Li Ka-shing formally announced his retirement

Hong Kong's richest man and leader of the global Chinese business community, Li Ka-shing, and his team of four blue-chip companies announced their results on March 16. Li Ka-shing, born in 1928, is just over 90 years old this year. Li Ka-shing formally announced that he will resign as the chairman of the board and the chairman of the board, and the eldest son Li Zelu will take over. A generation of Chinese business leaders retreat behind the scenes!

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Li Ka-shing, who has reached the age of 90 in July, announced that he will resign from the company's chairman and executive director after the annual general meeting on May 10. ...[full text]
Li Ka-shing stated that he would later become a group consultant and put on new combat clothing to invest in the foundation's work, especially medical care and education. ...[full text]
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Li Ka-shing's speech
Li Ka-shing Retired Statement Full Text: Will Continue to Make Contributions to the Group

Looking back, I started my business in 1950. In 1972, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Co., Ltd. went public. During the past 68 years, I have been leading the steady development of Cheung Kong Group. Through internal growth and mergers and acquisitions, we actively expand business and diversify our revenue and global In order to strive for the best interests and return value-added for shareholders, I sincerely thank all shareholders for their support and trust over the years. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing formally announced his retirement. He responded to these hot issues on the spot.

The Board of Directors of Changjiang Heji Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that the Chairman of the Company, Mr. Li Ka-shing, will resign from the post of chairman of the company, executive director and member of the remuneration committee after the conclusion of the annual general meeting of the Company held on May 10, 2018. At the request of the board of directors, Mr. Li has agreed to serve as a senior advisor to the company and continue to contribute to the group and provide advice on major issues. The consultant’s gold fee is HK$5,000 per year. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: transferred to a consultant with an annual salary of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars, and will also resign from the honorary chairman

At the request of the board of directors, Mr. Li has agreed to serve as a senior advisor to the company and continue to contribute to the group and provide advice on major issues. The consultant's gold fee is HK$5,000 per year. High-level management personnel, no one resigned, no fluctuations, in principle, will never be cheaper shareholders. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: The youngest son Li Zejun will never join Changhe

At 4:30 this afternoon, the Changhe Department’s four major companies, Changhe, Changshi Group, Changjiang Infrastructure and Power Industry, released their results at the same time. Li Ka-shing said at the performance meeting that the youngest son Li Zejun will never join Changhe. He has his own business and is very busy. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: 5000-fold returns since the Yangtze River went public

At the Changhe Performance Conference on March 16, Li Ka-shing answered the question and said: If investors bought the Yangtze River in 1972, today’s return is 1,500 times. If the dividend received, the return has exceeded 5,000 times, The world is not a lot of companies have 5,000 times the return. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing responds to divestment rumors: unless I sell the stock, it is a divestment.

Divergence is a method that cannot be justified. What I sold, the money is returned to Hong Kong, to invest again, and this money will always belong to the company. Is it a selling point? Some of them sold many of their assets, but no one said they had to withdraw their capital. Some of the assets we sell, and some of us buy back, for example, we have more than 1,000 new hotels in Hong Kong in the past two years, as well as shopping malls in Liwan, are bought and rented. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing responds to withdrawal from the Mainland: We are the largest shareholder of Oriental Plaza

At the press conference, when Li Ka-shing answered the question, he said: As far as saying that I have to withdraw funds from the Mainland, some have no basic economic knowledge. We also have a 40 billion yuan project in the South China Sea that produces natural gas. This project will continue to increase. This scale is very large. Go to Beijing to see Oriental Plaza, we are the largest shareholder. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: I have done my best and I haven’t got paid in 46 years.

At 4:30 this afternoon, Changhe, the four major companies in the company, Changhe, Changshi Group, Changjiang Infrastructure, and Power Industry released their results at the same time. Li Ka-shing officially announced his retirement today. He said that for shareholders, I have done my best. Since my company's first public listing, I haven’t got my salary for 46 years. I only get 5,000 yuan (HK$) per year. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: I dare not say whether Hong Kong property prices have peaked. I can still buy a house now.

Li Ka-shing stated that if property prices in Hong Kong have already peaked, they dare not speak. However, property prices in Hong Kong have doubled in the past one or two years. Hong Kong's property prices have been cut off from the income of ordinary residents, requiring more public housing and HOS. The general public will not have difficulty living. If a person has enough money, there is absolutely no problem in buying a house for self-occupation. Even if the property price falls, there is still no problem in living. It is possible that interest will be added in the future, but at present, it will not be added to the ridiculous, and adding 2% to 3% is no longer acceptable. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's interest rate may rise in the future but it will not rise madly

At 4:30 this afternoon, the Changhe Department’s four major companies, Changhe, Changshi Group, Changjiang Infrastructure and Power Industry, released their results at the same time. Li Ka-shing said this afternoon that Hong Kong's interest rate may rise in the future, but it will not rise wildly. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's real estate market still faces global risks

Li Ka-shing said this afternoon that the Hong Kong real estate market is at risk when the global economy fluctuates. For the future plan, it is to compete fairly with other real estate companies and there is no fear that mainland developers will compete with Hong Kong developers. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing announced his retirement: "I'm going to travel today."

