Focus on China's capital market embracing Unicorn enterprises
What is a unicorn business

Unicorn is a creature in mythology, it is rare and noble. Aileen Lee, a well-known American CowboyVenture investor, classified start-ups in the private and public markets valued at more than $ 1 billion in 2013 and called them "Unicorns."

In December 2017, Hurun Research Institute released the "2017 Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index", with a total of 120 unicorns in Greater China, with an overall valuation of over 3 trillion yuan. Beijing became a unicorn enterprise Most cities, accounting for 45% of the total number of enterprises, followed by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. Ant gold clothes, drip travel, millet company valuation occupy the top three.

Small survey
Policy trends
Xiao Gang: A shares to meet the "Unicorn" business is the innovation of the approval system

CPPCC National Committee member, former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission to interview with Securities Times reporter said that A-share reform of the IPO system to serve unicorn listed on the IPO approval system is the innovation. ... [Details]

Development and Reform Commission will accelerate the development of new kinetic energy or Unicorn enterprises policy support

Relevant departments this year will also implement the "910" integrated circuit, bio-industry and other strategic emerging industries major projects. It is also one of the ideas for future policies to support Unicorns by giving corresponding policy support (including capital and technology) as a fulcrum to boost the development of China's strategic emerging industries. ... [Details]

IPO issuance reform is getting louder A shares will usher in a group of high-quality "Unicorn" company?

Since the beginning of this year, regulators have frequently investigated new-economy enterprises and have taken the position of reforming the system of issuing, listing and listing, and have increased their support for new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models. Many insiders said regulators can learn from overseas market conditions, set a diversified market revenue and other standards, so as to support the new economy bigger and stronger companies. ... [Details]

Regulators recent intensive research "Unicorn" business! A shares of New Deal signal has sprouted

At the beginning of the new year, a number of regulatory authorities and regulators including the exchange went to places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to investigate high-tech enterprises and listened to enterprises in the areas of internet, smart manufacturing, biomedicine and eco-environment better serving the capital market. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advice and advice ... [Details]

Shenzhen Stock Exchange: to strengthen the "Unicorn" and other corporate services to attract benchmark companies listed

Shenzhen Stock Exchange released "Development Strategy Plan (2018-2020)". The outline points out that it is necessary to attract benchmark-oriented innovative enterprises to go public. Give full play to market resources, training, research, products, information services and other resource advantages, improve the entire enterprise service system covering the pre-listing, listing, listing after the market, and actively do a good job strategy, service docking work, enterprise groups to provide full chain service solutions . Focus on the benchmark, strengthen the "Unicorn" and other emerging industries and enterprises, strive to attract a number of high-quality enterprises to enter the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. ... [Details]

Key company dynamics
NetEase Ding Lei: A back to what form to listen to arrangements

If the return of A shares listed, is the way of ordinary A shares or convertible stock certificate (CDR) approach? Ding Lei, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman and chief executive officer of Netease, said in an interview on the 3rd: "We have heard about the arrangement of the policy." For today's news that NetEase was shortlisted for the first batch of CDR lists, Ding Lei smiled and asked reporters "Are you sure? "After that," hope so. " ... [Details]

Wang Xiaochuan: Sogou will consider returning A shares

According to the Securities Daily reported March 2, the reporter interviewed CPPCC National Committee members, Sogou Wang Xiaochuan mentioned: "Sogou will not consider the return of A shares?" "Sogou optimistic about this matter, there are also willing to return to A shares, will follow the policy Go. "Wang Xiaochuan said that after all, the company is serving Chinese Internet users, and now the policy is more supportive, the company is considering this matter. ... [Details]

Robin Li Baidu respond to the domestic market: as long as the policy allows hope to come back as soon as possible

