Geely Mercedes-Benz parent company's largest shareholder
Daimler introduction

Daimler AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, is the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, the world's largest luxury car maker and the second largest truck manufacturer. The company's four business units include Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles, Daimler Trucks and Daimler Financial Services.

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Daimler is expected to invest over 5% dividend yield: Mr. Li has won the first step?

Daimler plans to dividend by 3.65 euros this year, up from 3.25 euros in 2017 and a total dividend of 3.9 billion euros (3.5 billion euros in 2016). Li Shufu 9 billion acquisition of 9.69% stake, only five or six times earnings from the financial point of view there is a high investment value, in 2017 dividend calculation, the dividend yield of more than 5%. ... [Details]

Nearly 10% of the shareholders of Daimler, the auspicious Li Shufu, said insiders said the negotiations will start on the 28th

According to informed sources, after making this disclosure, on February 28, Li Shufu will go to Germany to begin negotiations with Daimler. Mr. Li hopes to turn Geely into a Chinese version of Volkswagen, with brands in all segments. According to the insiders, Geely has proposed the strategy of "Blue Geely Operation" and plans to make 90% of Geely's vehicles into new energy vehicles by 2020. ... [Details]

Daimler: This is Li Shufu's personal investment is pleased to welcome long-term investors

According to foreign media reports, a Daimler spokesman said it was a personal investment by Mr. Li and said: "We are very pleased to welcome such a long-term investor Li Shufu, his investment is out of Daimler in innovation Skill, strategy and future potential. "... [Details]

Li Shufu shares Daimler Geely seeking to establish a technical alliance of electric vehicles

Daimler AG disclosed in a document Friday that Geely has acquired a 9.69% stake in Daimler AG, which is valued at more than $ 9 billion and Geely has become Daimler's largest single shareholder. The source said Geely is seeking to establish a technical alliance of electric vehicles. ... [Details]

Geely Lee Book Fuk Daimler nearly 10% of the shares have yet to be disclosed to the board of directors

Daimler recently confirmed that Li Shufu, chairman of Geely, holds 9.69% of his equity. The company said in regulatory documents that Mr. Li has over 103.6 million voting shares. Daimler spokesman said the investment is a personal investment in Mr. Li. Daimler did not say whether Mr. Li will have a seat on the company's board, but said he looks forward to investing in talks with him. ... [Details]

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Li Shufu shares Daimler double-edged sword? Or contributed to Geely and Daimler joint venture

Li Shufu shares Daimler or will "double aside": First, its own financial investment income, the second is likely to lead to Geely and Daimler in the field of electric vehicles in-depth cooperation. At present, including the public Jianghuai, Ford Zhongtai, and the BMW Great Wall just confirmed the cooperation in the field of electric vehicles to establish or consider the establishment of joint ventures to achieve the relevant local electric pure electric car production. ... [Details]

Li Shufu into Mercedes-Benz parent company's largest shareholder Geely need to pay over 6 years net profit

Compared with the previous acquisition, this should be the largest single Li Shou Fu investment. According to Geely estimated 10 billion this year, net profit, in exchange for Daimler less than 10% of the shares, Geely need to pay more than 6 years of net profit. Li Shifu, known for his shrewdness, is willing to pay such a high price, obviously not out of purely financial investment. ... [Details]

Geely shares Daimler, the Great Wall and BMW marriage, the car circle why there is no eternal love?

In a new round of car-driven motorization campaign, private capital has become the biggest promoter, into the context of a new era, the two sessions held soon after the Chinese automobile industry should be more open to private capital, and one Open sign is to open more private car manufacturing company qualification of electric vehicles. The older generation of the Great Wall and Geely car companies have erected a model. ... [Details]

Geely shares Daimler? Behind the rapid rise is the unstoppable acquisition expansion

In recent years, the acquisition has become an important part of Geely's overseas layout development. Under the "Crazy Acquisition," Geely Automobile has achieved some improvements in its technology and overseas market share, but Geely Automobile has made great achievements in brand influence and high-end market. There are still problems that need to be solved at the problem level. What is the intention of the stopover? For Geely Automobile is really good for nothing? ... [Details]

Why Geely wants to work with Daimler AG: The lack of new energy models in the product line

Geely and Daimler contact possibility is very high. Although Geely Automobile has developed quite rapidly in the field of conventional fuel trucks, it is silent in the field of electric vehicles, which is inconsistent with the current trend of domestic automobile development. And Geely Holding Group has always been good at foreign investment and cooperation. ... [Details]

Related background
Under the command of Li Shufu Volvo and other brands have also invested in Proton and other cars

Li Shufu already has a number of brands including Volvo Cars, Polestar, Pickering, Geely Automobile, London Electric Vehicles and Long-distance Commercial Vehicles. Geely Holding also made strategic investments in Proton, Lutez and Tailift . ... [Details]

Geely had previously purchased 5% Daimler shares were rejected: welcomed the secondary market to buy

Geely to Mercedes parent company Daimler staged a 3% to 5% stake in the news continued, but Reuters quoted people familiar with the news that Daimler did not want to be Geely offer on the grounds that reluctance to dilute existing shares, But Geely is welcome to buy Daimler shares in the open secondary market. ... [Details]

Daimler net income last year exceeded 10 billion euros strong performance in the Chinese market

German local time February 1, Daimler released 2017 annual report shows that the annual operating income of 164.3 billion euros, an increase of 7%; EBIT 14.7 billion euros, an increase of 14%; net profit of 10.9 billion euros , An increase of 24% over the same period of last year. Daimler has net profit of over 10 billion euros thanks to its collective brand sales in 2017 increased. ... [Details]

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