Fluffy food IPO
Company Profile

Xiangpiao Piao Food Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2005. It is located in Huzhou, a beautiful city on the south shore of Taihu Lake in northern Zhejiang. The company has a total investment of 250 million yuan and a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The factory covers an area of ​​100 mu. One of the largest professional manufacturers of tea cups in China

The latest company will declare
company name Intended circulation
Changzhou Zhongying Technology Co., Ltd. 17.5 million
Beijing Zhongshi Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. 21.72 million
Huizhou Guanghong Technology Co., Ltd. 88.68 million
Shanghai Jinhe Commercial Management Co., Ltd. 70 million
Suzhou Chunqiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 34.25 million
Shandong Fiberglass Group Co., Ltd. 75 million
Guojin Gold Co., Ltd. 40.30 million
Chengdu Nibiru Technology Co., Ltd. 12.5 million
Yunnan Shennong Agricultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. 34 million
Yiquan Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 14.4 million
Huizhou City Desai Xiwei Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. 100 million
Chengdu Xiling Power Technology Co., Ltd. 40 million
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Fragrant fluttering basic information
Distribution status Stock code 603711 Short stock Fragrance
Purchase code 732711 Listing location Shanghai Stock Exchange
Issue price (yuan/share) 14.18 Issue price-earnings ratio 22.99
Price-earnings ratio reference industry Wine, beverage and refined tea manufacturing Reference industry price-earnings ratio (newest) 43.74
Issuance value (yuan) 1 Total actual funds raised (100 million yuan) 5.67
Online release date 2017-11-21 (Tuesday) Online placement date 2017-11-21
Online distribution quantity (shares) 10,010,000 Net Placing Quantity (Shares) 30,000,000
Transfer of old shares (shares) - Total issued amount (shares) 40,010,000
Maximum number of subscriptions (shares) 10,000 Payment date 2017-11-23 (Thursday)
Top online subscription needs to be allocated with market value (ten thousand yuan) 10.00 Online purchase of market value confirmation day T-2 Day (T: Online Subscription Day)
Offline purchase requires market value (ten thousand yuan) 6000.00 Online purchase price confirmation day 2017-11-13 weeks (1)
Distribution method Release method type Online pricing distribution, offline inquiry placing, market value purchase
Distribution method Use a combination of offline offline inquiry object placement and online capital subscription pricing, or use other distribution methods approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission
Purchase status Lottery Announcement Date 2017-11-23 (Thursday) Listing date   
Online subscription rate (%) - Net placement success rate (%) -
Lottery result announcement date 2017-11-23 (4) Offline Placement Subscription Multiples  
Initial inquiry cumulative quoted shares (million shares) 2402400.00 Initial inquiry cumulative quote multiple 800.80
Number of online valid purchases (households)   Effective offline purchases (households)  
Online effective purchase of shares (million shares)   Effective offline purchases (million shares)  
Zhonghao Lottery Announcement Date 2017-11-23 (Thursday)
Underwriter Lead Underwriter China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. Underwriting method Balance underwriting
Pre-release net assets per share (yuan) 3.43 Net assets per share after issue (yuan) 4.35
Dividend distribution policy The undistributed profits of the company before the issuance of shares are shared by the new and old shareholders after the issuance according to the proportion of shares held.
First day performance First day opening price (yuan) - First day closing price (yuan) -
Opening price on the first day (%) - First day closing gain (%) -
First day turnover rate (%) - The highest increase on the first day (%) -
Opening date - Total increase (%) -
Continuous word board - Open board daily average price -
Each time a winner is signed (RMB) -
Business Scope Licensed operating items: production of beverages (solid beverages, liquid beverages, dairy products) and sales of self-produced products. General management items: food production technology consulting and product research and development, import and export of goods and technology; branch offices are located in No.1318, Xifeng Road, West District, Huzhou City.
Main business Milk tea product development, production and sales
Fundraising project will be used for No. project Investment amount (ten thousand yuan)
1 Annual output of 103,600 tons of liquid milk tea construction project 26056.19
2 Annual production capacity of 145,400 tons of cup milk tea automated production line construction project 48792.36
Total amount of investment 74848.55
Excess funds raised (actually raised funds - total investment amount) -18114.37
The total amount of investment compared with the total amount of funds actually raised 131.93%
Fragrant fluttering financial indicators
Financial indicators/time September 2017 December 2016 December 2015 June 2015
Total assets (100 million yuan) 21.4296 21.6855 16.7684 10.6678
Net assets (100 million yuan) 12.3358 12.6385 9.9739 8.6486
Minority shareholders' equity (million yuan) - - -35.45 -
Operating income (100 million yuan) 13.4033 23.8971 19.5174 5.9837
Net profit (100 million yuan) 0.82 2.66 2.03 0.71
Capital reserve (10,000 yuan) - - - -
Undistributed profits (100 million yuan) 8.27 8.57 6.01 4.77
Basic earnings per share (yuan) - - - -
Diluted earnings per share (yuan) - - - -
Cash flow per share (yuan) -0.18 1.02 0.31 -1.18
Roe(%) 6.57 23.53 22.77 8.57
Hong Kong's major shareholders
No. Shareholder name The number of shares held Proportion of total share capital (%)
1 Jiang Jianqi 235946520 65.5407
2 Jiang Jianbin 36000000 10
3 Ningbo Zhitongdao Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) 34965720 9.7127
4 Lu Jiahua 28800000 8
5 Jiang Xiaoying 18000000 5
6 Cai Jianfeng 5040000 1.4
7 Hook the sea 479880 0.1333
8 Chen Qiang 288000 0.08
9 Shen Shijie 288000 0.08
10 Yu Qimi 191880 0.0533
total 360000000 100