On March 2, Li Yanhong, member of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman and CEO of Baidu, made a statement on Baidu's return to the domestic market when interviewed by the media. Li said that it has been hoped that Baidu will be able to list the entire country domestically as the major users and markets are in China and that it is the best situation if the major shareholders are also in China. Robin Li also said that any time the policy allows Baidu to return, we certainly hope that we can return to the domestic stock market as soon as possible. ... [Details]

AI Unicorn cloud technology from the IPO to be listed or will enter the "fast track"

According to a number of media reports, as the domestic market share of the highest industry, ongoing B + round of financing AI national team cloud from science and technology embarked on a trial of the "fast track." It is reported that cloud from science and technology is the only national team in the head of computer vision, the construction of the National Development and Reform Commission, a major project of the basic project - "artificial intelligence infrastructure resources public service platform" and industrialization project major project "industrialization of face recognition system Application platform. " ... [Details]

Unicorn Shang-Tang technology to the world officially become the United States major AI project the world's first alliance

According to the CSI report, it has been reported recently that MIT (MIT) officially announced that MITIQ Initiation has ushered in the world's first alliance enterprise, the unicorn enterprise AI from China. MIT-Soup Technology Alliance of Artificial Intelligence hopes to open up new avenues in areas such as computer vision, brain science intelligent algorithms, medical images and robots to promote artificial intelligence-related technological breakthroughs. ... [Details]

Millet may A shares of H shares listed simultaneously into the largest IPO this year? Millet did not comment

The Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter on March 1 saying that Xiaomi is considering dual listings in the Mainland and Hong Kong (A + H shares), and Chinese authorities have demanded that smart phone company Xiaomi be listed on the mainland. Commission representatives did not reply to the request for comment. ... [Details]

Ikki to the United States IPO "Unicorn" A-share market yet to be a breakthrough

IQiYi formally submitted a prospectus on the 28th and applied for a listing on the Nasdaq, plans to raise 1.5 billion US dollars. In addition, the US delegation commented that new technology companies such as Xiaomi have the expectation of going public overseas this year; and a batch of new technology giants represented by Ant Financial Holdings are still actively seeking the listing of A-shares. From the current regulatory conditions, A shares foster their own "Unicorn" high-tech company groups, still pending further policy breakthroughs. ... [Details]

360 return A shares: Zhou Hongyi worth to 90 billion three hundred sixty market value rose nearly 700%

A new round of making rich feast has been opened. "Red leader" Zhou Hongyi worth has also exploded with the fold several times, from the "negative Weng" jumped to billionaires. According to the 3,667 total shares of 6,367 million shares, as of 360 total market capitalization of 385 billion yuan, and 360 founder Zhou Hongyi directly and indirectly holds 1,583.5 million shares of listed companies, its worth has reached 90 billion yuan. ... [Details]

Foxconn "Special Special Issue" quickly listed "written commitment" to resolve the issue of peer competition

As the world's largest foundry for consumer electronic products, Foxconn Industrial Internet IPO IPO undoubtedly attracted the attention of the market, its enjoyment of various "privileges" is more envy of other companies to be listed. ... [Details]

Market sound
He Wannan: Some Thoughts on the Concept of "Unicorn"

In the history of A shares, there have been many green channels for trial and trial in the past, such as state-owned enterprises to solve the green channel, listed green channels in enterprises in poor areas, and so on. But as the Green Passage heats up with a variety of concepts, not only does it cool down quickly, it also leaves a feather. ... [Details]

Guo Shiliang: for the "Unicorn" green channel will bring the gospel it?

