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Guangdong good wife technology IPO
Company Profile

Guangdong good wife Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the well-known home business, located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, since 1999 was committed to creating "good wife" brand, after ten years of development, Now a good wife has become the world's largest drying rack industry R & D, production, sales, service providers.

IPO related information
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Issue price (yuan / share)  
Issue price-earnings ratio  
Online release date  
Number of shares issued online (shares)  
Purchase the upper limit (shares)  
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Listing date  
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Guangdong good wife Technology Group Co., Ltd. Basic information
Basic situation company name Guangdong good wife Technology Group Co., Ltd
Total share capital before issuance 36,000.00 million shares The total share capital to be issued 40100.00 million shares
The number to be issued 410000 shares The total share capital after the issue 10.22%
Declaration date 2016-9-30 On the state Not on the meeting
On the date   Purchase date  
Listing date   To be listed Shanghai Stock Exchange
Significant financial indicators (as of) Earnings per share   Before the issue of net assets per share 1.32
Cash flow per share -0.21 Roe 3.24
Underwriters and Profit Distribution Lead underwriter GF Securities Underwriting method Balance underwriting
Issuance committee members  
Profit Distribution The undistributed profits of the Company before the issuance of the Company shall be enjoyed by all the shareholders registered in the Company after the initial public offering of shares.
Company Profile Computer technology development, technical services; network technology research and development; electronic, communication and automatic control technology research and development; engineering and technology research and test development; mechanical engineering design services; intelligent installation engineering services; metal building decoration materials manufacturing; Metal daily necessities manufacturing; household appliances wholesale; department store retail (except food retail); daily miscellaneous goods integrated retail; metal decoration materials retail. (In accordance with the law to be approved by the relevant departments approved by the relevant business activities)
Raise funds to be used for the project Serial number project Amount of investment (ten thousand yuan)
1 R & D center construction project 19386.61
2 Marketing channel upgrade project 27442.76
3 Information system upgrade project 4929.38
4 Smart home products production base construction projects 48699.32
Total investment amount 100458.07
Guangdong good wife Technology Group Co., Ltd. nearly four years of financial indicators
Financial indicators / time March 2016 2015 Year 2014 year 2013
Total assets (100 million yuan) 5.5250 6.3148 4.7633 2.8414
Net assets (billion) 4.7393 4.5883 3.2547 2.1368
Minority interests (RMB'0000)        
Operating income (100 million yuan) 1.1906 6.7870 5.9421 5.0823
Net profit (billion) 0.15 1.33 1.12 0.84
Capital reserve (ten thousand yuan) 10711.44      
Undistributed profit (billion) 0.07 3.78 2.59 1.58
Basic earnings per share (yuan)        
Diluted earnings per share (yuan)        
Cash flow per share -0.21      
Roe(%) 3.24    
Guangdong good wife Technology Group Co., Ltd. major shareholder
Serial number Shareholder name Number of shares held Percentage of total share capital (%)
1 Shen Hanbiao 217395000 60.3875
2 Wang miaoyu 112500000 31.25
3 Hou Pengde 22500000 6.25
4 Guangzhou City to enjoy home investment partnership (limited partnership) 7605000 2.1125
total 360000000 100