Focus on 2018 listed company annual report

Time entered into late January 2019, and some companies in the market began to announce their respective 2018 performance. At present, nearly one-third of listed companies have announced performance forecasts. Judging from the published performance forecast, most of the companies are doing well. With the disclosure of the annual report of the Jinyinhe River, the disclosure of the 2018 annual report of the listed company was officially opened.[Yearly report[performance forecast]Performance Express]

With the gradual disclosure of the 2018 annual report, the financial indicators of listed companies are increasingly attracting investors' attention. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, as of yesterday, a total of 32 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets announced the 2018 annual report. ...[full text]
In 2018, listed liquor companies achieved remarkable results. Maotai and Wuliangye's revenue increased by 23% and 32% year-on-year. Net profit increased by 25% and 38% year-on-year. Other famous wines such as Yanghe, Gujinggong, Shuijingfang, Niulanshan and other revenues and net Profit growth has exceeded double digits. ...[full text]
Annual report interpretation
[Illustrated annual report] Yisheng shares net profit of 363 million yuan in 2018, an increase of 216.91%

The latest 2018 annual report released by Yisheng shares on February 20 showed that its operating income was 1.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 124.42%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 363 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 216.91%. The basic earnings per share is 1.08 yuan. The company's latest distribution plan is to transfer 7 shares for every 10 shares, distribute dividends of 2 yuan, and the dividend yield is 0.85%. ...[Details]

The first annual report of the liquor industry was released. The profit of the wine industry was 342 million yuan, which doubled.

According to financial data, from January to December 2018, the company's operating income reached 2.212 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.02%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 342 million yuan, an increase of 138.05%, excluding non-recurring The net profit of profit and loss was approximately 295 million yuan, an increase of 118.46% over the same period last year. ...[Details]

Gem Selecting Annual Report Excellent Cases

How should a high-quality annual report of a listed company be prepared? Recently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange selected 25 outstanding cases from the 718 annual reports disclosed by the GEM listed companies to compile the "Golden Listed Companies' 2017 Annual Report Excellent Cases Collection" to play a demonstration role. ...[Details]

Performance certainty is concerned about the restructuring of liquor sector valuation

In terms of investment proposals, China Merchants Securities said that it is necessary to firmly grasp the target, continue to enjoy the valuation repair, and pay attention to the restructuring of the valuation system after the entry of foreign capital. The sales of the Spring Festival in the peak season are in line with expectations, and the differentiation characteristics are still obvious among different price bands and different brands. ...[Details]

The impact of goodwill impairment has hit both small and medium-sized annual report

According to relevant statistics, the small and medium-sized board companies' depreciation of goodwill in 2018 is about 35 billion yuan, and the GEM may reach 45 billion yuan. Excluding the impairment factor of goodwill, the performance of small and medium-sized board in 2018 decreased by 7% compared with 2017, and the performance of the ChiNext board decreased by 11.5% compared with 2017. The declines were significantly narrowed. ...[Details]

Prospects for the securities industry's 2018 annual report: asset impairment and erosion of net profit

18-year business review of the securities industry: In 18 years, the market activity activity continued to decline. The average daily stock-based trading volume of A-shares was 409.9 billion yuan, down 18.62% year-on-year. The industry commission rate was 3.13, which was 3.37 percent of the annual total. There is still a certain decline, but the decline has slowed down significantly. ...[Details]

The performance of over 300 listed companies has exploded, and the impairment of goodwill has accounted for more than 60%.

On the last trading day before the holiday, the A-share market was “thundering”, and the performance of more than 300 listed companies “Da Lei” broke out. Among them, over 60% of listed companies announced the huge amount of goodwill impairment, totaling 300 billion yuan. The huge (RMB), followed by the stock price continued to "flash collapse." ...[Details]

Pharmaceutical Bio-February Investment Strategy: Looking forward to the annual report, paying attention to policy changes

According to the high-frequency data of the Bureau of Statistics, the growth rate of industrial added value and total profit of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in 2008 was 8.8% and 9.5%, respectively, which were slightly lower than the first three quarters of 2018, but significantly better than the cumulative year-on-year growth from January to November. In the same period of 2017, the two indicators grew by 12.4% and 17.8% respectively. The overall industry growth rate continued to decline, but it was still higher than GDP growth rate and remained generally stable. In view of the further increase in industry concentration, we judge that the annual report will also maintain a slight decline in growth rate but is generally stable. ...[Details]

Intensive disclosure of the annual report is approaching

Some insiders pointed out that with the arrival of February, listed companies are about to usher in the intensive disclosure period of the annual report. The channels for executives to buy and sell their own stocks will be closed briefly according to relevant regulations. Important shareholders or senior executives will concentrate on implementing the increase. Indicates that the relevant annual stock information of the relevant stocks is hidden. ...[Details]

Open the door as scheduled! The annual report season followed, and this month focused on these 64 shares.

