China Private Equity Industry Summit Forum
China Private Equity Industry Summit Forum: 09:00-12:00, Friday, January 11, 2019; Venue: Ziguang Hall, Zihui Building, Dongjiao State Guesthouse, Nanjing (5 Zijinshan Road, Xuanwu District); Organizers: China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association, Nanjing Jiangbei New District Management Committee, Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau.
Hong Lei: The industry self-discipline management has made important progress. Private equity funds have become an important force in the capital market.

Hong Lei, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China Securities Investment Fund Association, said that the past year has been a crucial year for China's economic transformation and upgrading. The financial services entity economy has advanced in depth; the Association has continuously improved its self-discipline management and service system, and has achieved important work in the past year. progress. ...[Details]

Guest speech
Yan Hua, deputy mayor of Nanjing: To promote the development of the fund industry in Nanjing

At the meeting, Yan Hua, deputy mayor of Nanjing, said that in the past two years, Nanjing has achieved more than expected results in promoting the financial services entity economy. In order to promote the development of the private equity fund industry in Nanjing, many measures have been implemented, including the introduction of strong policies and the establishment of industrial guidance funds. ...[Details]

Industry report
Wang Lianzhou: Private equity fund industry needs new thinking, new actions and new breakthroughs

Wang Lianzhou said that from the current rules and regulations of private equity fund construction and supervision, it can be seen that the fundraising, investment, management and withdrawal of some private equity funds may involve multiple supervision by the Banking Regulatory Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the People's Bank of China and the fund industry associations. Problems with regulatory overlap or lack of supervision. ...[Details]

Three foreign private equity funds completed the filing. All are private equity investment funds.

Since 2019, foreign private placements have successively filed new products. According to the China Fund Industry Association's private fund disclosure information, on January 2, Bi Sheng (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., Ltd.'s Bi Sheng Shi Hui private equity investment fund completed the filing. ...[Details]

Zheng Bo, deputy editor-in-chief of Economic Daily News: China's private equity fund development presents four characteristics

Zheng Bo said that from 2004 to the present, China's private equity fund industry has been working for 15 years, which is an important part of China's capital market system. In April this year, the new regulations for asset management began to be implemented, which had a profound impact on the future development of China's asset management industry and the fund industry. ...[Details]

The pulse of the 2018 private equity industry: bleak, shuffling and butterfly change

Although private equity funds have faltered this year, the achievements in industry development have been remarkable. The implementation of various regulatory policies has laid the institutional foundation for standardized development. The credit self-discipline system being developed will also be constrained from the ethical level of employment. Limited, but the overall change is not big. ...[Details]

Linyuan has set up a private equity fund, and its net worth of products has fallen from a cliff-like decline.

On December 13, Linyuan also filed a private equity fund in the fund industry association, Hanzhong Linyuan Investment Fund Management Partnership (Limited Partnership). The company was established on August 2nd, the organization type is the private equity investment fund manager, and the legal representative is Lin Yuan. ...[Details]

Top Ten Events of Private Equity Funds: New Regulations for Assets Disrupting Private Equity Industry Strengthening Self-regulatory Industry

After the new regulations, private placements have doubts on product structure design, qualified investor standards, product types, and definition of underlying assets. Currently, they are communicating with cooperative channels such as banks, brokerages, and third parties. Products that do not meet the requirements, etc., gradually adapt to the new era of asset management. ...[Details]

Private equity funds are no longer the "barbarians" to open a private equity fund

On November 13, 2018, Ruiwei Capital was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the first overseas private equity fund management company in China was officially exposed in the public eye. The snoring of Ruiwei Capital also shocked the private equity sector in China, and private equity funds that offered to list overseas were not a minority. ...[Details]

Securities private equity fund shrinks for 10 consecutive months

The China Fund Industry Association announced the registration of private equity funds in November 2018. Data show that after the rare single-month negative growth in the total size of private equity funds at the end of October, the total size of private equity management at the end of November rebounded slightly, and the scale increased by 20.07 billion yuan. ...[Details]

The private equity fund industry was first included in the national economic census, reflecting the importance the state attaches to the industry.

On the evening of December 17, the China Securities Investment Fund Association issued a notice on the census of the private equity industry. The notice pointed out that according to the "Statistics Law of the People's Republic of China", "National Economic Census Regulations", "Notice of the State Council on Launching the Fourth National Economic Census" and "The Fourth National Economic Census Program", the private equity fund industry was included in the national economic census for the first time. ...[Details]