Hunan Branch record information technology IPO
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Hunan Branch Year Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a discipline of information science company, is a national high-tech enterprises. January 1998 registered in Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone is registered capital of 53,619,999 yuan. Companies to computer software development, service outsourcing, information systems integration services as the main business.

The latest will declare business
company name The number of plans to be issued
Ming Chen Health Products Co., Ltd. 2036 million
Shanghai Tianyong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. 19.3 million
Shanghai Mercury Home Textile Co., Ltd. 6667 million
Steady Medical Products Co., Ltd. 122.66 million
Zhejiang Chunhui Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. 1886 million
Nanjing Pharmaceutical Stone Technology Co., Ltd. 18,333,300
Zhuzhou Hongda Electronics Co., Ltd. 40 million
Poinsettia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 40 million
Zhejiang Henglin Chairs Co., Ltd. 25 million
Love Cordy Co., Ltd. 235 million
Ningbo Lehui International Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. 18.65 million
Xinjiang Torch Gas Co., Ltd. 35.5 million
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Kechuang information basic information
Distribution status Stock code 300730 Stock abbreviation Section information
Purchase code 300730 Place of listing Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Issue price (yuan / share) 8.36 Issue price-earnings ratio 22.98
P / E reference industry Software and Information Technology Services Reference industry P / E ratio (latest) 52.36
Issue face value (yuan) 1 The actual amount of funds raised (100 million yuan) 1.94
Online release date 2017-11-23 (Thu) Net placement date 2017-11-23
Number of online issuance (shares) 9,296,000 Under the net number of placement (shares) 13,944,000
Number of shares transferred (shares) - Total number of shares (shares) 23,240,000
Subscription limit (shares) 9,000 In the payment date 2017-11-27 (Mon)
Top grid purchase with market value (million) 9.00 Online purchase market capitalization date T-2 days (T: online purchase date)
Under the net purchase with the market value (million) 6000.00 Net purchase market capitalization date 2017-11-14 Week (b)
Distribution method Distribution method type Online pricing issue, under the net quotation placement, market purchase
Release Notes The use of offline inquiry to the inquiry object Placing and online public investors to market value of the purchase price of a combination of pricing or the use of other means of distribution approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission
Subscription status In the sign date 2017-11-27 (Mon) Listing date   
Online issuance success rate (%) - Net placement placement rate (%) -
Results announcement notice date 2017-11-27 (a) Under the net placing subscription multiple  
Initial inquiry Total number of shares (million shares) 3486730.00 Preliminary inquiry cumulative price multiples 2500.52
Online purchase of households (households)   Net effective purchase of households (households)  
Online effective purchase shares (million shares)   Net under the effective subscription shares (million shares)  
In the sign In the sign date 2017-11-27 (Mon)
Underwriters Lead underwriter Western Securities Co., Ltd. Underwriting method Balance underwriting
Before the release of net assets per share (yuan 2.32 After the release of net assets per share (yuan 1.74
Dividend distribution policy Before the issue of shares, the undistributed profit accumulated by the Company was shared by the old and new shareholders after the issue.
First day performance First day opening price (yuan) - First day closing price (yuan) -
First day opening premium (%) - First day closing gains (%) -
First day turnover rate (%) - First day of the highest increase (%) -
Opening date - Total increase (%) -
Continuous word board - Open daily average price -
Each won a profit (yuan) -
Business Scope Research, development, production and sales of computer software, hardware and network system integration, industrial vision inspection and control system, electronic products (excluding electronic publications) and related technical services; design and construction of weak electrical engineering; professional design of lightning protection engineering , Construction (C); TV monitoring, burglar alarm system construction, maintenance; household appliances, office supplies distribution (mine engineering qualification certificate is valid until September 29, 2009, the above involves the administrative license with a permit to operate) .
Main business For the corporate customers set software development, system integration, IT operation and maintenance is one of the integrated information technology solutions.
Raise funds to be used for the project Serial number project Investment amount (ten thousand yuan)
1 Proprietary cloud platform technology upgrade project 7351.13
2 Big data platform technology upgrades and application research and development projects 8594.83
3 R & D center project 4807.72
4 Marketing network construction projects 2792.9
Total investment amount 23546.58
Raised funds in excess (actual raised funds - total investment amount) -4117.94
Total investment amount compared with the actual total funds raised 121.20%
Kechuang information and financial indicators
Financial indicators / time September 2017 June 2017 December 2016 December 2015
Total assets (100 million yuan) 3.2997 3.1632 3.5859 3.4452
Net assets (100 million yuan) 1.7543 1.6195 1.7800 1.4927
Minority interests (10,000 yuan) 22.08 22.08 68.42 107.64
Operating income (100 million yuan) 1.2861 0.5889 2.7143 2.4946
Net profit (100 million yuan) 0.03 -0.10 0.38 0.33
Capital reserve (million) 742.66 742.66 742.66 742.66
Undistributed profit (100 million yuan) 0.83 0.70 0.85 0.60
Basic earnings per share (yuan) - -0.17 0.49 0.47
Diluted earnings per share (yuan) - -0.17 0.49 0.47
Cash flow per share (yuan) - -1.05 0.07 0.52
Roe(%) 1.97 -5.87 23.13 25.87
Kechuangxin major shareholders
Serial number Name of shareholder Number of shares Proportion in total share capital (%)
1 Fei Yaoping 8181885 11.74
2 Li Jie 8062933 11.57
3 Li Jianhua 7249516 10.4
4 Central South University Assets Management Co., Ltd. 6979127 10.01
5 Liu Xingsha 6861398 9.84
6 Liu Yinglong 4345497 6.23
7 Changsha Kim Shin Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. 3787333 5.43
8 Hunan Branch Yuelu Venture Capital Co., Ltd. 3787333 5.43
9 Lily 3657333 5.25
10 Chen Shanghui 1036174 1.49
total 53948529 77.39
Kechuang information it