According to Eastern Fortune's Choice data, 64 companies will disclose the 2018 annual report for the rest of the month. From the timeline, there will be a small peak at the end of this month, the last trading day (February 28). There are 27 companies that disclose annual reports. ...[Details]

107 new energy companies released annual report notices

As of February 11, 2019, according to Choice data, 107 of the 154 new energy companies have released their 2018 performance forecasts. From the forecast type, there are 27 expected growth, and two have continued. At home, 11 companies turned losses, 18 companies increased slightly, and two companies reduced losses. In this calculation, nearly 60% of the new energy companies' annual report is pre-happy. ...[Details]

Listed brokerages fell sharply last year. Hundreds of funds have bought at the bottom.

Analysts generally believe that the current valuation of brokerage stocks is at a historically low level with a clear margin of safety. In fact, many institutions represented by public funds are also using actual actions to prove their optimism about brokerage stocks. According to the data of the fund's Four Seasons Report, in the fourth quarter of 2018, listed securities companies with strong comprehensive strengths such as CITIC Securities and Huatai Securities all received more than 100 funds. ...[Details]

Public fund's first-month results hit "turned over" 73 equity funds returned more than 10%

In 2018, the major stock index of the A-share market fell sharply, which made the equity fund suffer a double kill in performance and scale last year. Many investors and fund managers hoped that in 2019, it is hoped that the A-share market will become obvious this year. The rebound in the market, the equity fund that suffered a large loss last year can have a good rate of return. ...[Details]

Top 20 potential stocks in the Year of the Pig: performance, institutional holdings, rating large PK

According to the previous judgments of most brokers, A shares are expected to usher in a rebound in the Year of the Pig, and the net outflow of funds may be reversed. However, the performance of some listed companies still has a large risk, and the industry outlook is still unclear. While grasping investment opportunities, the investment concept of mine clearance is essential. ...[Details]

Hong Kong stocks annual report first bomb: Debbie is stronger than A-shares Hong Kong stock market is not shocked

At noon on January 31, with the disclosure of the last batch of A-shares, the three major stock indexes turned green, and nearly 100 stocks of the two cities fell. However, the Hang Seng Index on the other side has a strong rise of 300 points. It is also an annual performance forecast. The Hong Kong stocks based on a fair and transparent market system are not shocking. The companies with pre-increased performance are steadily strengthening. according to. ...[Details]

China Merchants Securities: GEM is expected to greet goodwill in the 2018 annual report

According to the 2018 annual report performance forecast, the earnings growth rate of the GEM companies with major asset restructuring has dropped to -219.2%, while the growth rate of GEM companies that have not experienced major asset restructuring has declined slightly. -9.6%. China Merchants Securities believes that the GEM is expected to usher in the clearing of goodwill in the 2018 annual report. ...[Details]

91 company annual report pre-deficit exceeds 1 billion

The performance forecast is thunderous, and the power has broken through people's imagination. More than 300 pre-loss announcements have been screened, and the loss of 1 billion has become the “starting price”. As of January 31, there are 91 companies with a pre-loss of more than 1 billion yuan in the 2018 report, and most of these are high-premium mergers and acquisitions. Caused. ...[Details]

Announcement of annual report results, over 90% profit of Shanghai stock company

January 31 is the deadline for the performance of the annual report. As of this time, nearly 550 companies in the Shanghai market disclosed the 2018 annual performance forecast, of which 310 were pre-increased and pre-income companies, and 130 were pre-reduced companies. About 110. Deducting the company's pre-deficit, the Shanghai stock market still has about 1350 real estate profits, accounting for more than 90%. ...[Details]

There are also small surprises in the A-share performance: nearly 400 notices have a net profit of more than 500 million yuan in 2018.

