Code name Related Links Latest price Quote change The main net inflow Large single net inflow Net big single inflow
601668Chinese architectureCash flow Share it 9.731.78%774 million1114 million-3.41 million
600030CITIC SecuritiesCash flow Share it 19.271.74%601 million1.028 billion-427 million
601166Industrial BankCash flow Share it 17.801.83%547 million890 million-3.43 million
600837Hai Tong SecuritiesCash flow Share it 14.552.46%450 million609 million-1.59 million
600585Conch cementCash flow Share it 31.440.90%396 million505 million-1.09 billion
Code name Related Links Closing price Quote change Billboard net purchase Billboard turnover The list day
300692Central environmental protectionBillboard Share it 37.8510.00%50.27 million65.31 million12-05
000949Xinxiang Chemical FiberBillboard Share it 4.346.37%40.69 million66.37 million12-05
300629New justBillboard Share it 48.109.99%38.08 million54.14 million12-05
002535Linzhou heavy machineBillboard Share it 5.3510.08%35.72 million65.96 million12-05
002912New SaikaiBillboard Share it 94.151.44%34.72 million130.87 million12-05
Code name Related Links Latest price Quote change Number of reception agencies Reception method Announcement day
002773Hong Hong PharmaceuticalResearch Share it 59.47-4.56%22.00Investor exchange meeting12-05
002463Shanghai Electric sharesResearch Share it 5.36-3.07%18.00Specific object research12-05
000895Shuanghui developmentResearch Share it 25.401.28%14.00other12-05
000050Deep Horse AResearch Share it 21.89-8.00Specific object research12-05
002727Heart ChurchResearch Share it 18.47-2.69%6.00Specific object research, site visit12-05