Li Ka-shing officially announced his retirement this afternoon. He said that I said a few years ago I would like to retire. I am going to travel and I will travel today. In the past few years, we have not left a single person at the top and middle levels, indicating that the company is operating very well. The principle of the company is to be loyal to shareholders, and it will definitely not be a shareholder. This is my principle of being a man. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing: Cooperation with Shantou University will continue or resign as Honorary President

On March 16th, at the press conference of Changhe, the chairman of the board of directors Li Ka-shing stated that the cooperation project at Shantou University will continue to support this year. If it is normal, this year it will retire the honorary chairman of Shantou University. ...[Details]

90-year-old Li Ka-shing Announced Retirement, Said to Create Changjiang Group as "Glorious Life"

I am very grateful that I can have this blessing in my life. I have created the Cheung Kong Group, created value for shareholders, and can serve the community. This is one of my greatest honours. I sincerely thank you all for your love and support to me, bit by bit in my heart. Later, I will put on new combat clothing and focus on the work of the foundation, especially medical care and education. ...[Details]

Decoding Li Ka Shing Business Empire
Retired 90-year-old Li Ka-shing and his Mainland Business Map

Statistics show that during the period from 1996 to 2014, the net assets of Li Ka-shing's Cheung Kong Group rose from HK$70.9 billion to HK$406 billion, an increase of 4.72 times. The net assets of the Kuok family's Sun Hung Kai Real Estate, the Cheng family's New World development, and the Lee Shau Kee family's Henderson Land Development Co., Ltd. are also explosive growth, with growth rates of 4.95, 5.72, and 5.82 times during the same period. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing officially announced retirement! Inventory of his five major battles in the Shang Hai

In fact, as early as 2012, Li Ka-shing set the eldest son Li Zeyu as the successor to the business empire. In 2012, when he had held a meeting with the shareholders, he had taken the initiative to disclose the details of the separate family to the media. The "separate family" plan was taken by the eldest son Li Zeshun to take over Changhe Department of the listed Kingdom, and the youngest son Li Zesong was granted cash to support the acquisition. ...[Details]

2018 Rich List in Hong Kong, China: Li Ka-shing's richest man Lee Shau Ki’s biggest increase in value

On January 18, Forbes Magazine released the 2018 China Hong Kong Rich List. Benefiting from Hong Kong stocks and the property market of Hong Kong last year, Regal Fortune increased significantly in the past year. Among them, the net assets of Chairman Chang Kao and Li Ka-shing increased by 5.7 billion. The U.S. dollar reached 36 billion U.S. dollars, and Hong Kong’s richest man was listed for the 20th consecutive year; the wealth growth was up to the chairman of Henderson Land Lee Shau Kee, with an increase of 9.3 billion U.S. dollars and total assets of 32.9 billion U.S. dollars, ranking second in Hong Kong's richest man list. ...[Details]

Ma Yun is far behind! Li Ka-shing’s business empire and Gates cannot imagine

Over the past decade or so, Internet entrepreneurs such as Ma Yun and others have quickly completed the accumulation of wealth, and from the published data, the total value of BAT has also surpassed the four major families in Hong Kong (Li Ka-shing's Changhe Line and Guo's The family's new land, Zheng Yuxi's new world, and Lee Shau Kee's constant land). ...[Details]

Successor Richard Li
Old Cannon Li Zelu: People who can be called Li Ka-shing at any time

Li Ka-shing, who founded Cheung Kong Industrial and Hutchison Whampoa, was hailed as "Asia's Warren Buffett." He has dominated China's richest man for many years and owns two sons, Li Zexi and Li Zexi. The "Prince's dispute" about the Hong Kong business empire is more like a business. Drama. However, with Li Ka-shing continuing to sound and Li Zemin gradually controlling the group, it seems that Li Zeyi has already established the signal that he will inherit this country. ...[Details]

Li Ka-shing retired! The eldest son Li Zezhao takes over the empire

In the latest Forbes Global Billionaires list, Li Ka-shing ranked 23rd, less than Ma Huateng and Ma Yun. However, this old man who was nearly ninety years old precisely grasped the rapid rise of real estate and the historical opportunities for the inward migration of industries. He also witnessed the era of Hong Kong-funded ambitions that nurtured the Nuggets in Hong Kong, laid the mainland, and looked to the world. ...[Details]

Why did Li Ka-shing choose Li Zeyu as the chief heir to the business empire?

Mr. Li Ka-shing, who is respected as Superman in the investment community, worked hard all his life and set up hundreds of billions of net worth. However, since he has reached the age of 89, the issue of company heirs in the business empire has always been concerned and discussed. However, although some occasions on weekdays show that Li Ka-shing prefers his youngest son, Li Zeyu, the main part of his business empire, the shares of several companies under the Changhe line, were determined to be inherited by his eldest son, Li Zeju. ...[Details]

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Li Ka-shing's 90-year struggle legend