Compared with the A-share market, both the Hong Kong stock market and the overseas market, the listing threshold are more lenient, but in the past more in the stock companies, more or choose to go overseas markets to meet their overseas financing demand. However, going overseas for listing will also face many uncertain risks, such as the short-selling agency attacks, high costs of illegal activities and class actions. ... [Details]

Should be health: "Unicorn" briskly

Unicorn listed on the bull market after the success of others stock market, and A-share market over the past 10 years so many companies listed, especially the GEM, since the listing of small plates since the company has not yet found anything great Of the enterprises were born turned out, this pattern is not only criticized by the market, but also a management heart disease. ... [Details]

Nine Thai Fund Zheng Lichang: can grow into "Unicorn" enterprises need to have four characteristics

Zheng Lichang said that one is that the market should be very large, and it is impossible to grow into a large enterprise in a small space. Second, the industry must have economies of scale. The scale of the industry should be large, the enterprises have competitive advantages and the cost is low. Three good customer stickiness, why talk about customer stickiness, if a market is large, the market also has economies of scale, but your customers can easily be dug by others, this situation will be very troublesome, will lead to this market The competition is fiercer and fiercer. At the core is the fourth point. This enterprise must have a killer or a nuclear weapon, a killer and a nuclear weapon capable of capturing the characteristics of the market and rapidly growing up. ... [Details]

Cheng Dan: to meet the science and technology "Unicorn" A shares need to do what preparation

We should actively promote the establishment of a differentiated and inclusive system of exchange-traded issuance and listing standards, and provide direct financing channels for the new model and new-type growth enterprises. Only by increasing the acceptance of "Unicorns" by capital markets, A-share can retain the next "Alibaba" and become the main driving force for promoting high-quality economic development. ... [Details]

