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Trust company: support private enterprises to a broader stage

November 08, 2018 09:22
source: Financial Times
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Trust Company: Supporting Private Enterprises to Go to a Broader Stage] Although there is no specific statistics, from the data of the trust industry supporting the real economy, the scale of trusts invested in the real economy in 2017 reached 14.70 trillion yuan, accounting for 67.09%. , covering all areas of the real economy. Among them, it played an important role in serving the “three rural” and meeting the financing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. (Financial Times)

Supporting private enterprises, trust companies have been acting.

Although there is no specific statistics, from the data of the trust industry supporting the real economy, the scale of trusts invested in the real economy in 2017 reached 14.70 trillion yuan, accounting for 67.09% of the total, covering all areas of the real economy. Among them, it played an important role in serving the “three rural” and meeting the financing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

From the case, CITIC Trust sharesChina HongqiaoThe support of real money has brought confidence to other financial institutions; Ping An Trust’s 9-year “running run” to help small and medium-sized private environmental protection enterprisesChina TianzhuSuccessfully listed, and through the acquisition of foreign advanced environmental protection companies rank among the world's leading companies...

A number of trust companies interviewed said that whether it is from the direction of the encouragement of the regulators or from the long-term development strategy of the trust company, returning to the trust source and serving the real economy is its key transformation direction.

  Trust companies support private enterprise practice

"Improve the integration of thoughts and actions to the central government's judgment and deployment of private enterprises, uphold the principle of 'mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win', provide financial services to outstanding private enterprises, and safeguard the overall situation of economic development and financial stability, better Adapting and meeting the financing needs of the development of the private economy, supporting the sound and rapid development of Hubei and Wuhan." When talking about the financial institutions supporting the development of private enterprises, the relevant person in charge of the national communications told the reporter.

From the practice of trust companies in recent years, it is mainly reflected in the provision of investment and financing services for private enterprises, and support for enterprise transformation and upgrading. For example, in providing private enterprise financing services, as of the end of the third quarter of 2018, China Telecom supported more than 100 billion private enterprises in the world, and the trust financing scale exceeded 100 billion yuan, including supporting 70 billion yuan of industrial and commercial enterprises, compared with the beginning of this year. It increased by 32.4%, which was 42.5% compared with the same period of last year. In supporting the transformation of private enterprises, Guotong was involved in Mianyang.JingdongMajor projects such as Fang Display Devices and Optics Valley Environmental Protection Technology, activelyKyushutongSuch well-known private enterprises provide fast financial services. In addition, the use of industrial funds to help private enterprises, investment in the "Gazelle" type of private enterprise projects, has initiated the establishment of Wuhan Cultural Industry Fund andContemporary MingchengThe modern service industry fund has formed its own fund brand in the segmentation area and plans to reach a scale of 6 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan within three years.

Ping An Trust said in an interview with this reporter that equity investment is an important way of direct financing. The company focuses on supporting the development of private economy, small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, and helping China’s Tianzhu,Beautiful year health,WuXi PharmaTech,Car homeAnd other enterprises have developed into the industry's "leaders." Taking the health of the United States as an example, Ping An Trust's strategic investment provides value-added services to the company in terms of corporate governance, strategic improvement, industrial integration, and business cooperation, helping the US health to achieve tens of years in terms of revenue and valuation. Double the growth.

What else can a trust company do?

What kind of financial services do private enterprises need? What can a trust company do?

Yuan Jiwei, a senior trust researcher, told this reporter: "One is that trust companies can participate in local government rescue funds to help local governments help private enterprises solve liquidity problems through fundraising and fund management. Second, they recommend and provide risk compensation through local governments. And other forms to solve the financing problems of small and micro enterprises."

The person in charge of the above-mentioned national communications said that the advantages of trust source and investment and loan should be fully utilized, and the characteristics of various private enterprises should be combined to continuously optimize service processes, actively help enterprises expand financing channels, and crack the bottleneck of development funds. At the same time, we will work with private enterprises to promote inclusive financial services and give full play to the flexible and stable original advantages of trust companies. According to reports, the national communications andBaiduInternet organizations such as Finance, JD Finance, and Dashu have extensive cooperation in consumer credit, education loans, and credit asset securitization. The scale of business in the inclusive finance sector has steadily increased, and the accumulated business scale has exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Ping An Trust believes that it will increase the supply of structural reforms to meet the supply side, shorten the financial intermediary chain, and through investment and loan linkage, equity investment, merger and acquisition funds, and orientation.Additional issuanceVarious comprehensive financial solutions, such as mixed reforms of state-owned enterprises, help private enterprises, small and medium-sized innovative enterprises to develop, and provide services for listed companies' investment and financing needs. At the same time, for people to finance, on behalf of people to manage money, but also to do other supporting services.

The relevant person in charge of CITIC Trust told this reporter: “Whether financial institutions invest in debt financing for a certain enterprise, it is usually necessary to consider the debt ratio, debt maturity and other financial institutions’ confidence in the continued financing of the enterprise. In addition, the trust company We must have our own financial feelings and values, fully understand the mood and needs of our customers, and cultivate our own talent team to enhance our financial services capabilities."

Looking forward to moreDiversified financeSystem

In the interview, many trust companies said that the private economy is an important foundation of the national economy and the most dynamic growth force in economic development. In the future, we will continue to study the financing needs of private enterprises, accurately grasp the development characteristics of private enterprises, strengthen the deep communication and cooperation with private enterprises, give play to the role of capital linkages, and strive to become the driving force for the sustainable development of the private economy.

Yuan Jiwei believes that the issue of the development of private enterprises is not a new problem. To solve the problem completely, new methods and substantive measures are needed. Financial reform and structural optimization are necessary.

In his opinion, exceptbankIn addition, the development of various non-bank institutions in China is relatively lagging behind, and the financial market is still immature. It is recommended to strengthen the construction of a more diversified financial institution system. On the one hand, it is necessary to properly develop financial institutions of various private backgrounds, to achieve direct competition of financial institutions with different ownership backgrounds, and to provide services for enterprises with different ownership backgrounds; the second is to develop more specialized financial institutions, and the various institutions in China are homogeneous. The development of the country is relatively common. In the future, it is necessary to standardize the development of regional financial institutions and professional institutions, and truly become an effective supplement to large financial institutions and to provide financial services for specific industries. Third, we must vigorously develop non-bank institutions to meet the needs of diversified financial services. .

(Article source: Financial Times)

                (Editor: DF376)

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