Huaneng Lancang Hydropower IPO
Company Profile

The company's main task is to carry out rolling development of the Lancang River Basin hydropower station based on the principle of “basin, cascade, rolling and comprehensive” and actively participate in hydropower development in other basins. The company is committed to providing high-quality, clean energy to the majority of users, and strives to become an important backbone enterprise in Yunnan Province, "West-to-East Power Transmission" and "Cloud Power Delivery" and to build a core enterprise with hydropower as the main power industry.

The latest company will declare the company
company name Proposed number of issues
Changzhou Zhongying Technology Co., Ltd. 17.5 million
Beijing Zhongshi Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. 21.72 million
Huizhou Guanghong Technology Co., Ltd. 88.86 million
Shanghai Jinhe Commercial Management Co., Ltd. 70 million
Suzhou Chunqiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 34.25 million
Shandong Fiberglass Group Co., Ltd. 75 million
Guojin Gold Co., Ltd. 40.30 million
Chengdu Nibilu Technology Co., Ltd. 12.5 million
Yunnan Shennong Agricultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. 34 million
Haoquan Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 14.4 million
Huizhou Desai Xiwei Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. 100 million
Chengdu Xiling Power Technology Co., Ltd. 40 million
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Huaneng Hydropower Basic Information
Issuance status Stock code 600025 Stock short name Huaneng Hydropower
Purchase code 730025 Listing location Shanghai Stock Exchange
Issue price (yuan/share) 2.17 Issue price-earnings ratio 76.86
P/E ratio reference industry Electricity, heat production and supply Reference industry price-earnings ratio (latest) 18.59
Issued face value (yuan) 1 The total amount of funds raised (100 million yuan) 39.06
Online release date 2017-12-05 (Tuesday) Offline placement date 2017-12-05
Online issue quantity (shares) 540,000,000 The number of shares placed under the net (shares) 1,260,000,000
Number of shares transferred (shares) - Total number of shares (shares) 1,800,000,000
Maximum number of purchases (shares) 540,000 Date of payment 2017-12-07 (Thursday)
The online top purchase must be matched with the market value (ten thousand yuan) 540.00 Online purchase confirmation date T-2 (T: Online subscription date)
Online purchase must be matched with market value (ten thousand yuan) 6000.00 Online purchase confirmation market value confirmation date 2017-11-06 week (1)
Issuance method Type of distribution method Online pricing, offline inquiry, market value purchase
Release method description The use of offline inquiry object placement and online fund purchase pricing issuance, or other methods approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
Purchase status The date of the announcement 2017-12-07 (Thursday) Listing date   
Online issuance rate (%) - Under-ship placement rate (%) -
Announcement date of the winning result 2017-12-07 (4) Under-the-order placement subscription multiple  
Initial inquiry cumulative number of shares (10,000 shares) 125750150.00 Preliminary inquiry cumulative quotation multiple 998.02
Number of valid online purchases (households)   The number of valid subscriptions under the net (household)  
Effective number of shares purchased online (10,000 shares)   Effective number of shares purchased under the net (10,000 shares)  
Signature number The date of the announcement 2017-12-07 (Thursday)
Underwriter Lead underwriter   Underwriting method  
Net assets per share before issue (yuan)   Net assets per share after issuance (yuan)  
Dividend distribution policy Before the stock issuance, the undistributed profits of the company will be shared by the new and old shareholders after the issuance.
First day performance First day opening price (yuan) - First day closing price (yuan) -
First day opening premium (%) - First day closing gains (%) -
First day turnover rate (%) - The highest increase on the first day (%) -
Opening date - Total increase (%) -
Continuous number of plates - Average daily price of opening -
Every one sign is profitable (yuan) -
Business Scope Development, construction, production, operation and sales of energy resources such as electric power at home and abroad; investment, consulting, overhaul, maintenance and management services for energy projects such as electric power; investment, development, construction, production, operation and products of related extension industries Sales; material procurement, sales and import and export business.
Main business Development, investment, construction, operation and management of hydropower projects
Projects that will be used to raise funds Serial number project Investment amount (ten thousand yuan)
1 Miaowei Hydropower Station 1779400
2 Wulonglong Hydropower Station 1213200
3 Lidi Hydropower Station 545600
Total investment amount 3538200.00
Excessive funds raised (actually raised funds - total investment amount) -3147600.00
The total amount of investment is compared with the total amount of funds actually raised 905.84%
Huaneng Hydropower Financial Indicators
Financial indicator/time September 2017 June 2017 March 2017 December 2016
Total assets (100 million yuan) 1665.7993 1649.8462 1647.1461 1620.6827
Net assets (100 million yuan) 368.6282 367.6729 361.7135 352.8859
Minority shareholders' equity (ten thousand yuan) 178532.79 177026.63 170856.09 163324.24
Operating income (100 million yuan) 91.0682 64.8126 32.8148 115.5203
Net profit (100 million yuan) 18.01 16.74 8.82 7.33
Capital reserve (ten thousand yuan) 1691413.09 1691413.09 1692434.60 1691413.09
Undistributed profit (100 million yuan) 16.17 15.21 9.63 1.62
Basic earnings per share (yuan) - - - -
Diluted earnings per share (yuan) - - - -
Cash flow per share (yuan) - 0.22 0.09 0.52
Roe(%) - 4.42 - 1.49
Huaneng Hydropower Major Shareholder
Serial number Shareholder name Number of shares held Proportion of total share capital (%)
1 China Huaneng Group Corporation 9072000000 56
2 Yunnan Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. 5086800000 31.4
3 Yunnan Hehe (Group) Co., Ltd. 2041200000 12.6
total 16200000000 100