Greater China unicorn business list
Company Name Enterprise valuation range (100 million yuan) Head Headquarters industry Some investment institutions
Ant gold clothes 4000 Peng Lei Hangzhou Internet banking Chunhua Capital, CIC Overseas, CCB Trust
Drip trip 3000 Cheng Wei Beijing Car traffic Tencent, Alibaba, Softbank China
Millet 2000 Lei Jun Beijing hardware IDG, Qiming Venture Capital, Morningside Capital
New beauty big 2000 Wang Xing Beijing Internet service Tencent, DST, today's capital
Today's headlines 1000 Zhang Yiming Beijing Cultural entertainment Sequoia Capital, Heiner Asia, CCB Capital
Ningde era 1000 Zeng Yu group Ningde Car traffic SDIC innovation, Bohai gorgeous, Junlian capital
Lu Jin 1000 Counting Kwai students Shanghai Internet banking Morgan Stanley, Bank of China Group, Guotai Junan (Hong Kong)
Xinjiang 800 Wang Tao Shenzhen robot Accel, Sequoia Capital, Mercury Investment
Word of mouth 500 Fan Chi Hangzhou Internet service Ali Department, Silver Lake Capital
Rookie network 500 Tong Wenhong Shenzhen Logistics Services GIC, Temasek, Chunhua Capital
Jingdong Finance 500 Chen Shengqiang Beijing Internet banking Sequoia Capital, Harvest Investment, China Taiping
What's hungry? 500 Zhang Xu Hao Shanghai Internet service Jinsha River Ventures, Jingwei China, Sequoia Capital
Divine excellent car 400 Lu Zhengyao Tianjin Car traffic Yunfeng Investment, Yunling Investment, CICC
Chain home 400 Peng Yongdong Beijing Real Estate Services Financial innovation, Vanke, Tencent
Micro Bank 400 Gu Min Shenzhen Internet banking Chun Yong investment, Henggang investment, light Department of Petroleum
Wima car 300 Shen Hui Shanghai Car traffic Vision energy
IQIYI 300 Gong Yu Beijing Cultural entertainment Baidu, millet, Shun for the capital
Joint medical care 300 Xue Min Shanghai medical health China Life Insurance, SDIC innovation, gold in Germany
Wei to car 300 Li Bin Shanghai Car traffic Takatsuki capital, Tencent, Jingdong
Meizu 300 Huang Zhang Zhuhai hardware Tianyin Holdings, Alibaba, Haitong Kaiyuan
You must choose 300 Zhou Jian Shenzhen robot Qiming Venture Partners, IETF fly, CDH Investment
quick worker 200 Su Hua Beijing Cultural entertainment Sequoia Capital, Morningside Capital, Baidu
Car a lot of groups 200 Yang Hao Chung Beijing E-commerce Sequoia Capital, H CAPITAL, shimmer venture
Complex macro Hanlin 200 Liu Shigao Shanghai medical health Capitals capital
Wisdom car excellent line 200 Shen Haiyin Beijing Car traffic Tongling City Government Investment Fund
Good doctor 200 Wang Tao Shanghai medical health IDG, China Construction Capital
Earth theater 200 Liu Rong Shenzhen Cultural entertainment Ali Department
Travel with the same way 200 Wu Zhixiang Suzhou Internet service Wanda, Tencent, CITIC Capital
Wine cents network 200 Hao Hongfeng Beijing E-commerce Yueqiang Group, Sequoia Capital, Orient Fuhai
ofo 200 Dewei Beijing Car traffic Yuan Jing capital, Jingwei China, drip travel
Soft-technology 200 Liu Zihong Shenzhen hardware CITIC Industrial Fund, Cornerstone Capital, IDG
Lexin Group 200 Xiao Wenjie Shenzhen Internet banking Huasheng Capital, build a venture capital, Jingdong Group
CUP business 200 Tian Lin Shanghai Internet banking Youngor, optical capital, cloud Yi investment
Face ++ 200 India odd Beijing artificial intelligence Qiming Venture Partners, Lenovo Star, CCB International
APUS 100 Li Tao Beijing software SIG, become capital, Qiming Venture Capital
Himalayas 100 Yu Jianjun Shanghai Cultural entertainment SIG, Sierra Ventures, prosperous Qianhai
Amoy vote votes 100 Yu Yongfu Hangzhou Internet service Ali Department, CDH Investment, Sina
Micro-medicine 100 Liao Jie far Hangzhou medical health Tianye shares, Takatsuki capital, Goldman Sachs Capital
Cat's eye shadow 100 Wang Changtian Beijing Internet service Light Media, the United States Mission, Tencent
King of children 100 Wang Jianguo Nanjing E-commerce Warburg Pincus Investment, King Lam Investment, Takatsuki Capital