As the performance forecast has been announced one after another, the performance of a large loss of pre-loss and goodwill depreciation has come, and the thunder is getting louder and louder. Cases with a loss of 1 billion, 5 billion, or even a loss greater than the market value are emerging one after another. It’s no surprise that you can step on the thunder without worrying. ...[Details]

A-share goodwill exceeds trillions

Entering the disclosure period of the annual report, the impact of goodwill impairment on listed companies continues to emerge. On the evening of January 29, Renfu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Renfu Medicine”) issued an announcement stating that it is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 2.2 billion yuan to 2.7 billion yuan in 2018. ...[Details]

23 listed companies released profit distribution plan

Recently, with the A-share listed companies intensively releasing 2018 annual performance information, many companies have released 2018 profit distribution plans. The data shows that since January, 23 listed companies have disclosed profit distribution plans, and most companies have greater cash dividends. ...[Details]

The reputation of the goodwill depreciation is on the exchange.

In the face of the recent "performance changes" of many A-share listed companies, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges are highly concerned, intensively issuing letters of concern and inquiries, asking for explanations on the reasons for the large amount of goodwill impairment. ...[Details]

Bo Xing's investment: "performance change face" risk concentration release will be rainbow after the blast

Affected by the pre-holiday effect and the risk of “goodwill impairment”, the market volatility was lower this week, and the trading volume showed signs of shrinkage. The difficulty of individual stocks increased. However, from the inflow of funds from the north to the north, the net inflow has exceeded 50 billion yuan in the past month. ...[Details]

The annual report is expected to drop more than 80%. 70 unannounced companies must guard against "lei"

What do you think of a company that has not made a notice? Analysts believe that for some companies that have not released the annual report performance forecast, the probability of stepping on the mine can be reduced by observing the situation of the three quarterly reports. ...[Details]

The annual report does not "high delivery" 10 turns 9.5 shares will become the upper limit

The reporter noted that among the companies that have issued the plan, nearly 90% of the distribution plan chooses cash dividends, no one chooses to send bonus shares, and 10 to 9.5 shares is the current highest transfer plan. At present, no one has met the “high delivery” defined by the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. ...[Details]

Abandoned wind power cuts to boost industry earnings expectations 9 companies' annual net profit is expected to double

Recently, the National Energy Administration announced the operation of wind power grid-connected in 2018. In 2018, the installed grid-connected wind power installed capacity was 20.59 million kilowatts, and the cumulative grid-connected installed capacity reached 184 million kilowatts, accounting for 9.7% of the total installed capacity. ...[Details]

Industry interpretation

[5G plateInstitutions get together and recommend 6 annual reports, pre-history stocks, "handsome" busy

Analysts pointed out that under the two-way assistance of policies and markets, the 5G commercial promotion speed continues to accelerate. With the surge in traffic demand and the large-scale investment construction of 5G base stations in the future, the listed companies in the industry chain are expected to continue to benefit. [detailed]

[medical biology]Looking forward to the annual report, pay attention to policy changes

From a fundamental point of view, although the overall growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry has declined, it is still generally stable, and structural improvement and concentration improvement have further improved the leading position. Continue to recommend a stable and oversold leader in performance and a blood products industry that may be expected to improve in the short term. [detailed]

【Textile and Apparel Featured cost-effective track faucet

Combined with our continuous tracking of the listed companies in the textile industry, we initially expect that the growth of the 2018 annual report of the key enterprises of the spinning daily chemical sector is still relatively stable. Since the third quarter of 18 years, with the weakening of the consumer environment, the overall performance growth rate of listed companies has gradually slowed down. [detailed]

【Computer Industry】The "power" of goodwill impairment appears

The potential risk of goodwill impairment is gradually exposed as the sequela of the tide of mergers and acquisitions. We maintain the judgment of the annual strategy, focus on the weak economic cycle correlation and the industries facing the policy turning point, and focus on the industry leader of endogenous growth. [detailed]

【Electronic Components】P30 series is expected to drive investment enthusiasm on 5G terminal side

According to "GSMarena", Huawei Poland said that it will hold a new product launch conference in Paris in March, and will release two new P30 and P30Pro machines, both of which use the Kirin 980 processor and built the Baloon 50005G baseband chip. . [detailed]

【Machinery Industry】Performance is in line with expectations

In 2018, the construction machinery was at a high point in the cycle. According to the data of the Construction Machinery Industry Association, the sales volume of excavators in 2018 was 203,400 units (including exports), a year-on-year increase of 45.0%. [detailed]

[broker industry]The performance of brokerages has fallen: 25 companies have lost their jobs.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 10 listed brokers have issued annual performance reports, and the decline in disclosed results can be described as "one mountain is higher than one mountain." [detailed]

【Communications industry】5G commercial speed increase select high quality stocks

In February 2019, we believe that 5G commercial deployment speeds up the market and “spring turbulence” and other factors, 5G sector is expected to obtain excess returns, select high-quality stocks. [detailed]

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