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  •                     How to see Rogers A shares?

                        Investors in the A-share market have always valued the views of international investment gurus, so many investors are also loyal fans of these gurus. Of course, the formation of this situation is inseparable from the domestic media coverage of the masters, and from time to time there will be a number of such reports. So how do we treat these ...

                    November 14 at 01:09

  •                     The first wave of the bull market came? Time to dig 10 times the stock?

                        Double 11 Shopping Festival, buy chop chop hand ethnic buy, online shopping platform Lynx and Jingdong turnover exceeded 100 billion yuan respectively. This week, the main stock index for five straight Yang, then the stock can buy buy it? I remember in the last article on November 2 to write the bull market engine leading brokerage at the critical point, and sent a ...

                    November 13 at 14:01

  •                     Into the second retreat + fillet eat goods

                        Time hurried, blink of an eye over the winter. North wind whistling blowing, the rain in the South seems to be ready to fall at any time, the snow of the North has long queues gently under, seems to announce to the world the season belongs to them. As the market into the second rhythm of informing the market - slow buffalo pattern has never been broken.

                    November 13 at 04:42

  •                     Late pull high is a chance or a trap?

                        Late pull high is a chance or a trap? Source: Financial Power of Network: Fang Fu November 13, 2017 01:51:04 Comment 0 .. stock market like a lot of people together to play chess, a game process between people. Makers and retail investors who amazing

                    November 13 at 04:42

  •                     Makers try several major common tricks

                        If the dealer wants to make sure that the stock price can be pulled up smoothly, a lot of preparatory work needs to be done, such as studying the timing of the rise and considering how the general manager can deal with the unsure retail investors. Specific to the day whether it is suitable for pulling stock prices, but also the necessary preparatory work - test disk.

                    November 13 at 04:42

  •                     Another way to play refinancing

                        Unknowingly, the stock market refinancing for a play. The so-called refinancing is the company after the IPO needs to be refinancing, the past practice of allotment, issuance, private placement, issue convertible bonds, in recent years the method is mainly private placement ...

                    November 11 at 07:05

  •                     Emotional changes from day volatility

                        The day-to-day volatility of the stock index can be a good measure of how much a market's price volatility is affected by emotional factors. Theoretically, if the participants in a market are 100% rational, the price volatility of the stock market should only be affected by fundamental fluctuations. But in fact, the market sentiment, ups and downs ...

                    November 10 at 16:13

  •                     Do you really know what to invest?

                        All in all, investing is the act of one person allocating, running his own time, energy, money, and other limited resources. Where do you put your time and energy? What kind of person will you become? Where will you spend your money? What kind of vision, thinking and grace do you have? What kind of thinking do you use to manage your money? .

                    November 10 at 14:34

  •                     Strategy different investment force point is also different

                        Because investors live in different working environments, and each individual's personality and preferences are different, the strategies used in investing in stocks vary. Precisely because of these differences, a variety of investment strategies have emerged, such as the short-term and long-term policies differentiated by the length of time the chips are held ...

                    November 06, 06:52

  •                     The power of the trend continues

                        The Shanghai Composite Index has formed a habit of regularly testing the long-term group moving average (GMMA) strength averages. There is a sudden retracement every month and then a rebound from the long position of GMMA.

                    November 06, 06:50

  •                     Stock must learn to adapt

                        Grasp the trend, but the formation of a trend, it is difficult to change, the trend is the best direction of investment, the current investment focus should focus on growth stocks.

                    November 06 04:03

  •                     Arc + ghost monster mystery single hidden mystery machine

                        When I found the warm coat from the closet, I knew late autumn in the South came. November, this is my favorite season, this time most of the motherland is already silver-clad winter climate, but this is still the fall, November, the fall of the southern country. Just as the A-share market came out on October 30 ...

                    November 06 at 03:58

  •                     The difference between panning and shipping

                        The purpose of the banker to wash the plate as far as possible not to follow the attitude of calm disc, the dealer's purpose is to try to attract buying, by various means to stabilize the confidence of other shareholders, but they are in the hands of the highest price distribution As much stock as possible. Distinguish between the two is very crucial, which is directly related to everyone's profit ...

                    November 06 at 03:58

  •                     Do not heavy speculation heavy three quarterly revelation Super Cattle out of track

                        [Not heavy speculation of the value of the three quarterly revelation Super Cattle out of track] for the A-share market super bull what stocks, ordinary investors are highly concerned. As the three quarterly disclosure is completed, the super-Niu San investment in the third quarter also float layout ...

                    November 02 01:09

  •                     Stock market does not look indexed period!

                        Moutai skyrocketed two consecutive days last week, has completely changed the A-share ecological environment and psychological status. Yesterday, the market plunged on Monday. Despite the narrowing of the broader market, 30 stocks ended lower limit, 600 stocks fell over 5% and the GEM dropped 2.12%.

                    October 31, 06:22

  •                     Looking for low PE plus restructuring of the stock

                        The world is indeed different, seeing the card index will be down Powei last Friday, a Changyang has pulled back. It seems a change has been placed before us, that is, low-PE stocks on the market are gradually surfaced, or long term ...

                    October 30 at 06:57

  •                     Value premium stocks outstanding premium

                        A-share index last week showed a high breakthrough in the major indexes, especially in the small-cap consolidation, the Shanghai Composite Index 50 led the weight index rose ahead of a breakthrough. On the contrary times the new shares and the GEM index is relatively less, I think, and the new shares and the GEM wantonly ...

                    October 30 at 05:55

  •                     Kweichow Moutai has four prominent features duplicate Niu stock gene to find the next potential stock

                        According to Maotai enterprises above characteristics, the author after careful screening, that the following stocks have the potential to become the next Maotai: Pien Tze Huang, Yunnanbaiyao, Guizhou Braun , Hengrui medicine, Changchun Hi-tech, Yili shares, Chengde ...

                    October 29, 19:03

  •                     Use real value investing to find good long-term companies

                        Let me start with a story. There is a young German painter in Germany who is very diligent and draws a picture on average every day. But a year later, a painting was not sold either. Then consult an old painter, saying that every day I work so hard, how a picture can not sell. That old ...

                    October 23 08:46

  •                     What is the shareholder review right?

                        First, the Articles of Association of listed companies did not follow the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Strengthening the Protection of the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Small and Medium-sized Investors in the Capital Market", the Rules for Shareholders' Meetings of Listed Companies (Revised in 2016), the Guidelines for Listed Company's Articles of Association (Revised in 2016) ", Related to the Protection of Small and Medium-sized Investors ...

                    October 23 at 07:02

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