When Dangdang went to Hainan Airlines?
Dangdang Introduction

Dangdang is a well-known comprehensive online shopping mall. Since its official opening in November 1999, Dangdang has expanded from selling online books to online sales of various categories of department stores, including books and audio, beauty, home, mother and baby, clothing and 3C. Dozens of major categories such as digital, millions of products. On September 12, 2016, Dangdang was retired from the NYSE and became a privately-held company.

Tianhai Investment, a subsidiary of the HNA Department, issued an announcement on March 9 that it is talking about Dangdang’s purchase of shares, but the specific plan is still in the process of communication and negotiation...[full text]
Dangdang co-founder and CEO Li Guoqing’s voice on Weibo was considered by the industry as a response to the “HNA acquisition” incident. ...[full text]
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Focus: Dangdang "ditched" HNA?
Valuation of about 1 billion US dollars Dangdang went to sea route

According to the announcement, the completion of this transaction will not result in a change in the actual control of the company. This means that after the completion of the transaction, Dangdang.com, owned by Li Guoqing and Yu Hao, will change hands to A-share and B-share listed company Tianhai. In addition, according to M&A practice, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu will work for Tianhai for a period of time. . ...[Details]

HNA Department of the two companies clearly restructured the target Tianhai Investment plans to take over Dangdang

On the evening of March 9, the two companies of the Hainan Airlines Group released new restructuring progress at the same time, revealing a clear asset of the reorganization target. Following the Group’s large sale of assets, the breakout path of the H-share A-share company has gradually become clear. ...[Details]

Rumors once again verified HNA acquired Dangdang!

Rumors have never been groundless. On the evening of March 9, Tianjin Tianhai Investment & Development Co., Ltd. (Tianhai Investment, 600751.SH), a subsidiary of the HNA Group, announced that it will acquire the old e-commerce provider Dangdang.com, which started with online sales of books. ...[Details]

Li Guoqing responds to the merger and acquisition of Hainan Airlines:

In the early morning of March 11, Dangdang Co-founder and CEO Li Guoqing made a deep embarrassment late at night, saying that "the world is going to be my company and the world is going to be cloudless!" This is the first time that the news of its merger and acquisition of Dangdang.com has been heard. ...[Details]

What is the mystery behind Dangdang?
Dangdang.com's sale to HNA will not result in a change in the actual control rights

Up to now, the company has not signed a formal reorganization agreement with the counterparty. The restructuring plan, transaction structure, and underlying assets have not yet been finalized, and adjustments may be made in the future based on due diligence and negotiating with potential counterparties. The announcement also stressed that the completion of this transaction will not result in changes in the actual control of the company. ...[Details]

What is Dangdang's last straw overpowering Li Guoqing?

The story has changed dramatically. With the great development of e-commerce, the fields outside of books have flourished. The original younger brother suddenly emerged in the 3C category to kill Dangdang by surprise. According to statistics, in the third quarter of 2015, the total revenue of Dangdang was 2.279 billion yuan, while Jingdong Mall's total revenue for the same period was 44.1 billion yuan. ...[Details]

Two years after the United States withdrew from the market, the A shares will be sold to Tianhai Investment

With the rapid rise of Ali and Jingdong, Dangdang, which has been sticking to its main business, gradually fell out of the first echelon for various reasons. Until the privatization delisted in 2016, the company's market value was only 537 million US dollars, less than a quarter of the time it was listed in 2010, which was far from the tens of billions of dollars of market value of Jingdong and Ali at that time. ...[Details]

Wu Xiaobo: Dangdang may be sold but Li Guoqing’s circle of friends makes people want to laugh

Many Internet companies in China have romantic love stories. For example, Alibaba, who was “born” in the same year as Dangdang, started his business with Ma Yun and his wife Zhang Jian. Dangdang’s competitor Jingdong, even the names Liu Qiangdong took from the names of himself and his ex-girlfriend. . ...[Details]

Dangdang network
China's Internet "dangdang" juvenile disease

Silence has been long, and Dangdang has a lot to say. This e-commerce company, which was once regarded as the Chinese version of Amazon, gradually became the industry's footnote under the rise of BATJ. After the listing performance has been poor, in the third quarter of 2015, Dangdang’s last financial report was long ago left behind by Jingdong. ...[Details]

The old e-commerce Dangdang.com will sell itself.

The old e-commerce Dangdang.com, once known as the "Amazon of China," will change hands. Tianhai Investment (600751), a subsidiary of the Hainan Airlines Group, announced the progress of the reorganization on the evening of March 9. The company disclosed for the first time that the underlying assets were related to Beijing Dangdang Corwin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. and Beijing Dangdang Information Technology Co., Ltd. ...[Details]

Dangdang that was delayed by the husband and wife shop: I can't burn my money. I can't get rid of the book label.

Wall Street-born Yu Hao has not been drastic enough in Dangdang's capital operation these years. In order not to dilute equity and lose control of the company, Dangdang has been particularly conservative in the financing process of other competitors. ...[Details]

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