Lenovo 5G voting event

Recently, Lenovo’s vote in the 5G program has caused controversy. Lenovo Group rumored that all the votes cast in the vote were in favor of the vote. On May 16, Liu Chuanzhi and other rare voices, said to swear to win the Lenovo honor defense battle.

Lenovo statement
Lenovo Vice President: June is the key node for 5G standard development. Don't hurt unity.

Recently, the “Lenovo 5G voting event” has been raging on the Internet. The cause of the incident stems from the 2016 voting on the 5G channel coding standard scheme. After two years, the recent online social networking platform has begun to post some posts such as "Whether Lenovo does not vote for Huawei" and "Lenovo does not support Polar solution". Subsequently, Lenovo fell into a public opinion storm that did not support domestic enterprises. What is the truth? Today, Lenovo Group responded to the 5G voting incident. ...[Details]

Liu Chuanzhi Yang Yuanqing issued a joint letter: swear to win this Lenovo honor defense battle

On May 16, Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Lenovo Group, and Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, issued a joint letter stating that Lenovo’s 5G voting principle is no problem. The joint letter stated that today we cannot allow people to pour dirty water on us, or even to hate the "selling country." If tens of thousands of employees can't let themselves be righteous, what kind of business we still do, we are a group of waste! Lenovo’s cadres should take active actions, and all colleagues should actively contribute ideas and suggestions, and they will fight for the enemy’s honor and defend their battles! ...[Details]

Lenovo responded to the 5G standard vote: voted for the Chinese companies such as Huawei

On May 11th, Lenovo’s “Note on Lenovo’s 3GPP Voting Event” sent to the journalist stated that Lenovo’s Polar solution for the 5G standard was held at the 3GPP voting conference on 5G standards. Votes led by Chinese companies such as China Mobile and Huawei, including Lenovo’s Motorola Mobility, voted in favor. ...[Details]

May 16: Huang Ying, vice president of Lenovo Group, responded to the “Lenovo 5G voting event”: a vicious attack on Lenovo!

Huang Ying, vice president of Lenovo Group, responded to the 5G voting incident. During the first round of voting for the 5G eMBB program organized by 3GPP, Lenovo Group selected the LDPC technology solution based on its pre-technology and patent reserves. In the second round of voting, comprehensive consideration of the country's overall industrial cooperation, innovation and development, and resolutely chose the Polar code program that Lenovo did not have too much technology before. Lenovo’s voting principle is no problem, and there is no problem with its implementation. ...[Details]

May 16th: Liu Chuanzhi’s open letter talks about “5G program voting is not patriotic”: Ren Zhengfei thanked Lenovo for supporting

On May 16, Liu Chuanzhi, the chairman of Legend Holdings and the founder of Lenovo Group, released the action, swearing to win the Lenovo honor defense battle! ——A letter to all colleagues of Lenovo Group said, “Lenovo’s cadres should take active actions, and all colleagues should actively contribute ideas and dedication, and fight against each other’s enemies, and swear to win this Lenovo honor defense battle!”...[Details]

May 15th: Huawei re-voices the 5G standard vote: jointly promote the development of 5G industry with Lenovo

On the evening of May 15th, Huawei responded to "5GPP's 5G standard, why Lenovo did not vote for Huawei", and said that 3GPP chose LDPC code and Polar code respectively to become 5G data and control channel coding. Make it part of the 5G standard. Huawei is grateful to Lenovo Group and its partners for their continued support, and is willing to work with Lenovo Group and other partners in the industry chain to continue to promote the healthy development of the 5G industry. ...[Details]

May 11: Huawei: 3GPP's 5G standard voted Lenovo Motorola voted in favor

On May 11th, Huawei issued an official statement saying that at the 3GPP meeting in November 2016, Huawei and 55 other companies (including Lenovo and Motorola Mobility) jointly proposed Polar code as the control channel code based on extensive performance evaluation and analysis comparison. The mechanism was passed, and Lenovo and its Motorola Mobile vote for the program were in favor. ...[Details]

May 11: Lenovo Group Denies 5G Standard Station Team Qualcomm: We voted for Huawei's solution

Recently, there have been rumors that at the 3GPP voting conference on 5G standards, Lenovo Group abstained from voting on the 5G standard Polar short code scheme (which is dominated by Chinese companies), that is, Lenovo took the aircraft with the acquisition of Motorola. Qualcomm did not support Huawei, the Chinese company, which eventually led to Huawei losing with a slight advantage. In this regard, Lenovo Group rumored that Lenovo voted for the 5G standard Polar solution (the program is dominated by China Mobile, Huawei and other Chinese companies), including Lenovo's Motorola Mobile, all voted in favor. ...[Details]

Deep interpretation
"Lenovo Incident" Refracts the 5G Standard

For this incident, the industry generally believes that due to the market and strategic value of 5G, countries are sparing no effort to develop relevant technologies and strive to gain a voice. Behind Lenovo’s beggars is the provocation of Chinese corporate relations, and this refraction What is out is the 5G war between China, the United States and Europe. ...[Details]

What is the truth and game behind the honour defending war that wants to win and win?

Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi has not asked Lenovo Group about the specific affairs for many years, but on May 16, a statement jointly issued by him and Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing and Legend Holdings President Zhu Linan was eye-catching. "Lenovo can't allow someone to pour dirty water, or even a "selling country" hat," the statement wrote. ...[Details]

Lenovo's troubled autumn: was removed from the Hang Seng Index, and the voting gates were heavily swayed by Liu Chuanzhi.

Knowing a few hot posts once again pushed Lenovo to the cusp of online public opinion. Netizens attacked and accused Lenovo of voting for Qualcomm at the 3GPP conference in November 2016, which eventually led to Huawei's defeat. Lenovo was detained with the hat of "American Emperor's conscience", "the traitor" and "traitor", so that Liu Chuanzhi, who had retired behind the scenes, also took the lead to speak twice, saying it was filthy. ...[Details]

Lenovo's middle-aged crisis: trapped in the "voting gate" was forced to blame and was also removed from the constant generation

"In the voting of 5G communication, because Lenovo voted for Qualcomm in the United States instead of Huawei in China, Huawei lost the game." This news has recently been widely circulated on the Internet, and netizens' comments on Lenovo have followed. Subsequently, Lenovo and Huawei also rumored this news. ...[Details]