Focus on A shares included in MSCI

Since June 21, 2017, after the fourth round of the A-share MSCI Emerging Markets Index was completed, the news about the A-shares has been heard. On June 1, MSCI officially launched the A-shares into the process, and the MSCI theme investment opportunities Received the attention of investors. Recently, MSCI issued a temporary announcement to disclose the results of the share adjustment of the relevant index. At this point, MSCI's 234 constituent stocks to be included in the A-shares announced on May 14 were adjusted to 226.

Introduction to the MSCI Index

Morgan Stanley Capital International, or MSCI, is an international company that provides global index and related derivative financial products. Its MSCI index is widely used as an investor reference. Global investment professionals, including portfolio managers, brokers, and exchanges. The MSCI Index is used by investment advisors, academics and financial media. The MSCI Index is the most widely used investment target among global portfolio managers.

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A-share entry list finalized
A shares are super heavy! MSCI really came to the 226 shares the most benefit, over 50 billion inflows 20 deep interpretation!

A new era of opening up. A-shares will usher in the most important event that has been open to the public for 28 years: officially incorporated into MSCI. According to the brokerage forecast, A-shares are currently only included in the market capitalization factor of 5%. There will be hundreds of billions of capital inflows this year, and in the future, if 100% is included, it will increase to about 1.8 trillion yuan. ...[Details]

A shares into the foreign capital has long quietly sneaked in! Foreign capital buys more than 23 shares

A shares have rebounded sharply after the plunge yesterday, welcoming the A-shares. A lot of white horse stocks, that is, MSCI stocks have risen sharply. Among them, white horse stocks, which are popular among overseas consumers, such as food and beverage, home appliances, medicine, catering and other large consumer sectors, have collectively convinced that Yili shares are in a rare daily limit. Close. ...[Details]

A shares are included in the MSCI kick-off meeting. SSE: Major passive funds have completed the opening of positions

On May 31, the Shanghai MSCI Na A sector rose 1.81%, with a turnover of 76 billion yuan, an increase of 14% over the previous trading day. It is understood that the main passive fund has completed the opening of the position. The Shanghai Stock Exchange fully maintained the stable operation of the market and basically realized the smooth transition of A shares into the MSCI index. A-shares opened up a new engine for full access to the international stock market. ...[Details]

MSCI update! Five suspended shares such as ZTE and Oriental Garden are not included in the index.

On May 30, Mingsheng Company (MSCI) issued a temporary announcement that Oriental Garden, Hainan Rubber, China Railway Group, TISCO Stainless and ZTE will not be included in the MSCI China Index for the time being, and will also be from MSCI A. The MSCI China A Inclusion and the MSCI China A Large Cap were excluded. The above stocks are still suspended as of May 30. This adjustment will take effect from June 1. ...[Details]

Institutional perspective
Industrial Securities Review MSCI: Medium-term will be expected to promote the revaluation of blue-chip leader

As more overseas investors join the A-share investment, the revaluation trend of the mid-term blue-chip leader should not be underestimated. In the long run, the opening up of the capital market is the general trend and will gradually change the rules of the A-share game. Since 2017, foreign capital inflows have accelerated. At the end of March 2018, the stock market value was 1.2 trillion, an increase of 85% from the end of 2016. The influence of overseas institutions is growing. The ratio of current shareholdings to domestic public fund companies holding A shares is about 1.2vs 1.8 trillion. ...[Details]

Northeast Securities: A-shares are included in the MSCI final plan, which is generally in line with expectations.

Overall, yesterday's market showed obvious MSCI driving characteristics under the influence of MSCI's announcement of the final A-share into the emerging market index program. The top three industries in the increase have always been the industries sought by foreign investors represented by the company, and the non-banking financial and banking companies with the increase are also favored by the north. ...[Details]

GF Securities: A-shares included in MSCI will increase risk appetite for large-cap stocks

According to the GF Strategy Research Report, the inclusion of MSCI is expected to bring about 100 billion yuan of inflows to A shares in the short term. In the short-term, the inclusion of MSCI has little effect on A-shares. The risk appetite for large-cap stocks will increase after the A-shares are formally incorporated into MSCI. In the long run, the increase in the proportion of institutional investors will help A-shares maintain stable and healthy development for a long time. ...[Details]

Shen Wanhongyuan: MSCI accelerates the A-share “US stock” process and is expected to usher in 100 billion incremental funds.

Shen Wanhongyuan believes that since 2015, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index has significantly outperformed Wandequan A; since 2017, the MSCI Large-Term Interim Index has received significant excess returns from the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index. In 2018, it is expected to usher in a passive incremental fund of around 100 billion. Foreign capital has accelerated the A-share market, and the influence of foreign capital has become increasingly deep. The opening of the A-share market is unstoppable. ...[Details]

Everbright Securities: MSCI is not the savior. Short-term boost will not change the trend for a long time.

Everbright Securities believes that MSCI is not a savior, and it will rebound in the short-term and will not change its trend in the long run. The inclusion of the MSCI index has a positive impact on the A-share market's May trend, but does not determine long-term trends. Of the $16 billion that tracked MSCI, only $1 billion is linked-tracked index funds. However, given the timing of reference-tracked funds, it is still possible in May against the current low valuation of A-shares. There are tens of billions of funds flowing into A shares. ...[Details]

Ping An Securities Review MSCI: A-share global allocation value appears Blue-chip welcomes repair market

Although MSCI was officially effective on June 1 and September 3, since April 18, the funds in the north have begun to show signs of accelerating inflows. Under the dual opening of financial open marketization and institutionalization, the A-share market The value of global allocation is gradually emerging, and the experience of RMB asset allocation has never been seen. The continuous entry of global funds is the general trend. ...[Details]

Funding trends
When is the overseas funds placed in the layout? Detailed explanation of MSCI into A hot issues

Since the announcement of the inclusion of A shares in June last year, MSCI's preparation for the inclusion of A shares has been basically ready. What has the parties done in the past year? When is the overseas funds placed in the layout? What changes have been made to the A shares themselves? Recently, MSCI Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific Research Department Xie Zhengyu accepted an exclusive interview with the Shanghai Stock Exchange reporter to explain these issues. ...[Details]

MSCI Xie Zhengyu: Passive fund materials are adjusted once in the day of entering the motorcycle

MSCI Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific Research Department Xie Zhengyu said that the active fund tracking the MSCI index has started to deploy A-shares ahead of last year, while overseas funds that passively track the MSCI Emerging Markets Index are expected to be included in the A-shares at MSCI. Adjust the position once a day. ...[Details]

Keep an eye on A-shares in the MSCI index Southeast Asia Middle East investors or configure A-shares

When these investors look at A-shares, they actually look at the entire market, including Hong Kong stocks, A-shares, and Chinese stocks listed overseas. They do not invest in A-shares, Hong Kong stocks or China-listed stocks as they did before. Whether they ask the agency to help them make a mandate or issue a product or even invest, they will look at the perspective of all China. ...[Details]

A shares are included in MSCI! This year, foreign investment has exceeded 100 billion. How much market is worth looking forward to?

According to CICC, although the overall performance of A-shares has been sluggish since the end of March, Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Tongbei has been continuously buying A-share funds, which may indicate that some active funds are gradually buying. In order to reduce the tracking error, passive funds often need to wait until the date when the index adjustment starts to take effect (ie, near June 1). ...[Details]

A share entry list
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