Postal Savings Bank 2018 Annual Results Announcement

In 2018, the Postal Savings Bank adhered to the retail strategic positioning, implemented the new development concept and high-quality development requirements, continued to improve its operating performance, continued improvement in profitability, continued to lay a solid foundation for provision, excellent asset quality, and significant service quality and economic efficiency. , handed over a beautiful answer sheet.

Headline article
On March 26, China Postal Savings Bank Co., Ltd. (01658.HK) announced its 2018 annual results. According to the annual report, the revenue of the Postal Savings Bank increased by 16.18% in 2018, the profit before provision increased by 39.91%, the net interest rate increased by 27 BP, the cost-to-income ratio dropped by 7.04%, and the asset quality continued to lead the industry. The non-performing loan ratio was only 0.86%, and the provision coverage ratio was as high as 346.80%. ...[full text]
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