Mango TV 100 Zhang Yong Changsha Cultural entertainment New capital, Shanghai and China, Xiamen, built hair
About technology 100 Han Kun Beijing software Sina, red dot venture, Kay Peng Huaying
Beautiful combination 100 Chen Qi Hangzhou E-commerce Tencent, Jiyuan Capital, Ping An Innovation Investment Fund
Huimin network 100 Zhang Yichun Beijing E-commerce In the capital, the western superior capital, in co-guarantee
Excellent letter 100 Dai Kun Beijing E-commerce Monarch Capital, DCM, Bertelsmann
Bicycling 100 Wei Wei Beijing Car traffic Takatsuki capital, Warburg Pincus, Tencent
Tuoba rabbit 100 Wang Guobin Shenzhen Internet service Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China, 58 city
US dishes network 100 Liu Chuanjun Beijing E-commerce Shun as capital, Blue Lake Capital, real funds
Full & truck help 100 Wang Gang Nanjing, Guiyang Logistics Services Zhong Ding Venture Capital, Tencent, Takatsuki capital
Pingpong 100 Chen Yu Hangzhou Internet banking GF Shun Tak, Tsinghua Holdings, Fidelity
Heroes and mutual entertainment 100 Should be book Ridge Beijing game Huayi Brothers, Sequoia Capital, True Fund
Cinda biology 100 Yu Chao Suzhou medical health SDIC Innovation, Monarch Capital, Temasek
Pig network 100 Zhu Mingyue Chongqing Internet service Cyber ​​music
La Cala 100 Sun Tao Ran Beijing Internet banking Monarch Capital, Fu Xin International, Morningside Capital
Home network 100 Deng Hua gold Shanghai E-commerce CDH Investment, Baidu, China Venture Capital
Find steel net 100 Wang Dong Shanghai E-commerce IDG, Jingwei China, Sequoia Capital
Tujia network 100 Luo Jun Beijing Internet service Ctrip, Jiyuan Capital, CDH Investment
Shang Tang Technology 100 Xu Li Beijing artificial intelligence CDH, tournament capital, CICC
Youyong workshop 100 Mao Daqing Beijing Internet service CIC Hanfu, real funds, Sequoia Capital
VIPKID 100 Mi Wenjuan Beijing Internet service Yunfeng Fund, Sequoia Capital, True Fund
Yi Guo fresh 100 Golden light Shanghai E-commerce Ali Department, Shengdao Capital, Goldman Sachs Group
Betta fish 100 Zhang Wenming Wuhan Cultural entertainment Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Nanshan capital
interface 100 What force Shanghai Cultural entertainment Kunlun trust
Micro whales 100 Li Ruigang Shanghai hardware Tencent, Chinese Cultural Industry Fund
Honey buds 100 Liu Nan Beijing E-commerce Baidu, Sequoia Capital, real funds
Baby tree 100 Wang Huainan Beijing Internet service Qian He Capital, Jing Wei China, Chen Mountain Capital
Group credit network 100 Tang Jun Dongguan Internet banking Minsheng capital, earnings innovation, Huang Haihai Hui
Grassroots investment 100 Jin Zhong 栲 Hangzhou Internet banking Shun for the capital, China News Media, Yin Yin Australia abundance
Micro-store 100 Wang Ke Beijing E-commerce HCapital, Tiger Fund, Vy Capital
Safety can logistics 70 Qin Xinghua Shanghai Logistics Services Sequoia Capital, Carlyle Investment, Goldman Sachs
Yue Chang Technology 70 Tan Long Beijing Car traffic Wanda, Jingwei China, SIG
Micro-credit network 70 Yao macro Hangzhou Internet banking CSC, H & Q shares, Shanda Capital
Luo meter logistics 70 Song Rui Beijing Logistics Services IDG, really fund
Love housing estates 70 Li Yong Jin Shanghai Real Estate Services Temasek, Takatsuki capital, Morningside Capital
Yi Sheng Jinfu 70 Liu Jiang Tao Beijing Internet banking HNA Travel, H-capital
Dada - Jingdong home 70 蒯 good luck Shanghai Logistics Services Sequoia Capital, DST, Jingdong
Nern Bo 70 Gao Lufeng Tianjin hardware Haiquan Fund, millet, cis-capital
NetEase cloud music 70 Zhu smell Hangzhou Cultural entertainment Shanghai Radio and Television, SMG, mango culture
Jinshan cloud 70 Zhang Hongjiang Beijing Big data and cloud computing IDG, Kingsoft, CM investors
HJ 70 Choi Choi Rui Shanghai Internet service Hanergy Investment, Anhui New Media, Marseille Fund
Master key 70 Chen Dainian Shanghai software Haitong Kaiyuan, Northern Lights venture capital
