share;

                    September 28, 10:36

  •                     Tianfeng Securities: Vantage shares buy rating

                        The non-public offering of shares was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. On September 25, 2018, the company received the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the approval of the non-public offering of shares of Vantage Co., Ltd., and approved the company's non-public issuance of no more than 5,91,16,654 new shares (accounting for the current total share capital ratio...

                    September 27, 11:53

  •                     Northeast Securities: Meiyingsen Buy Rating

                        The small factory continued to withdraw, and the industry concentration increased steadily. In the context of de-capacity, upstream supply is tight, and small factories are more difficult to get goods than before, and supply stability is poor, and orders are concentrated in large factories. At the same time, the environmental protection policy continues to tighten, production requirements are becoming stricter, environmental taxes are beginning to be levied, and small factory production costs are increasing, and will gradually withdraw from the city...

                    September 27, 11:36

  •                     Guosen Securities: Hualu Hengsheng Buy Rating

                        “One multi-line” flexible co-production, the first half of the profit growth, the company relies on clean coal gasification technology to create a “multi-line” circular economy flexible polygeneration system, currently has 2.65 million tons / year of fertilizer (urea and nitro compound Fertilizer), 250,000 tons/year DMF, 200,000 tons of mixed methylamine, 500,000 tons/...

                    September 27th 11:05

  •                     Caitong Securities: Yujiahui overweight rating

                        Event: The company announced that it intends to purchase 60% of Beijing Maosi's equity held by the shareholders of the target company by paying cash, with a transaction amount of 1.02 billion yuan. After the transaction is completed, Beijing Maosi will become a holding subsidiary of Yujiahui. Join hands with Afu essential oil to expand the beauty of the map, the extension of mergers and acquisitions to increase the company's performance standards...

                    September 27, 10:45

  •                     Shen Wan Hongyuan: Yanneng Power Buy Rating

                        Taking advantage of the national and Anhui policies on the elimination of backward production capacity, the company will shut down the coal-fired unit (the installed capacity of 320,000 kW) of Tongneng Tongling. Shut down low-efficiency small units to optimize the company's installed structure and reduce energy and environmental protection funds. Tongneng Tongling is a 51% subsidiary of the company. There are 2 existing...

                    September 27, 10:39

  •                     Tianfeng Securities: Wanrun Share Buy Rating

                        The issue of convertible bonds plus code layout Zeolite Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. announced the issuance of convertible bonds, and plans to publicly raise funds of 1.278 billion yuan for the expansion of environmentally friendly production of zeolites. The term of convertible bonds is 6 years. The company plans to produce ZB series zeolites for the treatment of diesel exhaust emissions of Euro 6 and above and apply them to smoke...

                    September 26, 11:18

  •                     Tianfeng Securities: China Tianzhu Buy Rating

                        On September 21, the China Securities Regulatory Commission's M&A and Reorganization Committee announced that China Tianzhu issued shares to purchase assets and was conditionally approved. Cash + issue of shares, 8.882 billion yuan to acquire Urbaser 100% equity cash (2.478 billion yuan) + issued shares (64.04 billion yuan), a total of 88.8...

                    September 26, 11:17

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