• Ace attack: 4 hours with the plate live
  • New left financial door: who is the main line
  • China's new third board: the most important significance of the collection auction lies in the "value discovery"
  • Jing Choi horizon: the real right knock, right down so get
  • Precious Metals Horizon: Channel business where to go from the new year
  • Apple CEO Cook: Innovation in China "incredible"

Guest introduction

  • Liu Wu
    100 Swiss securities investment adviser
    The stock market gold eyes, good at using a keen eye, insight into market hot opportunities. Well-known satellite TV programs specially invited guests, pursuing the concept of value investment, with nearly a thousand networks and lectures on the scene, many accurate judgments on the market inflection point, lecture style in simple terms, loved by investors.
  • Pay the new fruit
    100 Swiss Securities Securities Consulting
    A well-known financial channel special guests, more than 10 years of securities experience, accurate grasp of the main trends, both to capture the upward trend, but also short-range attack opportunities, known as the "hunting village of the wolf."
  • Lin Junheng
    Qian Kun securities investment adviser
    20 years of stock market investment hands-on experience, one after another in Taiwan as private equity fund control disk, control the operation of large funds; original "universe battle tactic", accurate grasp of the big market trend. Good at capturing macro and long-term ahead of schedule opportunities by analyzing macroeconomic rules, combining with K-line shape analysis, fund management, risk analysis and control.
  • Xi Xiaoling
    Qian Kun securities investment adviser
    Participate in a number of TV media finance section, years of financial practice, has accumulated profound financial expertise, and many Taiwan trend trading master to discuss trader skills, participated in many well-known companies such as Flush stocks contest, many years of market experience A real combat skills and various theoretical and technical, not only well versed in each director, and has rich practical experience.
  • Bai Yingjie
    Guolian Securities
    Guolian Securities senior investment adviser 08 practitioners so far, has accumulated rich experience in investment management, investment analysis, funds, futures qualification, as the National League options lecturer. The main technical analysis, combined with cost control, accurate analysis of the market point and forecast the trend.
  • He Yong
    Orient Securities
    Believe in the "good attitude and win, endurance and good win-win" investment philosophy, focusing on the use of policy, the fundamentals of the selection of the investment value of the subject shares, and then use their own debugging good technical indicators band operation, to avoid drastic adjustment of investment strategy.
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