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[New Year Special Issue] A year of reading Chinese people

How have you been in the past 2018? Starting today, we will use a set of group data to describe the Chinese people in the past year. In 2018, China’s per capita income was 28,000, and per capita consumption cost 20,000! In 2018, Chinese people spent 15 trillion yuan to buy a house. In 2018, the game + web drama + movie cost 500 billion. In 2018, 36 express per capita. In 2018, the Chinese took 600 million planes and 140 million people traveled abroad. ...[Details]

In 2019, the Spring Festival stalls opened, and eight new films jointly created a new round of box office miracles. The industry predicts that the total box office of the Spring Festival this year will be about 7 billion yuan. ...[full text]
Based on the national tourism market situation and product booking data of the Spring Festival, the number of tourists during the Spring Festival holiday increased significantly year-on-year. ...[full text]
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Economic Festival of the Spring Festival
The 1-day box office is approaching 1.5 billion! The truth behind the Spring Festival movie madness has caused the netizens to blow up.

Eight domestically produced blockbusters competed on the same stage of the New Year's Day, making it the most crowded Spring Festival in ten years. On the first day of the New Year, it set a new record for the domestic single-day box office: the single-day box office revenue exceeded RMB 1.444 billion, equivalent to an average of more than RMB 1 per person, which is close to the total box office (1.5 billion yuan) for the whole year of 2004. ...[Details]

Three days before the Hainan Spring Festival holiday, the tourists received a slight drop in tax-free sales.

As the Spring Festival holiday entered the third day, according to data provided by Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Radio and Television Sports Hall, from February 4th to 6th, Hainan Tourism Accommodation Facilities received 2,207,900 overnight visitors, a slight decrease from the same period of last year. However, due to the favorable adjustment of the recent tax exemption policy, the tax-free sales performance was good, with a significant year-on-year growth. ...[Details]

The Spring Festival drinking must read Maotai Town wine industry chaos investigation: "flying man" and nine pieces of nine sauce fragrant wine

In the long march on the Chishui River in Maotai Town, hundreds of shops are scattered. In addition to the slightly different decoration of the door, the decoration and furnishings in each store are similar, extending for 2 kilometers. Among the local population, it is the “white wine street” built by Renhuai City. However, in the outside world, its other name is more known: "Fake wine street." ...[Details]

Ministry of Commerce: sufficient supply in the national Spring Festival market, stable supply and demand

According to preliminary statistics, at present, the large-scale supermarket chains and distribution centers under key monitoring have increased the stocking volume of goods by more than 20% during the holiday season. The stocks of grain and oil can meet the daily consumption of about 20 days, and the stocks of meat and vegetables can satisfy consumers. Basic needs of 5 to 7 days. If there is no long-term abnormal weather, the Spring Festival market supply is very secure. ...[Details]

China's Spring Festival outbound tour is expected to be 7 million people.

China's online travel giant “” recently announced that Chinese tourists who travel abroad during the Spring Festival holiday (4~10 days) will increase by about 500,000 times compared with the previous year, reaching nearly 7 million. In the ranking of popular outbound destinations, Japan ranks second with the previous year. ...[Details]

Last season, 197 million people played ice and snow: Harbin's most favored Changbai Mountain per capita consumption of 4,989 yuan

On February 2nd, China Tourism Research Institute &'s Big Data Joint Lab released the "China Ice and Snow Tourism Consumption Big Data Report (2019)" (hereinafter referred to as the report), showing that the number of ice and snow tourists in China during the 2017-2018 snow and ice season reached 1.97. With a million person-times, the ice and snow tourism revenue is about 330 billion yuan, which is 16% and 22% higher than the 2016-2017 snow and ice season respectively. The list of ice and snow tourism destinations shows that the brand advantage in Northeast China is obvious. ...[Details]

"Happy Chinese New Year" countries take turns to perform local people experience Chinese taste

Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporters: As the Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig approaches, the colorful "Happy Spring Festival" series of activities continue to be held around the world, with diverse content, diverse forms of performances, and lively and festive Spring Festival Temple Fairs. People from all over the world experience the different years of China. ...[Details]

Chinese New Year Festival
Baidu vibrating to disrupt the Spring Festival red envelope war: the mobile industry pattern has changed in two years

With the bell of the Lunar New Year ringing, the three giants of BAT announced their own red envelope data for the Spring Festival. Alipay data shows that in the 11 days from January 25 to New Year's Eve, more than 450 million people in the country participated in the collection of Alipay Wufu, which is equivalent to one in every three Chinese people participating in the collection and welfare. ...[Details]

688 million people on the New Year's Eve WeChat red envelope 90 after the first red envelope main force! Where do people have the most red envelopes?

After 90, it became the main force of WeChat red envelopes for the first time. After 80, it was ranked second. ! Beijing, Chongqing, and Chengdu continue to maintain the total number of red packets receiving and dispatching cities TOP3. After New Year's Eve, the WeChat team summarized some data. There are three key words: mind, blessing, and WeChat red envelope. ...[Details]

Baidu 900 million won the Spring Festival Evening today, the headline throws 1 billion red envelopes rain... behind the carnival The brand of the Internet circle "Melee"

It’s time to participate in the multi-billion-dollar project once a year – the time to start the Spring Festival red envelope war! The Spring Festival has always been regarded as a special period of observing Internet products. Class mobility and crowd gathering, especially for social products, is a good time to break out. WeChat red envelopes rose during the Spring Festival. ...[Details]

The Spring Festival red envelope war started. Can Tencent Microvision, which has 500 million in cash, break through?

When more than 200 million people in the Alipay collection Qi Wufu, Baidu occupied the 2019 Spring Festival red envelope home, the electronic red envelope pioneer Tencent also launched a new game, and selected short video App as one of the red pocket rain. ...[Details]

30 provinces and cities will issue a new year "red envelope": the wallet, employment and pension of more than one billion people

Up to now, in addition to Shandong, which will meet in mid-February, the two provinces and cities have officially come to a close, and 30 government work reports show that increasing income, stabilizing employment, housing, improving medical care and pensions, and helping the poor have become provinces in 2019. The focus of work. ...[Details]

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the bank withdraws money: more than 50,000 advance reservations ATM machine list

The bank stipulates that the system of booking more than 50,000 yuan in advance requires an advance reservation. It is not because the bank does not allow customers to withdraw cash. It is because the customer's cash withdrawal demand during the Spring Festival is large. In order to avoid the cash quota of the bank outlets being taken by the customers, the customers will come back. It may be a white run so you can do this. ...[Details]

Behind the forced marriage of the Spring Festival, you will hide the trillion business in the leasing industry!

Near the Spring Festival, a news item about "Women renting a 20,000-bag return home" has caused a lot of discussion among netizens. Although many netizens questioned the woman’s practice, in recent years, more and more young people have chosen to go home for the New Year by “renting”. Some people refer to this phenomenon as "rental to home." ...[Details]

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