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Chengdu Hao technology to IPO
Company Profile

The company has Luzhou Changjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Hao Neng Machinery Co., Ltd. two wholly-owned subsidiary, the main products - automotive synchronizer tooth ring production, located in Chengdu, Sichuan, Luzhou and Jiangsu Kunshan City three production bases

IPO related information
Stock code  
Short for stock  
Purchase code  
Issue price (yuan / share)  
Issue price-earnings ratio  
Online release date  
Number of shares issued online (shares)  
Purchase the upper limit (shares)  
Announcement Date  
Listing date  
Online release rate (%)  
Online issue of each one of the signing (million)  
Frozen funds total (billion)  
Total amount of funds raised (100 million yuan)  
Chengdu Hao Technology Co., Ltd. Basic information
Basic situation company name Chengdu Hao Neng Technology Co., Ltd.
Total share capital before issuance 8,000,000 shares The total share capital to be issued 10667.00 million shares
The number to be issued 2667.00 million shares The total share capital after the issue 25.00%
Declaration date 2015-12-25 On the state Not on the meeting
On the date   Purchase date  
Listing date   To be listed Shanghai Stock Exchange
Significant financial indicators (as of) Earnings per share   Before the issue of net assets per share  
Cash flow per share 0.50 Roe 11.09
Underwriters and Profit Distribution Lead underwriter Merchants Securities Underwriting method Balance underwriting
Issuance committee members  
Profit Distribution The undistributed profits of the Company before the issuance of the Company shall be enjoyed by all the shareholders registered in the Company after the initial public offering of shares.
Company Profile Production and sales: automobile and motorcycle parts; machinery and equipment and spare parts; Wujinjiaodian products, plastic products; car (excluding cars) and motorcycle sales; sales: non-ferrous metal materials (excluding precious precious metals), building materials (Excluding paint); import and export of goods and technology (except laws and administrative regulations; laws and administrative regulations to be approved by the project before the operation, the state has a special provision).
Raise funds to be used for the project Serial number project Amount of investment (ten thousand yuan)
1 Automobile Synchronizer Stamping Center Ring Production Line Phase II Technical Renovation Project 7700
2 Double-clutch transmission (DCT) with clutch support and the main hub production line construction technological transformation projects 2420
3 Automobile Synchronizer Stamping Ring Production Line Technical Renovation Project 23700
4 Double-clutch transmission (DCT) with clutch support and the main hub production line construction technological transformation projects 32000
5 Luzhou Yangtze River Machinery Co., Ltd. overall relocation project 50000
Total investment amount 115820.00
Chengdu Hao Technology Co., Ltd. nearly four years of financial indicators
Financial indicators / time June 2015 Year 2014 year 2013 2012
Total assets (100 million yuan) 8.9200 7.9774 6.3251 5.7882
Net assets (billion) 6.4604 5.7820 4.5816 4.4753
Minority interests (RMB'0000) 3203.71 2868.43 2500.70 2394.97
Operating income (100 million yuan) 3.0469 6.1343 4.8422 3.9099
Net profit (billion) 0.68 1.40 1.07 0.95
Capital reserve (ten thousand yuan) 2432.63 2432.63 832.63 2432.63
Undistributed profit (billion) 4.67 4.02 3.21 2.96
Basic earnings per share (yuan)        
Diluted earnings per share (yuan)        
Cash flow per share 0.50 1.33 1.31 0.75
Roe(%) 11.09 27.75 23.92
Chengdu Hao Technology Co., Ltd. major shareholders
Serial number Shareholder name Number of shares held Percentage of total share capital (%)
1 To the east 20000000 25
2 Xu Yingchao 7600000 9.5
3 To the stars 7450000 9.3125
4 Du Tingqiang 5210000 6.5125
5 To Zhaoming 4000000 5
6 Liao Xinmin 3700000 4.625
7 Wu Shaoping 3457800 4.3223
8 Yang yan 3050000 3.8125
9 Zhang yong 3000000 3.75
10 Li quality 2500000 3.125
total 59967800 74.9598