Spring rain doctor 70 Zhang Rui Beijing medical health Blue Chi venture, Bertelsmann, CICC
I buy a net 70 Zhao plain Beijing E-commerce Taikang Life Insurance, Baidu, Yunlong Capital
Beibei network 70 Zhang Lianglun Hangzhou E-commerce IDG, New Horizon Capital, Capital Today
Rubik's Cube apartment 70 Ge Lan Shanghai Real Estate Services Air China Trust, Warburg Pincus, Germany with the capital
Everyone loans 70 Yang Yifu Beijing Internet banking Zhixin capital, Oriental Hongdao, Hong Hop Fund
58 home 70 Yao Jinbo Beijing Internet service Ali Department, KKR, Ping An Ventures
Fight a lot 70 Huang Zheng Shanghai E-commerce Gao Rong capital, New Horizon, Tencent
Clouds know the sound 70 Liang Jia-en Beijing Big data and cloud computing Qiming Ventures, Qualcomm
Rebate network 70 Ge Yongchang Shanghai E-commerce SIG, Qiming Ventures, Lotte
A lot of room 70 Duan Yi Shenzhen Real Estate Services Jia Yu Fund, the speed of light vibration, CDH Ventures
Itutorgroup 70 Yang Zhengda Beijing Internet service Qiming Venture Capital, GIC, CA venture capital
Little red book 70 Mao Wenchao Shanghai E-commerce Tencent, Genesis, real fund
51 credit card 70 Sun Haitao Hangzhou Internet banking SIG, map capital, Harvest investment
Know almost 70 Zhou source Beijing Internet service Today's capital, Qiming Ventures, Tencent
According to map technology 70 Zhu Long Shanghai artificial intelligence Yunfeng Fund, Sequoia Capital, Gao Rong capital
Tengyun world 70 Cui Xiaobo Beijing Big data and cloud computing Softbank China, Mettler, Northern Lights Venture Capital
DreamWorks 70 Wu Jing Biography Hangzhou Big data and cloud computing Ali Department, Ginkgo Valley capital, Everbright Industrial Capital
Ocean Terminal 70 Have Bibo Shanghai E-commerce Founder venture capital, SAIF Fund, Shanghai International
Nuo Zhi source 70 Li Ruiqiang Beijing medical health CMB International, SDIC Innovation, Fanghe Capital
Carbon Cloud Intelligence 70 Wang Jun Guangzhou medical health China Resources Association, Tianfu Group, Xin root capital
To start 70 Ding Gen Fang Guangzhou Internet service UTS tourism, Jinding investment, CSC
Car easy to shoot 70 Yang Xue sword Beijing E-commerce Beijing Automotive Industry Investment, Jingwei China, Morningside Capital
Jiu Fu 70 Sun Lei Beijing Internet banking IDG, Morningside Capital, DCM
TouchPal technology 70 Wang Jia Liang Shanghai software CCB International, Huagai Capital, Sequoia Capital
Hot mom help 70 Gold like Shenzhen Internet service Jingwei China, Xianfeng Huaxing, Morningside Ventures
Wound 70 Huang Cheng Song Guangzhou E-commerce Day figure capital, CMB International, Zhejiang gold control
Hunting network 70 Dai Ke Bin Beijing Internet service China Mobile Innovation, Jingwei China, Celestica Fund
Poke network 70 Tang Ying of Shanghai E-commerce Goldman Sachs Group, Settle rich Asia, China Merchants Bank
Fun customers 70 Luo Xu Beijing software CITIC Industrial Fund, Takatsuki capital, DCM
Cloud bird technology 70 Han Yi Beijing Logistics Services Warburg Pincus, Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China
Point network 70 Su Hyde Shanghai Internet banking Tiger Global Fund, Northern Lights Ventures, Shangxu Group
Car cat used car 70 Huang Wei Hangzhou E-commerce Zhejiang Fu Holdings, foreign exchange assets, Yuan Jing capital
Set Austrian convergence 70 Cui Jingjing Beijing Big data and cloud computing Jinsha River Ventures, Sina, AsiaInfo joint creation
Beneficial network 70 Wu Yi Ran Beijing Internet banking Takatsuki capital, Morningside Capital, Softbank China
Cambrian science and technology 70 Chen Tianshi Beijing hardware SDIC Venture, Alibaba, Lenovo Venture Capital
A little information 70 Li Ya Beijing Cultural entertainment Phoenix, millet, OPPO
Pig short rent 70 Chen Chi Beijing Internet service Pleasant Capital, Bertelsmann, Monarch Capital
Apes counseling 70 Li Yong Beijing Internet service IDG, Jingwei China, Warburg Pincus
Park new education 70 Sha Yunlong Beijing Internet service Haitong International, Zhixin capital