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      Code name Latest price 5 minutes ups and downs
      603499Hong Kong Science and Technology28.972.15%
      002738China Resources32.201.71%
      603758Qinan shares14.121.66%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales agencies approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission
      Safe Finance: Supervision by the People's Bank of China
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      • China Merchants Banking Liquor Index ClassificationNearly one year39.94%
      • E Funda consumer industryNearly one year44.53%
      • Cathay Internet + StockNearly one year35.28%
      Latest news
      Why lead prices soared How sustainable is the market outlook? 19:28 Asia Cement (China) (00743.HK) 2017 net profit increased by 351% year-on-year to RMB 602 million, with a dividend of 15.5 cents per share 19:28 New research shows that frozen “hungry nerves” can reduce appetite and help obese patients lose weight 19:28 Hot rolled social inventory - 2.5% Steel mill stock - 4.1% 19:28 Hong Kong raises basic interest rates with the United States The Hong Kong Regulatory Authority said that the normalization of Hong Kong interest rates will occur 19:27 Chinese medicine is considered marginal medicine in France only acupuncture is admitted as a supplementary treatment 19:27 Xi Jinping made a phone call with French President Mark Long 19:27 Haitian International: Upgrading production and sales structure 19:27 China Harbour Bridge (02323.HK) proposed to change its name to “Hong Kong Bridge Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.” 19:27 Yuyuan Holdings Annual Profit Increases 209.7% to 962 million Yuan 19:26 Saved several violations * ST oil and related parties were publicly condemned by Shenzhen Stock Exchange 19:26 Ziguang Holdings: Turning Losses from Profits in the Year to Profits of HK$51.169 million 19:26 China Petroleum (00857)'s 2017 net profit soared by 190.2% to 22.798 billion yuan, with a dividend of 0.06 yuan per share 19:26 SHOUGANG GRAND (00730.HK) appoints Chen Suwei as company secretary and authorized representative 19:26 SSE issued a case study: Huyou reorganization was forced to be punished for financial fraud 19:26 Golden Dragon Machinery & Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. Golden Dragon Group about 5.2 million shares pledged overdue 19:26 China Metallurgical (01618.HK) 1.19 billion yuan IPO raised funds have been returned to A share raised capital account 19:26 Guotai Junan: Completed issuance of RMB 4.3 billion in corporate bonds in 2018 (phase 1) 19:26 Zhongke Ecology 2017 net profit of 15.35 million plans to send 8.8 million now 19:25 37 shares per transaction increased by 50% 19:25
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      Stock name Quote change Focus on shares
      BOE A-1.22%attention
      Wanxing Technology-2.55%attention
      China Ping An-1.27%attention
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      Why do you have to look back 2348?Active shareholderattention
      Charm wisdom wealthActive shareholderattention
      Short speculation with goldActive shareholderattention
      Old mudball whiteActive shareholderattention
      People in the rivers and lakes RRActive shareholderattention
      Combination name Daily income 5-day earnings 20 day earnings Total revenue
      Solar wind 80...15.51%5.77%12.91%-57.30%
      Liang Shunyi's...14.61%19.72%19.72%19.72%
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Zhang Jin4561.7344.49%82.14%88.55%Tiger Medical
      Ping Haiqing2647.2443.84%59.68%59.68%European school furniture
      Zhou Wei2700.8733.56%21.05%28.01%Rongsheng Development
      Yan Chen1288.2932.00%9.30%28.83%Luoyang Molybdenum Industry
                                  Data date
                                  Thursday, March 22, 2018 Thursday
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                                  Continuous suspension246 Family
                                  New suspension of trading today4 Family
                                  Resumption today6 Family
                                  Performance report34 Family
                                  Performance forecast9 Family
                                  Dividend increases36 Family
                                  Purchase of new shares1 Family
                                  Payment signed0 Family
                                  Listing of new shares0 Family
                                  Directional hair extension1 Family
                                  Supplementary plan6 Family
                                  Listing of shares31 Family
                                  Equity registration36 Family
                                  Shareholders meeting30 Family
                                  Internet voting62 Family
                                  Asset restructuring 54 Family
                                  Asset acquisition5 Family
                                  Pledge of shares101 Family
      name Latest price Quote change Main net inflow
      1Suning Online Market14.086.59%313 million
      2Sichuan Shuangma21.379.98%151 million
      3Guofang Group10.7710.01%140 million
      4Yinxin Technology10.579.99%121 million
      5Great Northern Wilderness11.228.51%112 million
      6Sanjiang Shopping21.7710.01%106 million
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      rise Consolidation Falling

      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Huaxia Airlines40.963.17%389 million
      2Plus clean53.9010.00%438 million
      3Jiangsu Leasing10.68-1.93%750 million
      4Huabao Shares48.95-2.33%3.09 billion
      5Runjian Communication55.797.60%12.83 billion
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Shensi Electronics21.6410.02%303 million
      2Smart Power22.9410.02%105 million
      3Jiuwu Hi-tech30.7610.01%65.14 million
      4Longxin Technology21.4310.01%33.8 million
      5Hongxin Electronics41.1210.01%167 million
      GEM Fund
      Nuggets High-quality Growth Enterprise Growth Unit
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Lianxun Securities2.031.00%11.20 million
      2Hailong Nuclear Medicine16.650.06%7.99 million
      3New Rongchang26.000.00%5.30 million
      4Jin Runhe4.190.00%4.09 million
      5Ponson Business--4.02 million
      Preferred QDII
      Global asset allocation, investment without borders
      Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      03-22002931Fenglong shares12.3622.9803-26
      03-28732897Great Wall Technology17.6618.7203-30
      03-29732301Zhende Medical19.8222.9904-02
      03-21300504Tianhe shares13.0622.9803-23
      03-21732214Baby room19.9522.9803-23
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating Shares Total share capital Industry
      03-22Wanshi sharesprotocol2.5 million10 million
      03-22Jiaxin Medicalprotocol100000028 million
      03-21Kai Hui Educationprotocol14.85 million25.66 million
      03-21Westinghouse Electricprotocol14.34 million51.68 million
      date name Additional price Number of additional P/E ratio Discount premium rate
      03-22Tianyi Bio8.0010.52 million25.2531.36%
      03-22Xinkao Education7.25680,00035.64-
      03-22Good technology3.5040 million195.0635.14%
      • VC/PE Investment Details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      03-20RuikhansChangchun High-tech Venture...60000006.00
      03-19Chengxing sharesShenzhen Innovation Investment...7.2 million6.00
      03-19WITTMANNShenzhen Innovation Investment...30 million10.50
      date name Types of
      03-20The fifth global danger...Forum
      03-212018 Global Autopilot...Forum
      03-22New shares subscription: Fenglong stocks...other
      03-222018 (3rd) International ...Forum
      03-22Sino-US private equity peak...Forum
      03-222018 China Auto Finance...Forum
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      CALIChina Automotive Logistics...5.3234.01%
      CCIHLancome International1.4412.50%
      DQBig new energy50.229.17%
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      Variety contract Latest price Quote change
      CSI 300 IndexIF18043983.40-1.40%
      SSE 50 IndexIH18042859.00-1.06%
      CSI 500 IndexIC18046037.40-0.67%
      Five-year government bondsTF180696.770.09%
      10-year government bondsT180693.400.21%
      Quantification Fund
      Quantitative investment, refining and gold