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Guest introduction
  • Liu Wu
    Braywin Securities Investment Advisor
    The golden eyes of the stock market are good at using keen insights to gain insights into market hot spots. The special guests of famous TV and financial programs, pursuing a value investment philosophy, have nearly a thousand networks and on-site lecturing experience. They have accurately judged the turning point of the market many times, and the style of lectures is well understood by investors.
  • Fu Xinguo
    Braywin Securities Consulting
    A well-known guest on a special financial channel, more than 10 years experience in the securities industry, accurate grasp of the main trends, both to capture the upward trend, but also attacking ultra-short opportunities, known as the "wolf of hunting."
  • Lin Junheng
    Qiankun Securities Investment Advisor
    With 20 years of experience in stock market investment, he successively acted as a controller for private equity funds in Taiwan to control the operation of large funds; he created the “battle of the universe” and accurately grasped the trend of the big market. Good at analyzing the laws of macroeconomic operation, combining K-line morphology analysis, capital management, risk analysis and control, and capturing opportunities for early and medium-term layout.
  • Xi Xiaoling
    Qiankun Securities Investment Advisor
    Participate in a number of TV media financial columns, financial practices for many years, has accumulated a wealth of financial expertise, with a number of Taiwanese trend trading masters to discuss trader skills, many participated in the stock market competition held by well-known brokers such as flush and many years of market experience An actual combat skill and various theoretical techniques not only know the strengths of the directors but also have rich practical experience.
  • Bai Yingjie
    Guolian Securities
    Guolian Securities has been a senior investment advisor since 2008 and has accumulated rich experience in investment management, and has investment analysis, fund, and futures qualifications. The main technical analysis, combined with the cost control method, accurately analyze the pre-judgment point and trend.
  • He Sanyong
    Oriental Securities
    Adhering to the investment philosophy of “a good mentality to win, and a good endurance to win”, we focused on the use of policy aspects and fundamentals to select target stocks with investment value, and then use our debugged technical indicators to perform band operations and avoid drastically adjusted investment strategies.
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